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I have received many reports that when newcomers come to my website, they really don’t know where to begin. As your Cosmic Doctor of Ascension, I would like to Prescribe the following Ascension Tools, Remedies and Medications for you. These frequencies are, in fact designed to work exactly like the prescriptions from any Third Dimensional Doctor or Scientist. However, the doctors and scientists involved with these prescriptions are Cosmic. They are the Light and Sound Doctors who are a part of the Ascension Teams and the Evolutionary Teams who have been directing the remodeling of our Consciousness, our Universe and even our Cosmos during the past 5.5 million years. This team of Cosmic Doctors is now arranging to restore the neuronet system within our bodies which can not be plugged back into the Mind of God for the Eternal Life potential. Restoring the Eternal Life Code into the zero point of every neuronet in the body is a prerequisite for our transformation out of this Carbon Based Structure that we have experienced. We are now being operated on during our sleeping hours. We can best utilize this dream time after we have actually tuned in to the Consciousness that will be operating on us, and actually PARTICIPATE in the Divine Operations going on in the Body.


( AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT KNOW THIS –I am Dr. Angela Barnett, and CRYSTALAI is my COSMIC RISHI SELF) All of my teachings and the frequency work that I do are for the specific purpose of bringing what you term the Light Body into the Physical Body. The frequencies are always bringing in the Energy or Higher Frequencies of the Crystal Light Body. However, what is different about my work and most other Energy Workers, is they have not learned how to TRANSMUTE the Frequency Barriers between the Physical and Spiritual or Atomic and Invisible Light Bodies.

Most of you have been using teachers who actually think they should walk in to the Shadow body and then heal it. My teachings are based on Cosmic Technology that knows that the Shadow Body was created by a reversal of spin rotation fo the Merkaba Vehicle. However, most teachers will just continue to spin the merkaba the wrong direction, they will continue to walk into the Shadow Body instead of Transmute it with the corrected Frequencies from the already PERFECT REALMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

We don’t walk into the SHADOW BODY, The shadow is blocking the Light between yourself and the Mind of God. We must fill the darkness with the Light. We must TRANSMUTE THE DARKNESS with the Full Spectrum of Light. This is why I gave you the CANDLE TECHNIQUE.

When you BEGIN by filling the Mid Brain with the Frequencies of Light and Sound you begin paving a pathway from your Frequency Brain into the Mind of God. This Pathway bypasses the THINKING BRAIN. Only the Thinking Brain can align you with the Shadow Body. The Shadow Body is your physical template being out of alignment with the LIGHT of God.

The latest ZERO GRAVITY <>  album fills the body full of so much of the Star Dust and Plasma of the Sun that a NEW STANDING WAVE PATTERN that does not Contain Gravity is created within and around the Body.

The Body must become FULL OF LIGHT AND SOUND in order to Activate DNA and to prepare for ASCENSION into a new harmonic universe.

The Frequencies of the Sonic Boom can be heard and felt in the ZERO GRAVITY album. That Sonic Boom is the BREAKING THROUGH the Density of the Gravitational Pull. There is no gravity in NORMAL REALITY. There is no Edison Electricity in NORMAL REALITY.

Those old realities that belong to third dimensional Scientists are not NORMAL. They are not the creations of God. They are the creations of Man. Only the creations of God are Eternal. Any Scientific or Medical Science Formula is based on third dimensional Science.

I am a Doctor. This means I earned the Title of Doctor. There are other kinds of Doctors besides Medical Science Doctors. When you go to a University and you take a course in Physics, you call you professor Doctor. When you take a course in Music, you call your professor Doctor. I have been a Professor for two decades, and my students call me Doctor Angela Barnett.

I had one extremely stupid and rude comment from a Blog Site titled Cosmic Nation. A Stupid Comment made with Rage, hate and total lack of KNOWING called me a LIAR. She based this accusation on the fact that there was no information about me in my ROOM on that website. That is the lowest form of stupidity that I have encountered.

However, it is not uncommon in these Blog sites to find that 99% of the people who write and read those posts do not know anything about anything. And yet, the rule is read what you resonate with.

Do we know what that means? Do you resonate with this? Resonante with means, do you have enough Frequency Accretion within you to understand the meaning? Has your DNA been activated to the level of perceiving the reality that the writer is sharing?

Or, do you prefer to go back to the old Third Dimensional methods of Checking the Resume in the Blog Room?

I wrote a 400 page resume. It is in the book titled 12DNA Music of the Spheres from the Diary of the Comic Twins and the Keys to the Universe <> . I couldn’t possibly describe to anyone who I am with a resume.

A resume is what I used for many years when I chose to participate in the working world where I needed to get a job teaching in a university or doing training in a corporation.

Why in the world would I use that Resume that is designed for a Third Dimensional Reality that isn’t REAL when I am trying to teach the NORMAL REALITY in the Second Harmonic Universe which contains a reality that proves that the Science of the Medicine that comes from the five senses is not real.

The reality that we are tuning in to is the INVISIBLE REALITY of the KNOWING.

The entire system has been controlled by those Draconians, Zetas and Majestic 12 Inner government Beings who have created a system that allows them to use us for their puppets in preparation for creating the One World Order.

We will not become the One World Order. That time has passed. And yet, the NON-Intelligent Design that has held together the Lies about who we are not seem to be the only Reality that is being shown in these other Blog Sites.

I only see more and more of the old illusions being disguised with new names. I don’t see anyone giving new formulas of the new DNA <>  that could not be understood by any medical science because medical science always uses the DNA of rats guinea pigs and monkeys. From that data, the medical science Doctors glean the reality that human angelics have 2 or 3 DNA because rats are made of the same substance that we are made of.

So, why is this stupid person calling me a LIAR? Because her THINKING BRAIN is shooting toxins through her neuronet memory. The Thinking Brain will always Fight Back when New Information is given UNTIL we create a new path way from the Frequency Specific Mid Brain into the Mind of God in the lower part of the skull into the master neuronet, and begin KNOWING with Frequencies rather than THINKING with WORDS.

When the complete understanding of DNA becomes more available, more will understand as I have, that the Activation of DNA has nothing to do with Medical Science. It has everything to do with Neurolinguistics, Communication from Authentic Encounter, KNOWING from the Etheric Subharmonics of our Divine Mind.

ZERO GRAVITY and ETERNAL LIFE WATERS SET <>  ONE AND TWO are  TUNED IN to the Activity of restructuring our bodies from the inside out. It is the first time that I have attempted to design a Kit that is more in tune with the medical understanding of how the body works so that it might be made available to patients in medical environments. The new transformational tools of Eternal Life restoration are available on Earth now. They are available for Healing the Body as well as Transforming the Body. They are available for tuning our Consciousness in to the New Reality that we are moving to. We cannot move to a new reality unless our Frequencies are already there.

In the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS journey, the listener will meet their Ascension Mentors. They will meet Cosmic Entities who store the Frequency Signature Keys which allow us to return to these places in the Future. We will learn how every organ in the Body can be transformed through the correction of the Neuronets. We learn how to tune in to these activations and set them in motion to continue all night long as we sleep. It is common to have nightly visits from Ascension Teams after these visits are set in motion.

I recommend beginning with the MANIFESTATION MERKABA KIT  < because it contains a set of seven meditation journeys to teach you how to align consciousness into the Cosmic and Universal Streams of ASCENSION ACTIVATION <>  that were prepared by the Cosmic Guardians. The journeys have the listener riding in their Merkaba Crystal Space Ship down into the Cosmic Core through the Inner Earth Domains that extend into Median Earth, which is our new Ascension Earth. The Traveler absorbs the frequencies from the Cosmic Core that contain Divine Love, Divine Supply, the I AM GOD Principle. These are basic meditation journeys that were taken from the original Complete Ascension Process Kit that gives a complete introduction to how the ASCENSION FREQUENCIES are absorbed into the body and activated in the body. The PURE IN HEART <>  KIT is another excellent set of Meditation Journeys that guide the listener in absorbing the frequencies from the Fifteen Dimensions of the Earth’s Matrix and then aligning these into the Spiritual Perfect Parallel Universal and Cosmic Matrix. All of the KITS contain a set of Frequency Music and a set of Meditative Journeys. The ASCENSION KIT < the set of Music that goes with THE COMPLETE ASCENSION PROCESS.

There are also KITS of Frequency Music that work together to help activate one certain process that was occurring on Planet Earth during HER progressive Evolution through Time out of the Phantom Matrix and into the Aurora Earth Field. The COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS KIT <> is an excellent source of Frequencies to represent the Greatest Historical Event that has taken place in our Universe in 5.5 million years. The Cosmic Kit contains albums that tell the story of how the Earth and Sun realign so that the Light Energy begins to come from their Crystal Heart of Energy and spread up their Portals into the Atmosphere and braiding together to form more and more Eternal Life Energy.

The OVER THE RAINBOW SET < contains the Frequencies of Earth rising into the AURORA FIELD through the COSMAYA SHIPS BLANKET. The Audio Journey explains the complete process of how Earth left the Phantom Matrix and the Milky Way Galaxy and has actually risen into an Inner Domain that leads back to Source Consciousness and will allow Earth to become ASCENSION EARTH in 2043. Meanwhile, those who study these Ascension Training and use the tools can rise into the Median Earth between 2017-2022.


EMERALD CITY <  contains the frequencies of the Earth rising through each step of the stairway to heaven back into the Cloud Cities

THIS set of DNA activations contains the story and directions for how this event is taking place. Earth was set free from the Phantom Matrix in 2012 and is now realigning into the Star Self called Urtha through the Rainbow Bridge of the Cloud Cities and Inner Earth alignment. These are the Frequencies that allow our consciousness to guide Earth into this higher reality of the Cloud Cities and Shamballa.

EMERALD CITY contains the frequencies of the Earth rising through each step of the stairway to heaven back into the Cloud Cities, the Winterlands and Aquafaria.  We can see this reality of the spiritual and physical creating a new reality through the way we see the light in the clouds, double rainbows, new colors in auroras, etc.

The MOTHER SHIP SET the frequencies of the COSMAYA SHIP created of millions of Cosmic Entities who have been waiting for this activation of the Earth for 5.5 million years. The Mother Ship always works in conjunction with the Cosmic Oraphim Dolphins and a team of Cetaceans who are in our oceans now. The DOLPHIN THERAPY and DOLPHIN DNA  contain the frequencies of that DOLPHIN ASCENSION TEAM and their personal bio-regenisis plan for the Human Angelic Race line.

PORTAL TO NEW REALITY <>  – Create a portal that allows you to orb into Terra Firma and Gaia.

Three hour audio file

This is a three hour audio file describes how ascension portals are created as we connect our consciousness with Ascension Teams from Inner realms. We are in the process of Indigos and Angelic Humans creating the portal into New Earth that allows us to orb into Terra Firma and Gaia and allows Entities from other Star Systems to bring advanced technology awareness to Earth.



Our most recent KIT comes in two sections. Section One of the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS contains the Frequencies of the Journey into the Cosmic Eternal Life Waters and the detailed explanation of who these ETERNAL LIFE WATERS are, what frequencies they carry, their atomic structure and their Power of Life potential. The Journies lead the listener into the waters and teaches them how to use the magical waters for frequency activation.

The Section Two of ETERNAL LIFE WATERS contains the magical coded frequencies from the Streams of Light and Sound from the Cosmic Sun 8, who is the New Sun born from the Seven Suns reuniting as One. The Frequencies come from the Cosmic Inner Earth Domains of Aquafaria where the Cosmic Water Elementals send their flames of Atomic Radiation to create the Fire Vehicles that will allow the Listener’s Plasma Body to ride the Space Ship beyond the Earth’s Matrix and then pop into Orb into the Sun 8 Core.

This set also teaches how to use the Magical Light and Sound to TRANSFORM THE NEURONETS of the Body.

The Neuronet system of the body is what runs our engine. The neuronets tell every organ in the body what to do. Our bodies are not running on the Eternal Life Engine of the Mind of God, like they are supposed to.

This set of Journies was created for the SPECIFIC PURPOSE of wrapping the physical neuronets into the Spiritual Plasma Neuronets that contain the Divine Template of Eternal Reality.

That template is within a Drop of Water. That drop of water is the nucleus of Plasma Energy. That Drop of Water contains the Code of the Mind of God Eternal Life Template.

That MAGICAL ETERNAL LIFE  CODE is in this music.

The question most often asked is,”how often should I listen to the music?”

The answer to this question is how often would you like to be completely immersed within the entire Divine Blue Print Template of the Breath of Source that originally created you?

You can begin with one hour or two hours a day, which is enough to listen to all of your songs at least once. Find songs that resonate with you the most, and listen to them one hour a day. Those songs might be the ones that are healing something in you that needs the most attention at this time. You will eventually get tired of those songs, because that item that needed attention is healed. Soon, another song or two will resonate with you the most. You see, when I am collecting frequencies and aligning consciousness into the certain places and certain codes, I am going through a process of healing one miasm at a time, as well as always aligning consciousness through the Elohim of Hearing into oneness with Source Consciousness.

Practice feeling the Frequencies from the music penetrate deep into the zero point of your atoms. Focus frequencies in the heart chakra area and then deep into the area below the heart, which is where your Soul becomes activated. Focus the frequencies into your Seed Atom which deep within your Thymus. Focus the frequencies deep into the crystal seals deep within the pineal and pituitary areas, focus the frequencies into the Tailbone area, and focus the frequencies into the Navel area. All of these areas are very important. Next focus on bringing so much of the full spectrum of light energy into your heart chakra area that you can exhale that energy down your arms and into the palms of your hands. Hold that etheric energy of Cosmic Frequencies in your hands. Inhale the frequencies and exhale it into the water that you drink. Each and every time you drink water. That Cosmic Frequency will translate the water into the healing energy that will transform your body. You are transforming the H2O into H2O2HE3– the Spiritual Hydrolaise that will transform your body and our atmosphere.

CAUTION: It is best to listen to the music with headphones and while you are not active. The music will make you drowsy. It is best to listen while you are relaxing and also play the music in your room where you sleep at night.

I would like to share this message from someone who is working with another Reiki Healer because I know that many of you have chosen to work with other Reiki Healers, even though I am the best Reiki Healer in the World. But that is your choice.

A Reiki Healer is an Energy Healer. I am a Frequency Healer. However, the Frequencies that I use are Cosmic, and the Cosmic Frequencies will over ride and heal anything that is blocking the flow between the Physical and Spiritual Realms.

The Reiki Healing Methods are based on the Energy of  3D structure. This statement can be proven by the statement made by this Reiki Healer.

His message from a Reiki Healer was to inform all of the other Starseeds on the Planet that they should not attempt to activate any DNA beyond the 36 DNA.

The member said ” i lent the CD to a Reiki Healer friend for an absent healing on someone`s  spine and she, (not being a drinker) had to stop and have a glass of port,  at level 48…!”

So, the patient was upset because her frequencies were being raised so high that she felt like levitating. So, this is exactly what the frequencies are supposed to make you do. If you feel like a glass of port, that is also good because it means your DNA has activated and your body wants to celebrate.

To download the Track “01sample Zero Gravity MP3” for free, go to and enter the code ito6-oymv


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