Creating Balance with the 12 Flames of Light

The 24 Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace gifted our weekly Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Circle on October 25th 2014.  The Elders represent the first 12 Rays of God as they are the defining energy from the God Source unto the Office of the Christ and then unto each of the Ray Chohans of each of these rays.  Their message was powerful to help each individual to bring full abundance into their lives.

Blessings my Dearest Children,

We are so happy to be here together at this time in this consciousness, and we are so grateful to extend our services unto each of you.

As we represent all the beautiful rays of God to come into your existence to into the planetary level, allow them to center with you, of the Blue, the Pink, the Golden Yellow, the Crystalline, the White-Green-Gold, the Ruby Red/Gold, the Violet/Purple, the Seafoam Green, the Blue Green, the Pearlescent, the Pink Orange, and the Gold.

Our ultimate goal is for you to have complete balance within all these flames of light and these frequencies we represent in this moment

Allow our energies to flow within you as we encircle around you within this beautiful garden to assist you within the Purity and the Acceptance of all that You Are within your totality.  We want to remind you of your Divine Essence, your Source of Light that you are before you came into this body.  As now you are going through changes within yourself, it is time to reflect what is the most important element that comes up for you as we spin these colors within you from your Crown all the way to your Feet, from your Soul Star to your Earth Star becoming those purification of essences within.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

The blessing that we want to bestow upon you today is to assist you in the deeper part of your existence upon the planet.  You must remember that before you arrived you already knew what you would achieve.  In hopes of that energy, you arrived and accepted your Free Will, then the changes occurred within yourself.  So what is it within your consciousness, within your mind or your heart that tells you that you cannot achieve your desired outcome ~ that you cannot have the abundant lifestyle that you desire.  Each of you has that ability to tap into that higher Source of Light that you are.  As you are walking this pathway, and learning more about yourself within the frequencies of light, then there cannot be any hesitation.

Feel our frequencies of Light that represent the Divine Mind.  When we exhibit that essence from that Source of Light, from the Source of Divine Mother and Father God unto each of you, there cannot be any separation.  That is the problem – a separation occurs between the higher source and the lower source.

We now allow these energies to spin within you with the rainbows of colors that we are to go deep into the core of your being to help you accept your Divine Mind, your Divine Heart, which creates the divinity and the pathway that you are.  It is that simple.  The problem is your thoughts of the physical self, of the physical earth get in the way.

As we allow all our energies to be One in this Moment, let us wash away all the obstacles, all the thoughts that do not accept our Prosperity and Abundance in all areas of your life, within your breath, within your health, within your life, within the particles that you are to create that structure upon you to allow it to grow.

We send you today all these beautiful aspects from the 12 Rays of God through the Office of the Christ, through each of the Ray Chohans, and unto your own purification of your Divinity of Light that You Are.  You are no less than any of us; we are no more than any of you.  We are just of that frequency that you desire to have into your world.

So breathe deeply; allow these essences to fully come within you so you can fully accept your Divine Mind, your Divine Thoughts, your Divine Consciousness and let it grow – let it grow like a beautiful extension of beautiful rainbow of colors within you.  It will push away the lower thoughts that you cannot achieve what you desire.  Because it is truly wrong; that is not who you are.  Feel these colors melding within you now, circling in waves of light within this beautiful garden.

We say unto you:

I Am the Power; 

I Am the Will;

I Am the Love; 

I tap into my Wisdom;

I Accept It To Be. 

I feel Compassion and Love and within that essence I am able to Create;

I Am in Pure Harmonization of my Divine Mind in Creation, 

I tap into my Inner Truth, I see, I see the Power that I AM;

As I fully Devote all that I Am within Me, I acquire the freedom within my world; 

As all that does not fit this highest essence is fully Transmuted.

I, then, allow the guidance of my Higher Self to purify anything else that does not fit this frequency of light that I Am Receiving. 

I feel the Light coming into my body and I Accept It.

I Feel the Balance of the Masculine and Feminine coming together in a most beautiful marriage. 

I walk into the New Essence that I desire to Achieve as I Am the Christ, I Am Buddha in my own way, and allow the purification of these essences to assist me in my strength, my power, my light, my compassion, my love, my will, and I structure this within my entire system.

I allow it to go into my Earth Star and anything that does not fit this is dissipated and is being removed out of my full consciousness. 

I now command within myself of what I desire to create within these moments.

I see in front of me my desires as tangible, I feel it, I accept it; because all of these flames of Light from the Elders that surround the Throne of Grace are within me. 

I accept my Divinity of Light, of the God Source to be my Source.  I am one with this essence with the beautiful Omnipresence of Light.  I know it is me.  I allow it to expand through my body.  It goes into all aspects of my Beingness.  I am now able to create the aspects of life that supports my pathway. 

I feel it – I extend it.  I see it and it expands out of me as the Universe sees it so now it comes within me.  It is a flow of in and out.  In and out – allowing that purification of light that I Am to be my creation as I co-create with the Source of Light, the Source of the God Heads that I Am, the Source of all that I Am in one breath. 

Breathe and allow the purification of these essences to be within you.  Feel It.  Accept It.  Embrace It as it yours.  It is your Divine Right to fully feel these essences within yourself.  Be One.

We of the 24 Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace come as this consciousness to assist you.  Let us be with you and we shall assist you deeply in defining the world in the way your Higher Essence desires.

Let it come within, Let it be You, As it is your Divine Right To Be.

So Mote It Be in the Light of the Christ, In the Light of the God Source,

We Are One with You.

The Abundance of Light~Creating Prosperity Together is a free service that Walking Terra Christa provides.  We meet Saturday’s at 10 AM Pacific.  Please see details provided in the link above.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery


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