Tara&Rama Report 12-09-14

Tara&Rama Report 12-09-14
Tara: Greetings, Everyone!
Rama: Greetings.
Tara: Well, all I can say is what I see here. And the King of Swords is making some different statements than what we’re hearing on the tube.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: This is a time more than ever to send love. It was just a phenomena to listen today on the Thom Hartmann show because he was taking a stance and I could feel his trepidation of the subject matter. He has a tendency to act over-assured when he’s talking about things. And there was an article by the head of theAmerican Civil Liberties Union [A.C.L.U.] in New York Timestoday. And he was suggesting that we pardon the Bush Clinton crime family for torture.
Rama: Mmm.
Tara: And the reason that he was saying that and the case thatThom Hartmann was laying on top of it- agreeing with it – was that we have not signed onto the World Court or the International Criminal Court. Although I do remember that we did do something about the I.C.C. so I think that that’s a subline and we’re going to- Rama’s going to have to talk again to the King [KOS] about that.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: I think though that we are now…
Rama: A signatory too.
Tara: …a signatory to the ICC it just didn’t go blitz across the networks. And the other reasoning was that, since we have an all Republican Congress – I’m just giving hypotheticals – that hell would freeze over before they would actually fund an operation to prosecute this Bush – Clinton crime family for war crimes. That being said, they redacted 95% of the torture memo before they even presented. So heaven knows what’s behind those other lines. So let’s clear the air here. Number one, the King said that Galactic intervention time, full disclosure time as they are responsible for intervening when they have their own inter galactic war criminal rules in this universe of Nebadon and this galactic Milky Way Galaxy that we are locally in. And the other thing is there is a trump card. There was a man who called Thom Hartmann to say, I don’t agree with you Thom or the head of the A.C.L.U., all we need is a special prosecutor. And Thom went back again and said we have a Republican Congress. They’re not going to go there. And so he just said that, and this gentleman said there is ethics and morals here, and these guys are bigger criminals than that torture memo even goes there in the 5% of what you’re going to be hearing from these people, that we have a moral obligation. The answer that the King of Swords gave about this is the people of the world will speak.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: This is the importance of the times we’re in. The astrology is backing this quite well. It’s  a gradual movement forward. And we really need to be patient and know that this is what we all need. As the important factor here is that the world actually takes the time to speak. And they’ve already said the – since the civil rights movement of the 60’s, this movement for the equality amongst us all, as Barack Obama actually spoke when one group of people are feeling that they are not being treated equally, when you get to the place where just every week you’re hearing about another young black, you know, man or child being killed on the streets of the land of the free, we have a problem.  And yes on the- especially MSNBC in terms of them being connecting the alternatives to the mainstream media and the in-depthness of inquiries that’s going on. And just to take you off in another direction Israel bombed  the main airport in Damascus. That is adeclaration of war.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And there is no response whatsoever coming from Israel. They’re not speaking. And they’ve done this two or three times already where that’s gone on behind the scenes. So again, what’s going on here? People who are knowing no other card except the card of force, and fear, and famine, and all of the other things that have been imposed on that level. It’s about their own terrors. And again the King and all, and Tom the Cat, and Katherine, and who else was on the line today?
Rama: Um…
Tara: Katherine, the King..
Tara: Lady Master Nada when she comes back. What did Nada say, Rama?
Rama: She just said that the world is going to bring this into full focus, and it will be dealt with.
Tara: Okay, so it’s back in our hands and we’ve got a really solid base for what’s coming forward, and the momentum is building. And without going too much further, the astrology’s backing us up, and a little bit of the I Ching this week. All I’m saying is ‘give peace a chance’ and the energy of this time is very appropriate. So do not even fear for one minute – the King also said  that this is moving very, very quickly.
Rama: It is really quick.
Tara: It sounds like, “As you wish to live life free, take your time to go slowly. Do a few things and do them well. Simple joys are holy. And indeed the quickening and the swiftness with which we move is exponential as we are on that very one-pointed path – on that path and not deviating.”  So the I Ching says here it’s Pi. Oh is that the right one? No, I got the wrong one. I’m sorry, I missed that. That’s okay, I can’t read something I don’t see here. I got the wrong one.
A couple of other things, there’s Ammachi who was standing right next to Francis in the Vatican along with oh about fifteen other world religious leaders. Thich Nhat Hanh is on the other side – a pretty amazing gathering from every type of place, and they want to end slavery on the larger scale in the world. That’s includes trafficking of children, and of course sexual trafficking of children as well, and of course, sexual trafficking of girls. And I’m just very happy to say that we are in a place of – oh, and Ireland is getting ready to do a march. The message is on for Sunday. And Ireland is rising up against this actually immoral pathway that we’re on. They’re going to take another step and stand. And Ireland does represent the Tuatha De Danaan.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: Tuatha De Danaan.  And Sananda Kumara was part of that as Jesus – East meets West in every way. Lady Di through Nada was also watching, and you see Prince William and Kate here. And somebody asked yesterday what their purpose is and to get the positive side of this, there is an article here, and Richard the Third – they discovered that he’s a different bloodline, because he was born from another line. So it actually traces down that the royals that are in the throne right now are Illegitimate. I mean this is a very good way without being angry to say, you need to step aside. And again within three-four months post N.E.S.A.R.A. Lady Di and Dodi are going to dismantle the entire royalty of England. Freedom now!  I pass the talking stick. That’s pretty good everybody. Namaste.
Tara: Oh, I was going to make one more mention.  Max Keizer really elaborated on this, that the bond market is crashing.  It’s in sell mode and everybody’s attempting to get rid of them.  That’s the last stage. There’s no other step that you can go on. There’s no retrieval. So that’s something to celebrate too, because that’s the old support system for that which we want to fall away.  So there you have it, that’s another one.
And there’s going to be a movie about Michelle and Barack Obama when they first met each other and got together and the whole story is coming out.
And we’re going to play it on our show this weekend [where]Steve Colbert hosted Barack Obama and it is just wonderfulenergy!  Barack Obama got out there and got Steve Colbert all upset.  He said, You’re three minutes early, Steve says. And Barack Obama said, “Well, that’s OK, I just thought I’d relieve you of your duties and take over the show and I’ll just look at the teleprompter.” And Josh Stewart just ran off the stage.  It was about Barack Obama.  Barack Obama is back! Yes, we can!  Back to you, Sister Fran.
Transcription by Julie.

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