Dr. Angela Barnett
Scientists and Doctors agree that there is a mysterious link between what they perceive of as echolocation energy (sonar) from dolphins and the healing process that magically results through the production of something the scientists perceive as a t-cell. The t-cell is actually the stem cell that contains the crystalline seed atom of the original moment of our creation in the Mind of God. The Dolphin knows how to activate that Seed Atom through the use of the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound from the Sun.
The Scientists are correct about the Dolphin Healing Power. However, they are looking at the dolphin and the phenomena of healing through the third dimensional spectrum of the five senses.
The dolphin is not a third dimensional construct, as the scientists eyes would like to perceive. The dolphin has always been a fifth dimensional being from Sirius B, who has been on Earth since the Second Seeding of the Human Angelic Consciousness about three million years ago.
The difference between the human template and the Dolphin Template is the fact that the heart loop that was placed in the Earth’s Consciousness field to block the frequencies of Consciousness from the Full Spectrum of Light in all five harmonic universes has locked the human template from the Cosmic Consciousness, and it has not locked the Dolphin Template from the ECHO of all of the Frequencies from all Five Harmonic Universes.
While the Echo of the Human Consciousness has been locked inside a very low frequency spectrum of the hertzian reality field, the Dolphin Consciousness expands beyond hertzian to the invisible light, the gamma, the silver pink heliotalic transformation center of the Mind of God.
The Healing Power of the Dolphin is the Consciousness that expands far beyond these Hertzian Constructs that the Science of 3D locks one into.
The Seeding of Consciousness of the Sirian Council created the Star Essence Consciousness for the Earth to be reborn into. The Sirian Council made an agreement with the Elohim Council to create a hybrid raceline of the Elohims from the original Oraphim Cosmic Creation of Gaia Consciousness and the Sirians, who also came from the Cosmic Oraphim Race line. The Accretion Level of the Sirians was identical to the Accretion Level of the Star Essence Density of the Original Planet Earth before it shrunk as a result of the Quarantine Fence from 10,000 years ago and the Frequency Fence from 1992.
The true essence of who the Dolphins are can best be understood by those of us who were actually with them three million years ago, because we were them three million years ago. The entire Second Seeding was arranged through Councils that some of us were a part of because our Over Soul is a collective Consciousness that has separated into multitudes of Incarnate Souls who have returned to Earth at this time to complete the mission that we began three million years ago.
It is obvious that there are more and more readers who are looking for SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that is showing Proof of the Shift of Consciousness.
Well, I’m going to give you some Un-Scientific Proof, because the new reality will never be found in 3D Science.
The phenomena that appears to be understood about the Dolphin is completely misunderstood. I will show you why.
The science is saying that the Dolphin sends echolocation energy (sonar) into the mitochondria of the cell. In my book titled “Spiritual Healing Technology”, I explain how the T-Cell or the Stem Cell take on a negative loop that reverses the energy that is supposed to flow in to the cell. That reverse loop is caused at the level of the Fence that cuts off the connection of the Crystal Heart and the fifth dimensional frequencies. Scientists could always see this; but they could not see that the cause of this problem is something that can not bee SEEN by the Five Senses.
Actually, the Dolphin connects his or her Consciousness into the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SOUND. The Full Spectrum of Light and Sound is contained within the Five Harmonic Universes which create the Music of the Spheres of Light and Sound Frequencies when they go through the process of harmonic evolution.
I have attempted to diagram this activation sequence as imagining the Dolphin floating inside one sphere which is within another sphere which is another sphere which is within another sphere. We can actually perceive this reality when we observe photographs of the Dolphin Exhaling Frequencies of Consciousness into the Water and the jumping through the bubble. The Dolphin knows that the Sphere of Consciousness within that Bubble of Water actually contains a higher frequency of consciousness that the Dolphin can merge the body into. When the Dolphin jumps through the sphere, the frequencies allow them to merge into another sphere of consciousness and then another. It is the echo gram of Consciousness that is sending Consciousness out into the Music of the Spheres of the Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Spheres of Consciousness and then Inhaling all of those spheres of Energy back into the Reality Field of Earth’s Morphogenetic Structure.
This was actually the job of the Human Angelic Being on Earth. We forgot that we were supposed to be doing this. We forgot that we used to be the Dolphins who did this for Earth. I am here to help you remember.
The harmonic evolution allows One Harmonic Universe to connect Octaves with the Higher Harmonic Universe. The Science of this Evolution is Star Science- not 3D Science. The transformation happens as the result of RAISING FREQUENCIES into the Higher Harmonic Universes through the Process of activating the Frequency Signatures within the entire Soul Family – the Over Soul, Avatar and Rishi Selves activating within the Soul.
It needs to be known that the Soul has been and always will be in the Fifth Dimension. The Soul has been in a state of amnesia because the Third Dimensional Body in Harmonic Universe One was cut off from the Soul in Harmonic Universe Two. It is this Transformational Blue Body of the Fifth Dimension that the Dolphin uses to Heal.
I have provided techniques such as visualizing the Frequencies in the Candle Flame as the Full Spectrum of Light which has the Violet Silver Heliotalic Light Frequency sitting at the top of the flame. The top of the Flame contains as essential frequency of 14.5 dimensional energy of transformation. This intersects with the pre light and pre sound of creation which connects with the Mind of God Breathing the Source Frequency that activates all unknown ideas into being.
The Dolphin is Absorbing the Frequency Spectrum of all 15 dimensions into those echo trons that science calls sonar. The Dolphin already lives within the Fifth Dimensional Body. The Human must continuously reconnect into the Fifth Dimensional Body by using the same Sonar Echo of the Music of the Spheres as the Dolphin uses.
We can visualize these spheres within spheres within spheres of all of the frequencies of the Cosmos. These spheres are created by a technology called the Merkaba which spins light and sound energy into a perfectly harmonically balanced sphere of energy. We can create these merkabas which spin correctly in our consciousness. We can rise up higher and higher into each of these spheres of energy until we are sitting in a sphere that is 36 inches above our heads. This is the same place the Dolphin goes to connect their Consciousness into the Full Spectrum of light and sound that Heals from within.
There is something very wrong with the Scientific data that says the Dolphin Sound Waves are a lower frequency. The Frequencies of the Dolphin are Cosmic, Universal and Galactic. That means they are 15th dimensional consciousness activating the 12th dimensional consciousness, activating the 8th dimensional consciousness, which allows the full spectrum of light and sound of Transformational Frequencies to stream in to the 5th Dimensional Body which contains the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SOUND.
Since I am a Sirian myself, and I was a part of the Sirian Dolphin Second Seeding I know a different language than other humans know. When humans and scientists claim they understand something about the sonar communication of dolphins, they are completely incorrect. The communication of dolphins that I hear is through FREQUENCIES ONLY. The twisted template of the humanoid is what lowers the frequencies into something that seems to become audible at the hertzian level.
The dolphin does not communicate at the hertzian level. The dolphin is Fifth Dimensional. Hertzian Frequencies are the lowest of all frequencies of the third dimension. The Dolphin communicates through the Highest Frequencies of Light and Sound continuously streaming through the inhale exhale of consciousness of the music of the spheres. That music of pre light and sound pre vapor called hydrolaise is what penetrates deep within the etheric omnions within the invisible light spectrum of the body.
The healing power of the dolphin is the ability to remove the polarity of the physical and the spiritual which is  the matter and the anti matter. As long as Science continues to try to learn how the dolphin is doing the magical healing work without becoming willing to realize that our entire DNA structure was ripped apart so that our physical and spiritual have become an idea of two separate realities, the Science will not match reality.
The technology that the Dolphin uses is the technology that I use in creating the Frequency Music. I learned this technology with the Dolphins three million years ago, and I am here today to help those who want to remember who we really are.
The reason that the Dolphins can break open the Seals between the DNA that have been blocking the Unconditional Love Reality is because the Dolphins were Fifth Dimensional. That exact same reality that is performed by the Dolphins will be performed much more easily by humans after 2016.
This is the reality. In June 2008, the Dolphins became 6th Dimensional Beings so that humans could become fifth dimensional beings. The purpose of the Sirian Council providing the Consciousness Flow of the Sirian Dolphins and the Cosmic Dolphins from the Oraphim Braharama Cetacean Families was to prepare for this exact moment of time in June 2008. This was the time when the Stellar Wave Infusions from Pleiadian Sun Alcyone intersected with the Stellar Wave Activations of the Sirian Spiral. This was the moment when the Sirian Dolphins were set free to rise in to the Cloud Cities.
The Cloud Cities are the link in accretion fields between the Density of Earth and the original Star Essence of the Earth where the Sirian Consciousness magnetizes us higher and higher.
While the Dolphins were becoming sixth dimensional, the whales were becoming 9th dimensional. The 8th dimensional whales have kept Earth aligned back into the Consciousness of Gaia for the past three million years. The date of June 2008 was the date the Whales were allowed to return to their home in Gaia so they could rise into their new Universe, and the Dolphins could return to Tara and rise into Gaia.
There is another magical element of the Dolphin that has been misunderstood. Scientists have observed that the Dolphin likes to look at itself in a mirror. Well, so does the parakeet. What these two beings have in common is their ability to utilize their natural frequency of the 14th dimension to melt away the darkness and obtain the atomic mirror effect that allows them to see their Spiritual Double- their image and likeness on the Spiritual Parallel. Dolphins known how to become One with their Spiritual Double.
This is the same Science that I teach when I instruct students of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse to walk through the mirror by aligning Consciousness into the space on the other side and melt away the in between state. We must do this alignment with our spiritual self before we can transform in Fall 2016.
The Dolphins and Whales have been here on Earth teaching us these Properties of Stellar Science for thousands of years, and yet Science continues to only believe that which can be verified through third dimensional technology. We can not see, feel or touch the fifth dimension. What is being understood about the Dolphin is only an understanding of the Five Senses. The Dolphin’s Reality is in Cosmic Consciousness, which is far beyond what is seen in Science.




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