This week marks the beginning of the new human experience that will be heart-based rather than ego-based. I will give you the exercise to establish and keep your Pillar of Light firmly in place, so that you will feel it to be as much a part of you as your own body. It is your constant, enveloping energy field. From now on, you will never leave your shining Pillar of Light, no matter what you are doing or who you are with.

Live Every Moment in Your Pillar of Light

Let us begin with breathing. Feel the calm inward and outward breaths that sustain and nourish you. Now, light up the beautiful blue diamond in the center of your brain. Feel it glowing brightly. It is your own connection to the mind of God. Enjoy the ease of knowing you are present, mindful and simultaneously aware of your multi-dimensional experience of thought, sensation, intuition, and shared consciousness. Breathe the sense of freedom you enjoy when you leave your busy, swirling beta wave brain activity to move into more expansive states of alpha and theta waves. It is comparable to the difference between swimming in a choppy, rough ocean as opposed to floating on the gentle swells of a warm, welcoming sea that buoys you up and lifts your spirits.

Now, light up the glittering pink diamond in the center of your heart. Feel its Light emanating outward, surrounding you with waves of Love and Light. Let the sustained sense of joy emanating from your expansive heart envelop you. Feel your connection directly into the great hearts of Mother and Father God. Their Love will flood your entire body from head to toe. Next focus on the white diamond in your solar plexus – your connection to the Will of God. This is our unerring anchor that guides us to use our intelligence and our passion to act for the Greater Good, as representatives of God’s benevolent Will.

Feel your Light energies expand outward to about arms’ length or beyond, creating a Pillar of Light that surrounds and protects you. You can feel the outer membrane or “wall” of your Pillar, which is filled with your own signature energy. As long as you maintain your high vibrational Light, no darkness can penetrate; it will simply bounce off and be reflected back to anyone who sends it.

Reach downward into the Earth to anchor deeply into the crystal heart of Mother Terra and upward to Mother and Father, who will gladly pour their Honey-Love down on you, showering you constantly with Love and Light. You will never run out of Love, because Mother and Father are unlimited.

Your glowing Pillar will be tangible to everyone and visible to all of us in Higher Dimensions. We applaud your steady Light, and celebrate when we see many of you at once sending up your signal to the Heavens.

The final step is to keep your Pillar pulsating and flowing constantly around you from now on, as we do in the Higher Realms. You are now ready to ascend higher with ease; you will feel you can float across dimensions effortlessly. Keep a part of your attention always on maintaining your Pillar through all your waking moments, and establish it firmly before you go to sleep. You will sleep soundly, with dreams of the victory celebrations we are already sharing with you.

Wherever you are in your Pillar of Light you become a sacred, blessed place.


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