Co-Creative Powers of Manifestation


Part 2


As humankind evolves out of duality into Unity Consciousness, every form of life on your planet is ascending out of the illusion of separation and into the truth of your interconnectedness. Making a dimensional shift is like going from a narrow, deep canyon into the heights of a magnificent mountain and then from that higher perspective, seeing what lies beneath you, above you and before you. You are then free to create with the awareness that we share with you on the inner planes. Your mastery depends on expanding beyond who you have believed you are and what you have assumed life is all about so you can co-create your next Golden Age in harmony with the Creator and with the God Presence of one another.

~ The Ascended Masters in the Councils of Shamballa

When you keep this much larger picture of your purpose indelibly pictured and felt within your mind and your heart, you will remember that you are truly Spirit cloaked in matter and that you are on an infinite journey of discovery in which you are constantly creating new realities with your every thought, word, and deed. Your creations and manifestations are either adding to or subtracting from your capacity to live in oneness, and are either positively or negatively affecting humanitys ascension into the freedom of the 5th dimension.

When you see yourself as a co-creator of your new Golden Age, your life takes on an expanded purpose. Your personal wave of influence in the world is no longer being focused solely on you and the world around you, yet rather on humanity and the world-at-large. Every particle of life is being affected by your thoughts and feelings. That is how the collective consciousness of humanity has always been created, yet seldom understood. This great pool of thoughts, feelings and creations is part of every consciousness around the globe and it also expands into the field of consciousness that is making up your galaxy.

You are in a crucial stage that has the energetic support from the great Light within the photon belt to greatly increase the frequencies needed to accelerate the ascension of humanity while adding to the momentum of the planets graduation into the 5th dimension. Many significant astrological and solar shifts have been taking place that are helping to free you and all of humanity from any need to blame yourselves for anything that has taken place in the past.

Everything that has ever taken place in your daily lives has given you the opportunity to see your play in the world so you can now merge more consciously with your Presence and create your life without the limitations of the past. When you remain aware of what lens you are using to view yourself, you can avoid judging your thoughts, feelings and actions in relationship to how you think your life should look. You are then free to use all of the qualities of the Presence to merge with your true powers to co-create with Source your New Golden Age of freedom.

You will no longer feel isolated as you go deeper into this magnificent co-creative process. You will see how the universe and all of life has always been there to support you and your capacity to live multi-dimensionally. Using these energies to create will continue to lift you into the higher levels of your shared existence. You will feel yourself being carried along like a precious child of God in a sea of loving vibrations.

You will not be able to stand still as this river of Light will continue to take you further into the ocean of Oneness. You have always sought to enter into higher and higher levels of consciousness, yet now you can feel the great support from the universe that has always been there to nourish your creations, especially when your intentions are clearly defined. This clarity has the power to attract other souls who are in harmony with whatever you desire to create. When co-creating with Source, life takes on much more meaning and joy and all the qualities of the Presence become a natural part of your everyday existence.

In Unity Consciousness, you are one with all of life and you experience Earth as the paradise planet she truly is. You know that your destiny and success are assured as long as you continue to lift yourself out of all limiting vibrations. The deep knowing that is encoded within the spiritual essence of your heart will continue to assist you in refining your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies until they are fully prepared to merge with your God Presence.

To assist you, Co-Create As Your Presence in Unity Consciousness July 26-29 has been created. During this event, the great crystalline goblet used at the Last Supper that holds the 2,000 plus years of Christ or Unity consciousness will be poured by Christ into the chalice of the heart of every participant, so you can be aligned with the essence of your own inner Christ and be a master walking the Earth in this present time




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