Dr. Angela Barnett
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This is the same Ascension Activation used by Jeshua ben Joseph.

The Eiradonis Body is the Spiritual body becoming in balance with and One with the
Physical Body – this is the state of Oneness that is needed in order to ascend. The
Eira frequencies from the Eiradonis body balanced with the Physical body open up
the 3rd eye to breathe in and out with all existence. And it gives the frequencies
needed to raise our frequencies high enough and modify it to the rotation of particle
spin of the 5th dimension.

The Eiradonis spiritual body may now be retrieved and permanently placed into the
body. This is possible for the first time because of certain shields that have been
removed from the Earth and our universal system. It is possible because of the
portals of liquid light energy streaming down through our Aquafarian Host Shield
from Sirius, which has been building activation since July.

Note: aDolphino and I have done this for it is on our path to our ascension. We have
also done this a number of times. Always listen to your higher self for your personal
path and to no one else.

This meditation is done lying down on your back.
Do this meditation after listening to the Christmas Ascension Song all the way
through (breathe in the frequencies as you listen) and then play it again as you do
the meditation.

Listening to and breathing in the frequencies in the music activates the energies that
move through your body (energies are always light entities that run the energies) that
are needed to go down to the Earth’s core retrieve your Eiradonis body.

You can download this music for free at our website (click on the music download
page) as either wav files for playing on CD players or as high quality MP3s.

Note: the Rasha body stays on the Rasha shield all the way down and back up.

1.    Activate the Rasha Body by first creating a crystal light sphere in the Heart
and placing a mini-me of yourself inside the sphere.
2.    Next let that mini-me (Rasha body) grow into the size of your full body.
3.    While lying on your back mentally place a shield under your body – the Rasha
4.    Do 12 Rhythmic “Prana” Breaths plus one (13 total) – breath in and out (hold
a little each time after the in) in a steady and somewhat firm manner – Prana
in and Mana out. Hold the 13th breath in a little longer than the others before
5.    Exhale and Send your Rasha body down (riding on top of the shield) into the
Earth’s crust.
6.    See a chamber or tube of Hari Krista Energy (the Aquafarian energy running
through and from Sirius to you) around your Rasha body and up around your
physical body and that goes on up beyond sight. You will be within this tube
of energy all the way down and back.
7.    Exhale and send your Rasha body down to the Aquafari (the Water) area
within the Earth’s core. The atmosphere feels like water, but it doesn’t make
you wet – you can float on it, swim in it, breath it.
8.    Breathe in the frequencies here a few times.
9.    Exhale and send your Rasha body down through and into the Nada Crystal at
the Core of the Earth and into the Ethers there. You may feel a slight
resistance as you first go through the Nada Crystal.
10.    Focus attention in and around the Rasha Body as it is positioned within the
Ethers within the Nada Crystal and notice that there is a translucent
iridescent, pastel silver violet frequency.
11.    Notice that a sphere expands around the Rasha Shield and that it is
transparent yet there is a metallic glitter, and rainbow sparkles and flickers
on the sphere.
12.    Notice a mirror-like shield / veil just below you. This mirror separates the
Atonis (physical side of Earth) from the Adonis (spiritual side of Earth).
13.    Exhale and send your Rasha body down through the mirror-like shield.
14.    Your Rasha body is now on the Adonis (spiritual) side of Earth where the
Eiradonis frequencies are. (Your Rasha body and shield are going to bring
up the your individual Eiradonis body that is yours)
15.    Notice, at the center of the Rasha Shield, that there are glittery metallic pastel
rainbow sparkles beginning to form as if a flame is being born in the center
of the Rasha Shield. The living flame of glittery metallic pastel rainbow colors
gets larger and larger and rises upward in a spiral to the top of the sphere
around the Rasha body.
16.    Notice that the Eiradon light is spreading from the center of the Rasha Shield
and it moves out as if the Rasha Shield is disappearing and is being
replaced with the Eiradon Shield of glittery metallic pastel rainbow colored
17.    Feel the Eiradon frequencies running in under your Rasha body and your
physical body too as the Eiradon Shield merges with the Rasha Shield.
18.    Now, the Rasha Shield has been entirely transformed into the Eiradonis
Shield of glittery metallic pastel rainbow colors.
19.    With 3 breaths, breathe / bring into the Rasha Body the parts of the Eridon
Shield that belongs to you – the part that holds your encryption – that is yours
20.     1st breath – Inhale the Eiradonis frequencies in and Exhale and expand them
out into your Rasha Body.
21.    2nd breath – Inhale the Eiradonis frequencies in and Exhale and expand them
out into your Rasha Body.
22.    3rd breath – Inhale the Eiradonis frequencies in and Exhale and expand them
out into your Rasha Body.
23.    Now, you have retrieved your Eiradonis encryption from the Eiradonis Shield.
24.    Your Rasha Body is twinkling with the sparkly metallic pastel rainbow colors
of your Eridonis embodied spirit.
25.    The Rasha Shield now turns back into its Rasha state.
26.    Next, with Reverse Breaths, bring your Rasha body that contains your
Eiradonis embodied spirit and Rasha Shield up the Aqualine “”Hari Krist”
energy Chamber back to your physical body.
27.    Inhale and breathe out the top of your head to push your Rasha Body and
Shield up through the mirror / veil up into the Nada Crystal Core.
28.    Inhale and breathe out the top of your head to push your Rasha Body and
Shield up through the Nada Crystal up into the Aquafari (the Water) area
within the Earth’s core.
29.    Inhale and breathe out the top of your head to push your Rasha Body and
Shield up through the Aquafari area into the Earth’s crust.
30.    Inhale and breathe out the top of your head to push your Rasha Body and
Shield up through the Earth’s crust to where your Rasha Body is within your
physical body. Now, the Full Eira Spirit body is18″ below the Eradonis Body
and your Eiradonis Body and Rasha Body are within the Physical Body. (The
Eira Spirit Body will stay behind the Eiradonis body about 18″ and the
Eiradonis Body will be behind the Physical Body about 18″ until later when
you, in time, merge the Eira Spirit Body, the Eiradonis body and the Physical
Body where both are within the Physical Body.)
31.    Now, Exhale and move the Eiradonis body arms length above your body. The
Eiradonis body fully separates from the Rasha Body and your Spirit Body
moves up into your body.
32.    You will feel the coolness of the Eira Spirit body from behind and will notice
that the Eiradonis Body has a lot of oily gunk on it. The Eiradonis body will
collect all of the miasms, muck, memories – all that cannot travel to the fifth
dimension – out of the physical body. As you raise the Eiradonis up you will
see it getting darker covered with the muck it is pulling out of the physical
body. The muck does not hurt the Eiradonis body
33.    Notice the silver cord of life running from the heart of the Eradonis to your
physical body heart.
34.    Now, your Eiradonis body will be cleaned.
35.    Know that you are still in the vertical Hari Krista energy chamber (of Aqualine
energy through Sirius B) and see a thin pearly white cord going down the
center of the energy chamber and through your hearts of your Eiradonis body
and down to you. See the pale golden silver light in the chamber spinning
around you in both directions at once.
36.    Next, the Aqua Green Liquid Light Frequencies will be sent from Sirus B
Adashi Temple to cleanse the Eiradonis Body. These Aqua Green Liquid
Light Frequencies will rain down through the Vertical Chamber like a mist.
37.    Feel the shower of pale green aqualine light rain streams down through the
chamber from above and go through the Eradonis Body (transmuting the
muck on it) and feel that pure stream run through your physical body, your
Rasha Body and Spirit Body and on down to the Earth’s core.
38.    The spiritual side of the Earth (where the Eiradonis frequencies are)
responds by raining upward a shower mist of a more blue aquamarine liquid
light frequencies that go up through the Vertical chamber up through your
Eira Spirit body, your Rasha Body and physical body and up through the
Eiradonis body and on up beyond sight.
39.    The Eiradonis body is now sparkly clean and even shinier than before.
40.    Now, simply remember your Merkaba in order to program it and your
Eiradonis Body for your ascension. When your Eiradonis frequency gets high
enough in your physical body, you will reach 0 (zero)-G point and then you
spin both the top and bottom parts of your Merkaba at the exact same
speed. Just think 0-G, 0-G and you can automatically recall this.
41.    Now, move the Eiradonis Body back into your physical body.
42.    Inhale and Exhale gently to move your sparkly clean Eiradonis Body back
into your body. As this occurs, your Eira Spiritual Body moves halfway out
your back and stays halfway in.
43.    Now, activate your Eiradonis energy circulation flow throughout your body.
44.    Put your right hand over your belly button.
45.    Inhale Eiradonis frequencies into your heart and Exhale the frequencies
through your right arm, into your central energy column and down to the tip of
your tailbone.
46.    Notice the sparkly Eiradonis light energy all around the tip of the tailbone in
the shape of a soccer ball.
47.    Inhale and gently Exhale to move your Eiradonis Body back to it’s natural
place (for now) at about 18″ behind you. Notice that your Eira Spirit body
moved about 18″ below your Eiradonis body. Also notice that there is a
stream of Eiradonic Light connecting each of your bodies through the heart.
48.    Now, to activate the Eiradonis Energy Circulation in your body.
49.    Inhale through the tip of your tailbone to inhale all of the Eiradonic
Frequencies in the ball of energy you made at the tailbone and then Exhale
the frequencies down to the tip of the tailbone.
50.    Inhale from the heart to pull the Eiradonic Frequencies at the tip of the
tailbone up to the heart and then
51.    Exhale the frequencies in two directions – one up to about 18″ above your
head and the other down the central column down the legs and to the
bottoms of the feet.


Note: After accomplishing this meditation, your Eiradonis Body will automatically
move up and clean itself in the Aqualene frequencies at night while you sleep in
order to keep cleaning you out making you ready for ascension.

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse


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