St Germain:



“Bring Your Requirements

to Me!”


Ashtar On The Road Teleconference

August 12, 2014


“Greetings, Beloved Ones!  It is I, Saint Germain.  I have to tell you that I felt the thrill of Ashtar’s words* and I only urge you to feel all of the Joy that is coming – all that you, Beloved Ones, have ordained, and that we have joined with you in ordaining for Planet Earth!!!  As Planet Earth goes, so goes the Galaxy, so goes the Universe beyond.  So it is a most important position that you occupy!

“Know I have been here a time, or two, or more!  And I have learned – just as you have – and I have learned that the greatest power is Love.  And that is why my bank is founded upon the principles of Love.  In other words, it is to provide Abundance for all.  It is not to create so many Yertles at the top.**  It is to share with everyone, and that is precisely what we are preparing to do!  And it is not going to be many more increments of your time – I shall not say years because we’re not talking about years.  I shall say moons before everyone on Planet Earth is blessed with Abundance from my bank.

“But it really is not a creation of dollars or yen or rubles, either in paper or in metals.  It is simply a representative, a symbol, if you will, of Love, of Loving Oneness where no one has any more than anyone else for their own personal use.  How many homes – this is a trick question – how many homes can you live in at the same time before you have mastered the art of multi-location?

“So you get the picture.  So for those of you who have had some doubts – put them away.  Better yet, let them go!  If you have to put them somewhere, wave my violet flame for them to transmute them into something else, something like Trust – knowing of the Truth.  And then, of course, you are welcome to place it right into your Hearts, because it adds to your wisdom!

“Now I cannot give you a date.  I know Humanity clings to dates, hangs on dates, feels somehow bereft of a major piece of the true puzzle if there are no dates, but I cannot give them to you.  I can only assure you that every one of you has your Abundance all ready, and it will come to you in exactly the right moment.

“There will be some who will be receiving seed monies – seed monies to plant the seeds of what have been called the ‘humanitarian projects,’ to do the really big things that it still takes money to accomplish on Planet Earth, even though the World will be at Peace and the corrupt ones will be removed from the scene.Their programs, the power of their programs will be absolutely gone for all time, unless, of course, you choose to do this again, which of course you won’t.  Why would you want to lower the veil again?  Why would you want to allow a group of controllers to come in and take control?  No!!  That makes no sense.  So you see, you are on a one-way Path, but it’s up and up and up.

“And so, you are getting there!  And we are there with you on that Path.  All of the Masters – ascended ones, beings of Light – the Ashtar Command, the ambassadors from galaxies far, far away – and they come with Love and because they’re from Higher Dimensions, even Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms are here in Love.  And there are those, who are making their way, shall we say – they are preparing to stay behind in that new 3-D earth, which is a place for those who have not quite finished all of their lesson plans – you are welcome to go if you choose, but you need only state your requirements to move into the Golden Age.  And so it shall be!!!

“The Golden Age is only concerning itself with transmuting or transforming what there remains of 3-D – Abundance for everyone, so everyone has shelter, food – you know, the things that are considered basics – until such time as you can just create them out of thin air, just as I create the jewels that I am so fond of creating and bestowing upon my audiences.  There will be the need for money to purchase what is needed.There will be the need for money to transform, shall we say, GMO technology into something that is either ended or made better, made more Divine.

“GMO technology is not divinely inspired.  It is inspired by the same controllers.  It is an outgrowth of the modern technologies, some of which were actually given to the Nazis, both in Europe and the United States of America – and in some other countries where they moved to – by, you know, the controllers.  And these technologies will give way.  And we shall bring new technologies of a much Higher Dimensional nature – spaceships which make no sound and have absolutely no nuclear energies anywhere.  That’s a new technology which is Divinely inspired, until such time again as you travel in your own Divine Merkabas and need no other transportation.  Let us help you get there!We are truly the friendly skies!!!

“And so it is that on every level, or aspect of your lives, there will be places for dollars to be spent.There will be new revelations of technologies.  Many of them are here on Planet Earth, just waiting to blossom forth.  They are divinely inspired.They come from the Heart.  They are to be accessed by Humanity in partnership with those of us who come to teach them.

“What I am telling you is it will not take eons of time for you to figure it all out.  It shall be given to you as freely as the Abundance coming forth from my bank!  Imagine a life of ease and comfort and grace instead of struggle, hardship, challenges.Quite a difference in the energy signatures, if you will, of that first group of words from that second group!  One is high, the other is, well, let’s just say very, very 3-D programmed.

“So make your choices.  Shine forth!Open your Hearts to receive that which is already allocated for you.  Live the Golden Age Lifestyle now, even if it is simply in your visualizations.Draw pictures, write lists, state your Requirements.  Talk to me.  TALK TO ME!!!  Tell me what it is that you require for yourselves.  If it is something that you have been longing to have, longing – in other words, you already have a place in your Heart for it, but it has not shown up yet in your reality – put it into a Higher Level and say, ‘I choose, I REQUIRE that I access this NOW!!!’

“So it’s good to do everything in the now.  If you have something which is looming in front of you that you see as some kind of a very difficult challenge, say, ‘I choose ease and grace in my meeting with my boss,’ or whatever it is.  And say, ‘I send Ho‘oponopono, Love, Forgiveness, and Gratitude to my boss and to me, that when we meet on the Highest Level – this I require!And if my boss chooses to open a new door for me, then I choose to accept it, knowing that it is on a Higher Level that I am moving into, and I AM Joyful.  I choose only Joy!  I bring only Love to this meeting and the Truth of Who I Truly Am!!!’  You see what I’m getting at, Beloved Ones?  In every aspect of your lives you can fine-tune or come up to a bit of a Higher Level!

“Now, back to the banking.  I know that you’re all wanting some news!  There are more resignations in progress.  You can bet that those Congress people – and, by the way, the Supreme Court judges, and the federal judges, and many judges and governors, and so on – also received the message that their names were on the papers!***  And you can bet that they kept the telephone wires and wireless phones very busy calling their bankers, the ones who had given them the dollars to speak the lies to represent the corporations and the big money and the bankers and Wall Street and the Rothschilds and so on.  They were calling them saying, ‘Oh, oh! What do I do now?’

“Some of them were told to just keep on doing business as usual.Some of them were told, ‘I can’t help you.I have to run and hide myself!’  And so on and so on.  There’s panic and pandemonium occurring behind the scenes, most particularly in the banks, because they’re starting to get the point that we mean business!

“And the business is all High Vibration and even some of the programs that were so attractive, that in reality have been started by the illuminati – the dinars, the dong, and so on – it is starting to become generally known that that was a program that the illuminati put out there and some of you took the bait and some of you did not – there is no judgment.  If you want the advice from the Banker’s Banker, I suggest that if you have some of those items under your mattresses or in your safety deposit boxes, or whatever, just turn them in and get your money back. All currency is going to be at par. That is part of NESARA.

“You know, I had a lot to do with inspiring NESARA!  And from the banker’s perspective, I addressed the reparations so as to bring the entire banking system into compliance with Higher Dimensional laws and codes of honor.  So welcome NESARA!  Put that on your list of Requirements!  You are free to speak about it, unless you signed an oath that you were made to sign, that you would not discuss NESARA.  The news people, and a lot of others, Hollywood people, bankers, a lot of people were forced to sign an oath that if they did discuss NESARA or talk about it, they would be considered traitors and could be instantly executed for treason.

“You may remember beloved Senator Paul Wellstone, and his family’s plane was shot down.  The illuminati knew he was impatient and wanted NESARA to be announced and he was getting ready to announce it.  They knew that and they shot him down to silence him.

“Most, most of the ‘behind the scenes’ (quote/unquote) – but starting to get more and more into the mainstream – acts of violence are to keep people silent.  Many of the suicides, or things that have been classified as suicides, or car accidents, or plane crashes, have been to silence people along the way.  Now there is a rash of seemingly mindless shootings, well, it’s mind-control shootings.

“That is not going to stop the forward momentum.  Don’t get into depression.  Stay High!  Stay in Love and know that you can come to me with your banking requirements, your financial requirements, your project requirements, your hands helping others requirements, and let’s use the Violet Flame and bring it forth that much faster!  We can do that!!!  We are here with you to bring forward everything that you have dreamed of, even that which you have unconsciously dreamt of.

“So let’s join hands and Hearts and let’s continue on the Golden Path, and remember that we are with you, and that this is the most sacred and Divine mission that the Universe has ever known!!!

“And so I thank you, my Beloved Ones, and I feel the upliftment that you’re feeling even now, as we stand here on the Bridge of The New Jerusalem!  Your Hearts are open even more.  And remember, we are in this together and the Golden Age is truly beginning in this now moment as it has always been in your Hearts and the Hearts of the Universe.  And so it is!  Namaste!”

*   Ashtar’s message will be published at a later date. Audio at bottom of page here:

**  Ashtar had told the story of Yertle the Turtle, which was written by Dr Suess.

*** Referring to Tara and Rama’s A&A Report:

Transcribed by Marta.


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