The Tree Spirits

The Tree Spirits
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-
Note- This is a channelled communication from the tree spirits, they have chosen the format of a story to express their wisdom
and inspire your mind. As you read the story you can take time to imagine, sense or visualise your role within the story.
Following a trail of flattened grass within wild luscious long grass you are walking with the intention of entering into a large
gathering of trees. The path is so familiar to you and you can sense that many have walked this path with an identical intention. You can
see the full leafy heads of the trees way above you in the sky and their twisting strong trunks anchoring deep into the Earth. Drawing
closer to the trees you realise that the trees aren’t nestled together as tightly as you originally thought but each has its own space to grow
and expand into. As you enter into the aura of the trees the grass begins to fade away and a rich brown and red soil becomes visible.
Passing the first trees you enter into a sacred space that is so pure and loving, thick with ancient wisdom hanging in the air. The further
you walk into the gathering of trees you begin to realise that there is a wealth of sacred information all around you, it is as if it has been
contained within the air for you to accept and comprehend. A great sense of comfort surrounds you as the energies of the trees draws
closer to you; their energy is akin to hands charged with love reaching out to you. Golden flickering lights appear all around you, similar to
small shooting stars they envelop you and overwhelm your eyes. You sense the need to breathe deeply allowing the golden light and the
ancient energy of the trees to melt into your body, consciousness and energy.
As you breathe in the magical energy you feel your energy balancing and your focus becoming clearer, you are aligning yourself
with the energy of the trees in order to connect with them on a new level. With the presence of the trees you are able to feel a compelling
strength building from within your body. You feel stable, balanced and grounded into the Earth, as if nothing will affect you or blow you off
centre. It is an empowering feeling that enhances your confidence and your connection with the Earth. The grounding sensation allows
you to feel secure in opening your energies and allowing them to blaze from your being. It is as if you are manifesting into a tree, your feet
planted deeply into the Earth and yet your heart, soul and consciousness so prominently connected with the spiritual levels and Creator’s
universe. A golden radiant light manifests from your heart chakra glowing up into the air. This connection is so pure and blissful as you
link the energies of the Earth and the Creator as one within your being.
You realise that this is the existence of the trees, their roots so sensitive and aware of the energy shifts occurring on the Earth,
while also existing in the glorious light of the Creator, as if being in constant transition between dimensions. Such an awareness and
knowing comes from this existence, the energies of the Earth and spiritual planes are not separated but tied together with fine threads,
creating a link that is all knowing. There is a strong sense of connection, belonging and integration. Your energies reach out to other trees
and an eternal trail of consciousness pours into your being, the consciousness of the trees stemming from the awareness of the very
first manifestation of trees on the Earth. The trees have collected so much wisdom not only concerning their own reality and processes
of growth but the consciousness of civilisations of people who have inhabited the Earth. You realise you are holding memories of the
progression of the Earth and humans, a magnificent realisation that is so valuable and precious.
Many insights pour into your realisation; you feel the ability to love others without ties, expectations or judgement. A great sense of
peace within your entire body and emotions manifests a wonderful sense of joy and the joyous energy dances around you. From the
depths of stillness comes a meaningful tranquillity and an understanding of how the Earth can positively evolve and ascend to align with
new energy vibrations and dimensions. All of humanity’s and the Earth’s endeavours seem so simple and straightforward with the new
existence you are feeling, everything feels easy to achieve. You understand that you will not be able to stay in this existence eternally as it
is the reality of the trees so you take a moment to saver the energies and adopt any new understandings that you have obtained.
As the energies of the trees integrate with you on a new level, a vision enters your third eye chakra at your brow. Before you is a
living archway composed of interlacing tree branches pleating together to draw your eye and focus forward. Stepping through the
archway, you inhale the fine heavenly scented air so different from the energy you have previously experienced. You have entered into a
clearing, a part from six large tall and robust trees that stand in a tight circle, their branches interlacing to create a ring reinforcing their
existence as one. Their presence before you is magnificent and impressive and yet you sense a great warmth and tenderness in their
You feel impelled to enter into their presence and to stand in the centre of the circle. Standing within the circle you are aware of
the branches of the trees creating a roof over your head, their energy is pouring into your being.
‘Welcome my dear one; we are the Elders of the Trees, the holders of energy, light and consciousness for the trees, the Earth
and the Creator. We have guided you along this journey and to this place before you to help you realise and experience the presence,
purpose and existence of the trees. We wish for you to understand and to share the knowledge that trees assist in anchoring higher
dimensions of light and consciousness into the Earth. They are anchors linking the Earth with the Creator’s universe to aid the
development and healing of the Earth. The trees have much to share with humanity. You have experienced their existence and know that
to understand their energy and teachings would aid the development of humanity, allowing a greater sense of peace, balance and
connection to manifest.
We also wish for you to be aware that the trees are anchoring much wonderful energy into the Earth now; they are helping with
the Earth’s energy shift so that love may manifest. The light that is flowing into and through the trees now is deeply loving, healing and
transformational. We encourage you to sit, walk or experience the trees, to acknowledge their presence and the magnificent work they
are achieving on the Earth and for the Earth now. When you are near a tree you can ask to be open to the most appropriate positive
loving vibrations that the tree is anchoring from the Creator’s universe into the Earth. You may feel the energy closing softly around you or
you may feel it rising up through your feet and into your entire being. The trees will share with you the energy they are anchoring into the
Earth from other dimensions if you ask them to and if it is appropriate. This is a wonderful way of connecting with the Earth and
supporting your own spiritual progression and development. The energy that comes through the trees is converted into a slower vibration
so that that it can manifest on the Earth and be accessed by humanity, making it easier to work with. When you exist within the trees you
may not experience any energy or wisdom but know that you must connect with and listen to the stillness of the trees as this is the most
appropriate way of experiencing their presence.
We hope that you will also adopt the realisation that a spirit or soul exists within each tree but we are all linked together sharing a
wisdom that is so ancient and precious.
As the Elders of the Trees we ask you to respect our kind and to appreciate the support that we have to offer you. Our message
is simple but holds much weight in the current reality of the Earth. We thank you for journeying to reach our consciousness and love.’
You take a few moments to replay and anchor the wisdom that has been shared with you from the Tree Elders, it is wisdom that
you were already aware of and yet the presence of the Tree Elders makes you realise the importance of their message.
As you focus within you are suddenly aware of the long wild luscious grass brushing against your ankles, as your feet follow the
flattened path laid before you. Your intention is concentred on the gathering of trees before you, their full leafy heads way above you in the
sky and their twisting strong trunks anchoring deep into the Earth. Drawing closer to the trees you realise that the trees aren’t nestled
together as tightly as you originally thought but each has its own space to grow and expand into. You stand gazing into the gathering of
trees, something is niggling your mind, a memory of wisdom and knowledge being obtained.
The Tree Spirits

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