A Heart Meditation

Beloved ones, we greet you once again for our weekly transmission of light and energy.  We hope you are all enjoying our weekly transmissions and will enjoy the seminar that is to be broadcast on the internet for all those who wish to join us.  Our goal is to attract those that feel called to work with us in an intimate and profound way. Not all subjects are meant for a group, but that which we wish to give you here, is something that everyone can benefit from and the subject is not specific, in that it not only pertains to one particular area.

These transmissions of light, through our dear channel, are geared to all those who feel attracted and called to work with us. The channel has no idea what we have in store for her as she writes these updates, so it comes as a complete surprise to her too! But she has learned over the years to trust in our guidance and knows that all she has to do is follow our wishes and it will be done.  At this time she does not even know how she is going to arrange this, but she will investigate this in the next few weeks and find a way to be able to work with all those of you who are interested. This, beloved ones, is a work in progress and none of this has been planned in advance. It is evolving in this moment and will continue to evolve in each now moment without any prearranging or thoughts upon the subject. This is trusting and living in the now!

Are you ready to really do this and to let go of all control and wanting to know and understand how and why before you agree to commit to a certain task? Sue is as surprised as you are and so you all evolve together and create anew.

Beloved ones, we wish to take you on a journey to the stars today. We have been transmitting from the Inner Earth the past few weeks, and now it is time to take you on a journey further afield to a place you have not entered before, at least consciously! So we ask you to hold on to your hats and follow our guidance and the energy that evolves as we journey together.

Take some deep inhalations of breath into your heart centers and begin to feel and see the energy that goes through your heart center. You will notice, this too, is just like the tube taurus that we explained a few weeks ago. Its frequency and color are iridescent pink light and this is the energy that always emanates from your true self through your heart center. So no matter where you are or what you are doing this energy is always present – even if you are not feeling loving at the time. As you focus on this energy it becomes more and more iridescent and expansive until you are fully consumed by it.

Try this now, take some deep breaths and just focus on your heart center and how the energy goes back and forth expanding as you focus and breathe through your heart. As you continue breathing and expanding this energy you will begin to feel slightly light headed and notice that the energy emerging from your heart center is now beginning to communicate with the energy of the people around you. Your heart centers are interacting energetically without you saying a word.  You will also notice that all hearts resonate with this energy because they recognize who they are and respond to you and your heart centered energy. This is how all hearts join as one. It only takes one to focus on their own heart, their own ever present source of love, for it to expand grow and touch the hearts of those around them without you having to do anything but focus on the energy and your breath.

This is a wonderful service to humankind, so in your meditations focus as we are doing here and you will each have a very positive effect on all those around you. You will experience how you are connecting energetically with your neighbors, even though you cannot see or hear them your hearts are connecting as one. We ask each one of you to practice this each day and notice the results you get.

Today we have shown you another way to connect into the energy that creates worlds, and we hope that our times together are beginning to give you an idea of the vastness of your own individual potential.  Each one of you has a role to play, and it is up to you to step up to the plate and begin playing your role, whatever that may be. Your heart knows so follow your feelings. Bring your heart and mind together, heaven and earth, and let’s create anew.

Blessings beloved ones we will reconvene next week and look forward to our weekly live seminars in the future. All those who wish to attend please contact the channel so the necessary arrangements can be made.

We love you we embrace you and we look forward to sharing more of our infinite possibilities with you.

Your loving and ever present brother Adama from the Inner Earth.

Copyright © 2015 The Island of Light,



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