Excitement, Blessings and Ships Everywhere! By Sananda and Ashtar


Beloved Brothers and Sisters, it is I, Sananda.


Today is a time of celebration in the entire Multiverse.  We are so excited, pleased, delighted and amazed all at once, we are jumping for joy.  You must be feeling it there on the ground – the tremendous shift of energies today.  It is as if the tethers were untied and the air balloon carrying you is lifting off in all its glorious colors, with all of us surrounding all of you as you rise to meet us.


Words cannot do justice to the relief and joy we feel as we watch the trajectory of your actions creating a great wave of Light energy that has built a rainbow bridge between the 3rd dimension and the 5th where we stand cheering.  You have begun your dance across the bridge, and it is like watching the Pied Piper and the Heavenly All-Stars Band prancing, laughing and singing together out of sheer joy.  Your song – your sweet voices – are joined with ours for the first time, for the portal has opened wide to allow our energy to flow back and forth, both ways without interruption.


For us, this is the great triumph we have looked forward to with such anticipation.  It means that now all creation will be carried out with our combined energies.  You don’t know yet exactly what this means because you have never experienced it in the realm where you are now, but I can assure you, you have opened the floodgates that will allow all the blessings you have dreamed of to come to you, all of you.  And when they do, they come for all the Multiverse to revel in.  When we tell you we are all One, this is what it means.  Your shift in consciousness is our shift in consciousness.  It flows throughout the fabric of the Universes – first all around your Earth, then like a flash of lightening, it radiates outward from the Earth grid which is now connected to all the Multiverse.


This close connection is possible because the Earth is no longer under quarantine.  Humankind on Earth no longer a threat to the Universe.  Because of your own work to raise yourselves, combined with the successes of your Boots on the Ground, Earth has been welcomed into the Galactic Federation of Light as a full member.  This brought further dispensations from the Company of Heaven and the Federation combined.  Earth has been declared a Protectorate of the Federation under Commander Ashtar, and your safety as a viable planet is guaranteed.


Ashtar is here with me and wishes to say a word.  I will give him the floor.  Welcome, Ashtar.




Thank you, Sananda.  I was so excited I couldn’t help but “elbow” my way into this discussion to put in a word of my own excitement and joy, to share my feelings with our Lightworker audience in this incredible moment.  All has come together to allow for the most serendipitous events to unfold.  Many of the readers have heard about the Blue Avians.  I can now make it official.  They are the brilliant crew that has been officially assigned to lead in the protection and oversight of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants for this next phase of your journey.  They have beautiful, sleek and elegant ships, and they are highly evolved Beings of Light who are fully prepared to offer the energetic help you may need for your coming Ascension.


This help takes several forms.  The Blue Avians will help to balance and smooth the energies on Terra to make life more predictable for those on the surface as you finish this last phase of your 3rd dimensional experience.  They will also contribute their expertise and their technologies to continue stabilizing Earth on her axis as you travel through space on your wayto the Center of the Multiverse.  Nothing must interfere with our dear Terra and the courageous humans she carries.  You are completely protected from any interference from outside – no dark ones, no meteors, no “errant” space dust or cabal weapon on the ground will threaten your survival as a species or as a planet.  Your happiness and abundance is assured while you continue to co-create it with us.


You have made all this possible, Beloved Ones.  I salute you in this hour of your triumph.  I am your brother, Ashtar.  I give you back to Sananda now.




Thank you, Ashtar.  You have said it beautifully.  Earth’s bright future is being realized right now!  I am overjoyed to have been on the team for these millennia.  Of course it has been difficult at times.  There were moments when we truly held our breaths and prayed with all our might (for us this means focusing our attention on sending you Light energies to lift you toward the bright outcome we know is possible).  Sometimes it looked as though the dark ones would swamp all hope under their relentless reign of terror, but always there were a few – sometimes very few – of our courageous Lightworkers who held the Light.


Do you know what that expression really means, Dear Ones?  “Holding the Light” is often spoken of but rarely defined.  I will explain.  When you on the ground continue to maintain your steadfast connection to any one of us or to Mother and Father God, in conscious Faith and acceptance of our Love and concern for you, you are holding the Light.  When you reach out to your fellows, whether human or otherwise, in a state of kindness and compassion, with respect and Love for the other, you are holding Light.  When you call out to us to selflessly offer your service, without concern for your own comfort or 3-dimensional versions of “security,” you are holding the Light.


These acts of kindness and service are what has kept Planet Earth from descending even further into the energies of darkness.  The cabal has tried everything in their bag of tricks to subdue and subjugate all of you.  Their intention was to create a slave planet where they could extract the natural resources from Terra and feed on the energy of Light from humankind.  They succeeded in creating every form of covert slavery imaginable, including slavery to your job, your mortgaged house, your children’s education, your college debts, your healthcare costs, your parents’ old age, even your vet bills.  The next step was to be a carefully orchestrated and systematic downturn into overt physical slavery.


The plans were already in place and the working model can be seen in the teachings and practices being promoted by ISIS.  This mysterious and suddenly powerful and well-funded “terrorist” organization in the Middle East has as one of its basic tenets that enslaving women is a holy right for the fighting men who serve God as warriors for a twisted, dark and seductive form of Islam.  It is a clever, manipulative form of mind-control, taught by cabal masters of psychological brainwashing techniques.  The women are subjugated through rape, which leads to shame and isolation, and the men are co-opted with the promise of absolute power over others.  It is supported by nearly unlimited amounts of money and a smoothly running infrastructure through which the women are kidnapped, then openly bought and sold in slave markets.  This, along with “Koran” writings supposedly supporting these practices, has “legitimized” the utter cruelty and debasement of both men and women.


This, Dear Ones, was the dark plan for Planet Earth and everyone on it.  I tell you this now because the plan has not been allowed to succeed.  The organizations across the globe that have grown up to spread the kidnapping and sexual slavery of women and children is being unraveled as we speak.  This time, the leaders will not go free while the underlings go to jail.  The entire network is being dismantled.


It is ironic that many still complain that we have not done enough, because they see the visible part of the problem – the tip of the iceberg, you might say, just a hint of the darkness the cabal has flaunted to keep people in fear.  The truth is that we have seen the iceberg below the surface and have been working to change the whole system that built up over time to include a huge web of influential financial, political and religious people.


While everyone on Planet Earth looked the other way in one form or another, or were tricked into focusing on entertainments and self-indulgences, your freedom was stolen from you.  This has been true across the world, in every country and every town.  The cabal’s slickest trick was to infiltrate every institution, every system of control by buying people out with the money they controlled and printed in unending supply.


Yes, it has been far worse than you knew, and it is over.  In the coming days a great wave of Light will finish the job of dismantling these diabolical organizations and replacing them with Truth, justice and unending assistance from your Mentors and friends of the Galactic Federation of Light.


Your skies are filled with ships.  Their passengers from the farthest reaches of the Universes of Light are ready and fully trained in the most helpful and effective ways to usher you into the New Golden Age.  You will never again feel alone and overwhelmed, surrounded by dark energies.  You will feel our presence close to you, and friends of all shapes and sizes will teach a new kind of graciousness, kindness and service.


If you wish to confirm that they are there in your skies, here is what you can do.  Take your camera or cell phone out with you in the bright sunshine, or find a friend who has one.  Point your camera to the sky, including the sun in the photo.  Then blow up the photo – preferably a high resolution shot – and scan it to see the small dots of light in the sky become clear pictures of ships.  There are many types visible now in the daylight hours, and there will be more every day.  Kathryn and Christine have dozens of pictures of ships coming in or out of dimensions.  You will see a small white dot surrounded by a red colored shape that looks like a receiver dish.  Those are ships that are coming into your dimension so you can take their picture!


It is the greatest of times, Beloved Ones.  Enjoy these fascinating moments.  Connect with your awakening brothers and sisters.  You will find laughter and friendship all around you; you only need to be open to it.  Watch for my whiff of light energy on your skin, or the chill down your spine that tells you we are there visiting you with our blessings and great Love.  Call to me and I will be there.  Nothing could keep me away.


I am your Sananda.  Namaste all.


Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 13, 2015

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