Rise of the Dragon Elementals By Tim Whild

It was brought to my attention very recently, and confirmed by my friend Mark at Avalon Skulls, that a new Dragon energy is now rising in the Heart of Avalon.We can now welcome the return of the Black Dragons to the world we live in.They have slept since the Fall of Atlantis, guarding the Gateway to the Planetary Heart chakra, and now they are waking again.The Black Dragons represent the Earth element. Wound intricately into the fifth dimensional heart chakra template of Avalon, the sharp rise in frequency there has now triggered them. This incredible activity is further confirmation of the amazing progress that we, and our planet are now making.The Black Dragons, when fully active will hold the energy, vibration and knowledge to spread a brand new grid of liquid light around the New Earth.They are here now, and are waiting for us to connect with them.On a final note, all dragons love healing energy.Whatever element you feel drawn to connect with, call in light, Angels and blessings to help them on their journey.Enjoy them, they are here to stay.As Within So WithoutAs Above So BelowLove Tim/Thoth

via Rise of the Dragon Elementals By Tim Whild.


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