Starship Terra Log: Stardate March 11-31, 2015




I have been asked by Father/Source and Sananda to keep a log of the energies we are feeling here in New York, to help others understand the great shifts now occurring on the surface.  I will do my best to record and explain the events as they unfold.

Day 1, Wednesday:  I am told:  Lie down.  Channel light to Terra.  I feel intensely urgent feelings of distress.  She seems to be struggling to clear the dark energies.  I can feel the determination, but also the exhaustion she is feeling.  She is in distress, calling out for assistance to keep going.  I call in Lightworkers from everywhere I can to help.  We begin to offer support to help stabilize and

Day 2, Thursday, March 12
I am feeling intense nausea, headache.  I search my feelings and ask to talk with Sananda or Nada.  What is this terrible feeling, as if I have been poisoned.  I can sense it is something I am feeling as a surrogate – for Terra?  I am seeing fracking wells, deep into her body.  I feel the pain of the gas and oil drills penetrating her body.

Terra is struggling to catch up with clearing herself.  I was disabled for nearly a month, so couldn’t help her.  Sanat carried on, but without our combined energies to help her, as the cabal had increased their secret dumping of toxic chemicals, using the fracking wells that were designed for this purpose, she was overwhelmed with the task of staying alive in spite of the onslaught.
Day 3, Friday, March 13
Finding how to understand and address the physical symptoms.  It seems to me that I am registering the current energies, as if my head is in the Temple of Light, my body in the Earth.  I am told again that I am Nada, and that Nada and Sanat Kumara are the joint soul project for Planet Terra – her Higher Self.  Thus, she feels what I feel, and vice versa.  Christine is feeling the energies as I do.  I am told she is the Master who long ago took on the responsibility of overlighting and supporting us in this project.

I was disabled for nearly a month, so couldn’t help her.  Sanat carried on, but without our combined energies to help her, as the cabal had increased their secret dumping of toxic chemicals, using the fracking wells that were designed for this purpose.

Note:  Fracking wells. They were not created for the dubiously profitable gas extraction.  That was the cover.  They are deep wells, prepared to send enormous quantities of “proprietary formula” toxins into Earth’s crust.  Hence, the steady stream of tanker trucks rumbling through rural towns going to the wells.  It was to serve as an extremely profitable and convenient dumping process for international corporations wishing to hide their environmental crimes.

Terra was drowning in poisonous chemicals, including radioactive waste.  She called out to the entire Universe to help, and it came.  Especially helpful was the response from Lightworkers on the ground, who are channeling Light to her central crystal, increasing her power to restabilize and fend off the attack.

Temple Update:
High pitched frequencies feel like a buzz saw in the brain. We (Christine, Eleanora and Kathryn) begin to understand these frequencies as the conflict between the Light, newly restored Higher Selves trying to enter into the darkest and most damaged of the cabal bodies.  Patterns of programming prevent any Light to enter, creating intense dissonance.

I met with the Temple workers to find a way to break through the resistance, to begin retraining body and mind to accommodate Light.  I suggest that they try coming in through the immune system, since this is the only place left in the bodies where light still exists. Starting by going into the bone marrow, they can gently infiltrate the whole body. Not a conflict, just a gradual transformation.
Hours later, the frequencies are less discordant, now cover a broader band.

Day 4, Saturday, March 14
Light it up.  We call on Father, Mother Source and all the Company of Heaven to create a massive Light Chamber to heal Terra.  Terra’s light chamber.

Yes, the Light chamber for Terra.  You ask, it will be done.  The Agarthans, Arcturians, and all of us met to work out the plan.  Father and Mother consented, and we are on it.
The fracking wells will be sealed, and oil wells will follow.  It will roll out gradually, starting with the worst polluters.  This will ease the load on Terra.

Kathryn:  All of Earth is surrounded with glowing light.  All are joining in.  We arrange a last-minute conference call; Lightworkers unite to heal and stabilize Terra.

Day 5, Sunday, March 15
It is a bit easier breathing.  My energy is returning a bit.  Dark clouds of toxic energies come and go.  Meanwhile, in the Temple: A new group of souls enter.  This group’s characteristic tone is depression.  I suggested a scheme for teaching Higher Selves how to overcome depression in the body/mind.  They will address the self-pity that led them into darkness in the first place.  Anger turned inward, self-pity, hopelesness and resentment were the toxic blend that kept them enslaved.  Connecting with the Love of Source dispels all loneliness and despair.  They respond to the command to stop “doing” depression and to absorb the love that is flowing through them.
Sananda is playing “All You Need Is Love” round the clock.

Day 6, Monday, March 16.
Anxiety, INTENSE frequencies, cause headaches off and on for those of us on the ground.
Temple Update: I go to the Temple, address the original, ancient fear that the supposed anxiety of the present situation covers up.  It is terror from childhood, past abuse that leaves us quaking, not the present situation.  Also, many fear God’s wrath because that is what they have been taught.  These are false fears, all.

Speaking with Sananda.  He is in the Arcturian healing temple.  The teams are working round the clock, at full capacity.  He needed a short break for r and r.  Sending energy to Nada/Kathryn, the Temple and Terra simultaneously was requiring maximum energy, for months without a break.  Even Ascended Masters get worn out.  It has been a tremendous effort for months on end.  I am so grateful for his loving care.

Things are well under control in the temple, proceeding quickly.  More than 100 million of the darkest souls have now gone to the Light for restoration.  I send new ideas for helping the Higher Selves to integrate with their incarnated bodies each day to give them new options, approaches to the “psychotherapy” task they are immersed in.

Day 7.  March 17, 2015

In the Temple, the reintegration work following restoration of the Higher Selves continues to kick up strong reactions:  screaming frequencies fill the air, I am again feeling the extreme exhaustion, similar to Day One. I trust that it is useful information and know it will pass.

Channeling love and encouragement to Terra.  We ask Father and Mother for more energy to complete the tasks we need to accomplish.  I am having difficulty even completing the daily log.  Sending “tiny bubbles” exercise (to permeate all the cells in the bodies of their incarnates with loving energy) for the HSs and Temple workers to use.

“All You Need is Love” is the code to us that the RV is imminent; we are “on hold” for notification of the announcements to come any time.

Terra is still under stress, trying to clear the accumulation of toxins not completely cleared during Nada’s recovery from the scalar attack.

Day 8, March 18, 2015.

Brief periods of energy to perform minimal daily tasks:  wash dishes, get dressed, etc.  Then exhaustion.  Still hearing Sananda playing “All You Need is Love”.  Feeling great waves of love, but physical symptoms continue.  I notice it subsides when I have an important task to do, like private sessions or overseeing book editing for a few hours.  As soon as I return to my room to rest, the heaviness and sleepiness takes over.  They are shielding us for periods, then bringing us back in when we are available.

12 pm.  Deep tiredness, not as unpleasant as previously, need to rest.

I ask Father for clarification of the cause of the exhaustion.  It feels like Terra is fending off another assault.


Yes, Dear, you are supporting Terra in her clearing and cleansing process.  Galactics are helping, teams of angels helping the Galactics to hold her steady, to prevent sudden tipping or convulsions.  We are avoiding what you felt the first day – when she was retching, trying to control her illness caused by the poisoning of increased fracking, oil drilling, chemical dumping.

Our power to intervene is limited only by the number of humans on the ground who are creating the channels to accept our energies and collaborate with our efforts.  These numbers are increasing as readers of our channelings awaken to their real power to affect their environment by joining forces with us.  For each Lightworker on the ground who joins us with their intention to be of service to the Light, we are able to provide more assistance through that partner.  We are co-creating the New Earth, one awakened human being at a time.

Do not underestimate your individual power to change the world around you.  You do not need to establish a Foundation or volunteer in a distant land.  You only need to send us your pure and enthusiastic intention, by focusing your thoughts and feelings on your wish to assist us.  Offer your bodies and minds to act as a channel for our great Love, and you will be providing the most effective means for us to help Planet Earth, as we sincerely wish to do.

Our contract with you requires that we follow your lead.  We cannot intervene otherwise.  Give us your vote to accept our intervention by bringing our help through the Veil and into your dimension.  We require the conscious participation of all of you on the ground, now.

Many have complained that we are not helping you to end the suffering on Earth.  You have not understood our contract fully.  The complainers are actually preventing progress by refusing to put their shoulders to the wheel.  We understand it is difficult for you to grasp how powerful your ability to create what you envision really is. By railing about the problems on the surface, you are actually recreating them.  By generating fear about ISIS, the cabal, and so on, you are strengthening them.

Join with us now, Beloved Ones, to shift this old pattern you were taught by the dark ones to continue their hold on you.  Leave behind all negativity.  Instead, open your hearts to us.  By doing this you create a Light channel directly from where you stand on the surface to us in higher dimensions.  We join with you in delight and joy, and our Love will pour down through you like golden honey, filling your heart and all the cells of your body with unending Love and Light.  Then, let it flow downward through your feet, into the heart of Terra.  It is an unending stream, nourishing you as you channel it through you.  This is all you need to do to be of great service to the Light and to your beloved planet.

This, Dear Ones, is the process by which we are bringing about the New Earth, and we need your help now.  Your time has come, and we stand with you as co-creators of this New Era.

We love you without end.  – Mother and Father (Source).

Mar. 19  Thursday.
Headaches, exhaustion, consciously feeling the clearing for Terra, sending the dark energies through our bodies, to the Light.  Everyone is working on being vigilant about removing dark programs.  Questions arise about why the girls sometimes separate themselves, are oblivious to their own tasks.  We begin searching for what they feel when they go into negative feelings.  They tell us candidly about their intense struggles with feelings of entitlement, deep discouragement about the future, separateness from the culture and from their elders, no interest in school or career.  They search deeply within themselves and describe as accurately as they can how alienated they really feel, how they struggle against it, and how so many of their .

For hours, we sift through to find patterns and clues about the source of their feelings, so different from us, their elders. They have not suffered extreme hardship, and yet they describe symptoms of severe oppression, hopelessness and despair.  The discussion sparks a deep exploration – we need to discover what is wrong with so many of our young people – the “thing” that has caused so many teachers and parents to feel like strangers with their own children.

Mar. 20,  Friday
It was an amazing day.  Our researches have led us to a remarkable truth.  Our young people, these bright and talented crystal children, are laboring under the terrible handicap that has nearly paralyzed them, kept them prisoner to inexplicable and persistent dark feelings.  They had thought it was something inherently wrong with them, but what they show are such extreme contradictions, it could not simply be something native to them.

The realization dawned finally:  these angels were carrying another, different implant (like a black box) that was affecting all their thinking and behavior.  The girls each removed the “shield”, an implant similar to the dark cell, but they describe it as a template, like a metal panel in their bodies and brains that acted like a barrier between  their hearts and their minds.  They removed it and gave it to Mother and Father, in the name of all young people.

There were many tears of relief and love, and they are shiny and newly-minted, like young children just out of the bath. They will recover and rest – we all will – for the weekend.  We will care for them with gratitude and great love.

New energies are circling Earth. Our hearts are lighter tonight.

Mar. 21, Saturday.
I have been given a clean bill of health from Sananda and my medical team.  I no longer have to rest to preserve my higher self and Sananda, who was providing energy for me ever since the injuries from the scalar attack on February 11th.  The work we are doing continues to be unusually tiring, however.  I have not felt this kind of fatigue in the past.  I believe it must be that they wanted us to feel what others feel.

Mar 22   Sunday.
Today on Starship Terra, we cleared the dark template from all the Kingdoms, animal, plant, insect, mineral and the Elementals. We did not set out to do this; in fact, we were planning a rest day, but we had begun to experience some troubling and uncharacteristically aggressive behavior.  We have our chihuahua, Che, and two cats who came with Christine to live in the High Falls house.  We had been working with them consistently and consulting a very talented animal whisperer.  It seemed that Che truly wanted to play and chase, and the cats were put out by his overly assertive chasing and rushing at them.  It was increasingly difficult to convince him to leave them alone, and they were becoming defensive and snarly.

We were puzzled, because they had all been easy and loving previously, but the hostility seemed to be increasing, to the point where one of the cats smacked Che and caused a small injury.  This was when we began to seriously question whether there might be some externally caused interference that was increasing their aggressive behavior.  We searched and questioned, looking for patterns, and began to realize that the behavior they were showing matched the feelings the young people described as a result of the template we had removed two days ago. The girls called the familiar hostile attitudes “Competitious rage”.

Mar. 23, Monday.
A quiet calm has settled upon the High Falls house.  The cats are coming out of hiding and down from the highest bookcases to meow a hello.  Che has spent time in his little bed in front of the fire, sleeping 2 feet from the cat who was his enemy just two days ago.  Healing is taking place all around.  It is an astonishingly fast transition, from tension and conflict between the animals to complete ease and peace.

Christine is seeing the most advanced program:  In the final case, the program attached to a truth.  This allows the person who has been programmed to point to the truth rather than seeing the program.  It is true that I was kind.  People can be kind.  The program is calibrated to send energy that is not kind.  Although it changes the meaning of the action, the person doing it doesn’t see it, but the other people feel it. It is very difficult to describe unless the people involved are willing to address the “vibe” and take responsibility for their own program, no matter how subtle it is.  It also requires a high level of trust between the people. This inexplicable complication/misunderstanding happens to Lightworkers who wish to see themselves as good even though they may actually be saying or doing unfriendly things.

We are celebrating seeing these things. Joyful energies coming through, expectation of the RV to come soon.  We are elated with the profound changes in our own lives and feelings.  I am feeling stronger, no longer exhausted, looking forward to taking a run outdoors very soon.

Singing, cooking and removing the last dregs of programmed thoughts, feelings and actions.

Mar. 24.  Tuesday.
Exploring the program, seeing the last elements in each one.  We talk candidly about all the times the program surfaced for everyone, and laughed about how silly it looks in the blessed Light of day.
Mar. 25, Wednesday.  We are singing, cooking and removing the last dregs of programmed thoughts, feelings and actions.

Mar. 26, Thursday.
I am hearing the song, “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing over and over in my head.  The words describe great darkness, human folly, and the attitude “easy come, easy go” and “nothing really matters”.

Mar. 27, Friday
Departure of the living dead? Hearing the song constantly playing reminds me of the cabal attitudes, beliefs, cruelty and disregard for human life.

Mar. 28, Saturday
High pitched frequencies.  Speaking with the Company of Heaven to find new techniques for helping the Higher Selves to reach their incarnates, to open a channel through which they can bring Light into their bodies and brains, even though the incarnated self is resisting.  This is especially difficult with the first wave who are the darkest of the dark and are fighting against allowing any Light to enter them.  The efforts at trying to come in through the immune system or through their hearts, or through the dream state when they are sleeping seems to be having minimal effect with this group, but quite a lot of success with later, less damaged soul/bodies.

Mar. 29, Sunday
Eleanora and I discussed other possibilities for helping the Higher Selves to get through to the cabal bodies.  We understand that pain opens people up.  Perhaps a huge headache or backache, or intestinal pain.  We have observed that this has always worked for us, to bring us closer to Creator.  Perhaps this would distract them long enough for the HSs to slip in, create images or dreams of Light, reworking the channels.  Well, perhaps it would have the opposite effect with these resistant souls.

We are at the end of our suggestions, but we do ask – no, knowing it might be necessary to give our command for them to take action, we command that they please, do everything in their power or in their creative bag of solutions to resolve this dilemma.  We send our Love and Light to support them and all who are working on this historic project.

Mar. 30, Monday
Christine is still undergoing treatment for the scalar attack she experienced in the desert last November.  It has been an arduous project.  She is working with her twin, Mother and Father/Source, the Arcturians, White Brotherhood medical team and others.  It is so outrageous that these weapons could be used on her, on the ground.  We ask that this dangerous technology be neutralized and eliminated immediately to prevent any further injuries to our beloved Lightworkers.

Mar. 31, Tuesday
We are being nudged by the Company of Heaven to see our mission – all of us – in a new light.  We must now maintain a “zero tolerance” for any attempts from others to undermine our progress or dampen our fire.  It is our primary mission in life to serve God, to be of service to humanity, and to use our gifts, our abilities and our will to accomplish the tasks we are given in the very best way we can.  We were born to serve, to reach for the God in ourselves, and to carry out this Light-filled path to Ascension for all on Planet Earth.

It is a difficult task for Lightworkers to remain focused and unwavering when there are many distractions around us, including family, friends and followers who challenge, question, obstruct and drag their feet along the path.  We have been given the torch to carry in this wonderful time of expansion and growth.  It is important now for us to move ahead, raising our vibrations and our Light higher and higher, regardless of the chaos or darkness around us.  Some will come forward to lead, others will fall behind, to experience other lessons, other growth in their own time.

Each one will choose his/her own path and his own pace.  It is for us, who have chosen to dedicate our lives to this Enlightenment work, to keep moving, and even quicken the pace.   We are at the peak of a great crescendo that will burst into the New Golden Age.  Let us move quickly, surely and in harmony.  It is our time to shine, dear Warriors of the Light.  We are One.

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD.



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