Lunar elipse Saturday, remember the theme of this time is REBIRTH

April is 4th month of a # 8 year making April 2015  a 3 month of learning and for many of us a bit more time for SPRING and Joy.

April 4th FULL Moon LUNAR eclipse in ARIES and  Libra attempting to help us release the past and move forward into much healthier and happier relationships:

April 8th JUPITER the planet of our belief systems which one might guess has been going backwards since last year, now moves  DIRECT at 12 Leo out of retrograde pattern and things begin to move forward, more trust, more security and more passion is here  and since JUPITER is about faith?  Perhaps for us all that shall come back also?

April 11th VENUS TO GEMINI  and our desires become more flexible

April 14th Mercury to Taurus  Helps us get fixed in our ideas, and stand firm

April 16th PLUTO Rx. 15 Capricorn  a bit of a breather of thinking we must fix the outer world and a trip into our own inner darkness (when I am angry at others, I always look within and that looking shows me the darkness which those others awoke in me)  Pluto is my CHART ruler or the planet in my chart which kinds of rules my inner workings

April 16th Dark of the moon energy MAGICAL WISHING TIME

April 17th Dark of the moon energy MAGICAL WISHING time

April 18th New moon 28 Aries and we have another  ANOTEHR LATE DEGREE lunation which is much about endings and beginnings and shifts and changes, nope things have not calmed down yet:

Please remember in my world : Planets are actors, the signs they wear are like their costumes, you sure look at a pretty girl different in a ball gown than a bikini don’t you?

The moons entrance to different signs activates an energy which is much about our constantly shifting emotions and feelings, it does not control us, but surely can gently try and push us in a direction

There are NO bad signs, but they all have a positive and a negative, just like a good battery to get us going.

Moon V/C  or Void of course, is not normally a great time to sign contracts since this is a time when things do not go as expected but sometimes they can be better. Personally for me if having oral or surgery or signing a contract I truly PREFER the outcome to be what I expected.  So use this time with a bit of care but do not overworry if you must do something during this time.  NOTHING is more powerful than INTENTION, prayer, positive thought  and KNOWING you are ok:
For the next 7 days traditional Jewish homes will Celebrate the Passover.  Each year though I am not Jewish I use this day to think of what has passed over Me this lifetime.

One of the things I never had to do was see a son Off to War…  to live without friends… to live without Love… to be in the streets hungry and alone… …

Maybe today you might want to think of what has Passed you over also?  AND celebrate this day with me And we recognize how we have been gifted …

AND YES:::WE all have the huge lists of THIS HAPPENED TO ME and it was horrible…but today Concentrate please on what you did not have to endure And know you will never endure…

and yes…we Can know that we are safe and make it happen by Knowing it can’t we?
Friday April 3, 2015 at 12:01am PDT the moon moves into Libra the 7th sign of the zodiac and within a few hours will touch down on the North Node in Libra and energetically set us up for not only Passover but Lunar eclipse:    this eclipse will be the shortest total lunar eclipse of the 21st Century.  happening 5:05am, get up and watch that moon disappear if you are in western USA:  Eastern Asia, Australia and New Zeeland…

with the moon now entering LIBRA we are going to notice  the ARIES (SELF) and LIBRA (Others) theme very strong now.   do you give too much?   TOO independent, feel like others cause all your problems, well, time to balance your own responsibility with the people in your life..

WHO is in your life by your choice?  Who do you need to add to your list of relationships, set the table for lots of NEW relationships as this eclipse for the next 2 weeks asks us to LET go of the old to MAKE ROOM for the new and this theme carries us through this year into next as we have ANOTHER Libra  Aries Lunar eclipse the end of September
Friday April 3, 2015

9:24am Saturn the planet of how we set up our structures of order in our life and the planet most ruled by Karma (not that you did something bad and are going to be punished)  But Saturn the  Planet of what you have given out you receive and so, this day we seem to be given a break to look at OUR STUFF:  Not what the other guy does but what issues arise within us from our way of looking and feeling about that OTHER GUY:

At 2:57pm as the moon in Libra the sign of equality, fairness and the sign which struggles MOST with trying to balance, struggles with the way we think the planet Mercury in Aries, creates an OPPOSITION which is a challenging aspect …

so, it works like.   I need to take care of me Mercury in Aries says, if I do not look after me who will?   The moon in Libra says, yes, but what perhaps have those other folks gone through, what maybe do they need that I have to give which will change their lives.

We have all seen the best in someone which others say  WTF are you seeing in that person haven’t we?   THIS is the Libra energy in your chart, and Pisces, lol , because
to truly see what COULD be we do use this energy also

A day when you might recognize is the day before THE FULL MOON and energies are at their strongest and most powerful and ….  our kiss is recognize the struggle is within you, and the answers are there also.

BEING willing to change our minds is very important right now.  WE are opening to new truths about SELF and many of them are being delivered by others::

–   Another Kiss for today is by Malcolm S. Forbes “Too many people  overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are”.
–   Color today white for purity and purification
–   Oil of sage, frankincense, immune power, or anything
else which seems to clear the air and maybe your head
–   A good stone for today might be Rhodenite which helps us
to achieve our highest potential and adds to feelings
of self worth
“Although it may crown you Queen for a Day, the world cannot confer the recognition that will make you feel fulfilled. Only you can. Congratulate yourself upon the completion of a personal accomplishment.”– Sarah Ban Breathnach

PS from Carol, some days I am happy with me just for getting up and getting e mails done and being willing to LIVE and be present in the NOW:::
Because fear is insatiable, everything that is insatiable
is born of fear.   —  Alan Cohen

Today the moon in Libra creates an opposition to the sun in Aries at 5:05am PDT and we have a full moon lunar eclipse, blood moon, have posted lots about this from others on my Facebook page, but eclipses are ……well, like you come to a y in your life path and have an opportunity to take one road or the other, which one..

For me when I speak to clients about this, is which one is the OLD way, comfortable but..not what you want and what path might be a bit scary but offers you new ways and in taking this path you must release the old.  THEN you make the choice.

At 7:18am  the moon in Libra makes a SQUARE or rough aspect with Pluto and we know we have things to do on this Passover and the weekend might be easier for us all if we remembered that we are so VERY LUCKY for what has passed over us, what we never had to do, and that we have come through the things which did not pass over us.

8:58am pdt the moon opposes Uranus in Aries and moves V/C , not the easiest day for many and this weekend is going for us all to bring some new ideas and new visions I believe of new ways of doing things.

Use care and do not push or shove, and remember moon v/c things do not go always as planned but there could be a better plan couldn’t there than our own?

Listen to your own idea of what is correct today and cut others some slack, this day is a bit hard to drive and those who are into Control are not going to be too happy

Lets see what happens and wait until you are ready folks should be very happy today if you can stay out of the road of those CONTROL folks .

–    Color today silver for intuition and use the metal of the same or Marcasite
–    Stones which might go with today to OPEN you are pearls, Labradorite,   Turquoise, blue Morganite, Labradorite, opals.
–    Stones to GROUND and center you might be Jet, agate, amber, Marcasite
Black tourmaline or Black obsidian to ground you and reflect away all that is negative  (protective energy)
–    Oil of Cedar or pine to clear the head and emotional body
–    Kiss for today is I am creating life by my dreams and most of all  by what I allow to take root in my mind and heart
MY mantra for full moons is, today I release that which no longer serves me in my heart, and mind and soul.  TODAY I begin to release that physically and things around me which no longer are of use to me, Today I think about giving to others that which I no longer need but which might be very much needed by them.   NO STOREAGE UNITS FOR ME FOLKS

This totem’s gift is how to balance power, intention, strength and grace.
It is the balance of body, mind and spirit.

The first responsibility of leadership is truth and cougar for us all is a message that our leadership and our abilities will be needed this week.     Remember:  Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation.

Cougar can teach you how to bring out your power  and fill your heart with it that will enable you to take charge of your life.   You can use Cougar power to defend yourself or to attack just with strength, cougar rarely is in battle as the way it carries itself is such that others leave it alone.  COUGAR says you will be walking this week into situations where your carriage, sense of self and knowing who you are is going to grow and help yourself and others

What has traditionally been known as the Moon card refers to a deep state of
sensitivity and imaginative impressionability, developed within a womb of deep
relaxation. Here we dream and go into trance, have visions and receive insights,
wash in and out with the psychic tides, and experience deep mystical
realities beyond our ordinary senses…

It is now really time to  go within, begin to connect with your own Answers and listen to your WISE AND ANCIENT
SOUL and guides, you have this bank account of resources, use them with prayer, meditation and clearing the mind  xoxoxo Carol
Sunday the 5th at 12:04pm pdt the moon moves to Scorpio and energies and feelings and emotions intensify, we are not over the eclipses, but we will be experiencing some of these issues for the next 6th months and then in September have another ARIES LIBRA eclipse just as we had one last fall, so this 1 and 1/2 year theme is not just you wondering what it wrong with others, but all of us trying to figure how to be self (ARIES) and manage to get along with others (LIBRA)   Moon in Scorpio until Tuesday the 7th 10:08pm will be a pretty intense time with folks processing many emotional issues so smile and try to give the other guy a break and AT THE SAME TIME DISTANCE SELF FROM CONFLICT if possible
Sunday April 5, 2015  MOON V/C until 12:04pm

This morning the moon v/c in Libra saw the sun, squaring Pluto and the challenge to let go of the past is strong.  Many recognize the old ways do not work anymore.

Many of you are without a loved one, so many have passed this year, today perhaps for many of us is a time for us to make new traditions, new ways of doing things, volunteering for those less fortunate, allowing yourself a day of space and energy of what you would like.

Surely for most of us this energy today is pretty powerful and is trying to show us what in our life must be cut away, and maybe what just needs a band aide and some antiseptic?

For me those things are times in nature, walking under trees, listening to water gurgle over rocks, being with good friends, honoring listening to silence and just enjoying, a feel of a silk blanket, the taste of something I love, the feel of my kitties in my lap..

WE do feed our soul or starve it don’t we?

At 12:04pm that moon into Scorpio activates an energy of the moon in Scorpio opposing Mars in Taurus, a very stubborn and I want it my way attitude for a day when so many of us will be with family and friends.

This day is  best used breathing deeply and bringing in strength and courage and
love and joy and all good things.  We get few enough energies about US and our truth..explore your own today please…EVEN if it is just for an hour before you leave or a few minutes hiding in the potty or time afterwards.  TAKE TIME FOR SELF today please and do gratitude’s.

Use -Oil of Jasmine or rose for a good feeling within  the self.  I love Gardenia…BUT jasmine and rose are love smells also.  LOVE OF SELF is the key here
–       What you do or are today is nothing compared to what you can be or do tomorrow is our KISS
–       Color today purple for spiritual connection
–       Larimer or turquoise for shamanic connection to self and maybe? Oil of cinnamon to clear the head and cheer you
ANOTHER GREAT STONE FOR TODAY WOULD BE the one which I have always all around me Amethyst is the stone of healing, clarity and purity, its very name is about eliminating toxins in Greek.  It helps to clear the mind as well as the body  and to transform our limiting beliefs about who we are.  It is our guardian and ally who accompanies us on our visionary quest to find greater truth and meaning in life.   As it helps us eliminate negativity:  Large amethyst clusters function as a sort of “spiritual vacuum cleaner,” cleansing rooms with a lot of traffic
Ask questions before bed tonight of your guides, angels, Inner guidance, whatever you believe in and expect answers To come as we are asked to BELIEVE and know that Something good is coming for us.  PS I would also ask that your information come to you gently and easily and your guides wrap you in loving arms tonight as we transfer energy from major events in the sky into our REAL TIME WORLD
Monday April 6, 2015

Oftentimes Moon in Scorpio days are not for the weak of heart and though the very busy and powerfully transformational energy of the weekend continues we also have some softer and more helpful energies today:

5:05am a trine from the moon in Scorpio to Neptune gives you powerful answers and an increased intuition
6:26am Mercury and Jupiter ideas and belief work together to help you convince self and others of your truth, THINK POSITIVE

7:08am the once YEARLY touch down of the sun (the now and URANUS (change) happens and today is kind of a crap shoot, hanging on and pretending you are in a bull riding contest? JUST have to hang on today is my theme, lol and expect others to behave in some of them (GOOD) ways and some perhaps feeling that ARIES (ME ME ME)

need for change is the theme today for sure.  12:43pm as the moon in Scorpio squares Jupiter think positive, if your mind goes to poor, pity me, see yourself in a funny way and try to find some humor and remember NOTHING LASTS …and by the 8th with Jupiter moving direct things will be SO MUCH IMPOROVED, I PROMISE

6;23pm as Pluto and the moon play well together you could find support and this could be a good evening to get with others of like minds and network and say, AHHH one more rough day to go and is it rough?   or MAYBE  is  it just the push you are needing?
My kiss for today is the best gift today would be gratitude’s for what you have, or even gratitude’s for what you DO NOT HAVE, that one can really make us think can’t it?

–     Color today Peach for your joy, Orange for creativity and Pink for love, a GREAT COLOR
–     Use  JET or agate to ground you and center you and if you are locked and loaded and cannot get into being a bit more maneuverable?  Do you know about AMETRINE?  I HAVE LOTS BUT NOT ON SITE YET.. Ametrine is a rare and unusual stone which occurs in quartz when amethyst and citrine reside in the same crystal. Because the color zoning effect is natural, no two Ametrine will ever be exactly alike, VERY Expensive normally and carries Spirituality energy with Protection and a natural upper as you work towards living more connected to source and in the material world.  VERY GOOD energy
–     Sage is a good scent for today or Bergamot  Or Thieves, any of the clearing oils would be great
–    Kiss for today, S L O W         S     L    O    W    down and bless all that you have today, honoring that which we so often take for granted, our right to make choices,
our blessed air to breathe, earth to walk upon, water to drink, warmth of our hearths,
homes and those who love us…and I bet you can find LOTS more can’t you to be grateful
Did you know Scientists have proven  that sniffing Rosemary improves memory 75%
I have Young living around me in the house and by computer and have it growing back and front yards
I always tell clients I will go anyplace you desire to go in your appointment if only
you agree that 75% of the appointment we will be going forward  (Carolism)
Tuesday April 7, 10:08pm tonight the moon moves into much more cheerful and energy increasing Sagittarius until Friday the 10th.   Get ready for a big UPWARDS shift in energy and optimism and recognition of what the last few days have been about will come by Friday for most of us
Tuesday April 7, 2015

OK::: wow 1:42pm the moon (emotions) in feeling DEEPLY Scorpio makes and Opposition to Venus in Taurus.
This is the little kid in the store and picking up the candy bar and parents taking it away kind of FIT energy for some.  NOT us of course, but smile as others behave a bit more childlike than normal today.  I smile as I write this because it does not seem too serious but more frustration.
the answer for frustration is always the same.  WALK AWAY FOR A WHILE, go to the bathroom get a coughing fit, leave the room and breathe in PEACE and then smile recognizing things are NOT Serious just a bit not what we would like today

OF course to top the cherry on the Sundae is that the moon moves v/c with this irritating energy and the next aspect at 5:05pm is one which I would advise you to leave work early if possible.

Mercury square Pluto happens 4 times a year and is always a time when I get tons of $30 questions or folks wanting appointments.  IT is the put your foot into mouth and then swallow energy.

IN ENGLISH Mercury is our thought and speaking process and Pluto likes to kind of blow thins apart so you can move, like blowing up a large rock in the pathway of the road coming in.  This one moves more folks out of jobs so , be nice if you wish to keep your job and if you know someone who is fussing and fuming, you might mention to them to

go home by 4pm today if possible?  and avoid the boss,  or whoever is frustrating them.  REMEMBER THE ECLIPSE  ARIES (SELF)  LIBRA  (OTHERS)  this is an energy which will get many of you new loves, marriages, new jobs, relationships, friendships but at the same time many of you will need to clear space and this is a clear space day:

10:08pm the moon enters Sagittarius and the what does it matter, and is this really important energy comes in to lift us all up from the last few days:
–     Color today whatever you desire…for me BLACK TOURMALINE
–     you can also Use SMOKY QUARTZ for protection
–     Oil of peace and calming
_     I think PINK for love would be a good color choice for me since I will be on the roadway
Please remember, This report  provides weekly planetary energy for all zodiac signs and is kind of an Astrological weather forecast  but I do work individually with hundreds of people through online, telephone, Skype and in person appointments as well as classes
MY online $30 one question is a really GREAT deal
Wednesday April 8, 2015

The moon in Sagittarius  Says FREE AT LAST so at

5:20am PDT the planet mercury and Uranus touch giving us brilliant ideas and easing resistances to change.

6:30am Saturn and the moon touch and we begin to see the picture and what perhaps for many of us NEW picture we are moving into.

9:58am FINALLY for the first time in 2015  JUPITER the teacher planet, the planet of believing and trusting moves OUT OF RETROGRADE into Direct motion and we take off with a POWERFUL I can DO it   I CAN DO IT energy…hip hip hurrah

how about you wear the color YOU want? I shall pick Green for healing

•       I will wear Peridot which to me is the stone of Opening the mind and the spirit
OR GREEN ONYX which is perhaps one of my favorite grounding and clarity stones, visit my website and look it up at   under manifesting and grounding stones.
•       Oil of Sage to help clear the past and clean the air OR whatever smell you like?
•       Kiss for today… about you PRETEND that this is truly the first day of your life And be willing to forget past hurts, and angers and resentments and move forward fearless and as a child.  Open and willing to receive as well as give?  Sagittarius moon would love that
Please remember MOON V/C is the time when the moon is between energies, it makes its last aspect and kind of HANGS around until the moon enters the next sign, not a good time normally for surgery or major purchases but interesting if you sit back and see where the ride takes you and for myself, I have had some great adventures moon v/c and wound up sometimes in a very different place than I thought I was going, which is NOT always a bad thing is it?
Want an appointment in person in my Federal way office, contact and prepay QUICKLY I will be out by the 16th and though I can see folks there once a month I will be in town the 4th week each month,

I will be moved to Bellingham which will not matter to Skype or telephone clients though so will begin May 1st talking from Bellingham to you all

MORE in a couple of days and just in case, my April and May reports are posted on my website, love and blessings and happy Easter to you and happy everyday, there are things for us all which make us happy nomatter what is happening around us my suggestion this weekend is to DO THEM and ENJOY and allow yourself some freedom from routine xoxoxo Carol

What do you want to birth or resurrect?

KEYWORDS for now are aggressive, straightforward and Adventuresome from March 20th as the sun entered ARIES we entered the Vernal equinox and a time of FIRE..  Spring, the sun and LIGHT:

On the 20th of MARCH  we had the first of 2 Eclipses, that one has been NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE bringing things in and  RIGHT BEFORE the sun entered ARIES the eclipse happened at 29 PISCES, the last degree and a very special energy began happening about dreaming our reality, imagination and perhaps for some of us people, ideas, processes from the past coming into the present?

NOW this weekend the final piece of the puzzles come sin with a POWERFUL Lunar eclipse, the shortest time in the 21st century, meaning things spped up, yep, ME also, lol, how can I move faster I say and yet I manage, maybe the faster is going to be more towards and faster getting the things we have worked so hard for?   BE the thought you are thinking ..think about that, wouldn’t that surely change thought patterns if you believed you were becoming what you think?    WELL WE ARE FOLKS so if you can’t change that first thought, grab onto the 2nd and do a REMAKE to what you want to be xoxoxoxo  LOVE  to you all and for those who donate to keep me writing I truly thank you, it is much appreciated and this report does cost me and I do have a $12 pay pal button on my website     Namaste  Carol
Carol Barbeau


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