Identifying The Fear That Arises Within

August 9, 2015 – Message through Sue


Beloved ones, you are growing exponentially in these difficult times of fear and love. As the fear comes in you breathe and expand your heart and the unconditional love returns. It is a cracking open of a heart that has been well protected, and rightly so. Now is the time for your heart to crack open to be the loving, compassionate and unconditionally loving soul that you truly are.


This experiences that you are growing through is facilitating a great expansion so that the darkness, the sadness, the grief and any regrets need to surface to be felt, embraced and released with love. LOVE is the key, beloved ones, as you well know and are always trying to live to the utmost of your human abilities. Seldom is there one as loving as you in your vicinity and all are learning their lessons about and around love being in your presence that is truly, and always has been, totally blessed and  divine. There is not one single ounce of yours or anyone else’s being that is not divine.


The fear is simply the human ego coming to the surface, because it knows it is losing control and its days are truly numbered. Soon the higher self will reign supreme and the ego self will be truly left out in the cold to gradually wither, lose its power and control over your fear based emotions. It will keep attempting to pull you back in until you recognize its goal and know that when fear arises and the terror of possible imagined outcomes regains its strength and power, once again the ego has gained control over your emotions, life and possible outcomes.


Breathing through the emotions that arise instead of stuffing them is the key – embracing and accepting them for what they are, loving them and giving them the love you would a child who is afraid, holding them in a bubble of unconditional love in your own heart or giving them to me to dissolve and transform back to wholeness. Everything in this universe just wants to be loved and accepted for what it is. The divine has no judgment about any emotions, it is only the personality self that has learned these conditions from society and these negative emotions have been called bad, but in truth they are just wanting to be loved back to wholeness, neither bad nor good.


The key to all healing is self love. No matter what the situation, forgive yourself and others and love will reign supreme. When you are in a loving place fear has no place to be – no place or position that it could possibly enter into – but it is always looking for a crack through which to enter in once again. Be aware and awake and monitor your feelings, knowing that when you are fearful in that moment you are being controlled by your fear-based ego that is trying its very best to gain dominion over you again. Do not give in to this fear-based ego that is trying to enslave you in its reality. It will stop at nothing, so begin now to recognize the patterns that surface and when they do, breathe deeply into the fear and simply know that this is false evidence appearing real that is conjured up through your own mind and ego to bring you back into their control. They do not want to lose control of your life, they wish to maintain the important position they have held for eons of time, but know now that their days are truly numbered and it is only a matter of time until everyone on this precious Earth chooses heart centered love instead of fear. This is attained one person at a time, one ego at a time, one emotion at a time, so every effort on your individual path is for the betterment of the whole.


You are doing extremely well, beloved ones, trust in the power and the victory of love over fear. Do not go down the road that leads to a dead end dungeon of fear that has absolutely no reality-based logic in it. Trust in the divine enfoldment and plan to enable humanity and you and your precious beloveds to identify, release and overcome this fear-based reality that only exists in a 3d existence that is soon to be overcome and transcended. Where we abide there is no fear for all is love and fear cannot enter in because there is not one ounce of space available that is not filled by love. This was the case on Earth eons ago, but the tide turned long ago and the norm was to live in constant fear of what might happen down the road. Humanity has constantly been programmed to worry about what potentially might happen, and often does because of the time, focus and constant energy placed upon it. So you see, focusing on fear does not allow for love to enter in. Only when you return to your true love-based heart centered self are you able to love again without fear.


As the fear surfaces allow it to be taken into your heart flame and transformed by the love that I Am and You are, you can simply surround the fear that you are overcome by with a large bubble of unconditional love and simply give it all to me to be transformed within my own divine heart – which ever you are more comfortable with.


Fear is wanting to receive love, just like every single other emotion and part of you that exists in this time space continuum. You are not alone, and collectively you can and will be victorious, if you remember that your main purpose here on the planet Earth is to feel good. Fill your life with good, expansive and passionate thoughts. Project these into your now moment, how you envision yourself living now and in the future. Project you highest dreams and emanate them out through your third eye, your heart and energy field and that which you desire will manifest in the very highest and best form possible.


To be able to receive love you first have to be willing to let go, without attachment to that which you truly desire and love. When you are no longer attached to the outcome of any situation or person, you are free to live your life as a free spirit, living moment by moment in the center of your beautiful heart and sharing this now moment with all those in your vicinity. Forget about worrying for or about the future. This lies in the hands of the divine. It is your job to raise your frequency to the highest vibration possible, and that by living and being the love that you are you will automatically attract exactly what your divine self has in store for you –  THE VERY HIGHEST AND BEST OUTCOME IN EVERY SITUATION, KNOWING WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU IN EVERY NOW MOMENT. TRUST THIS. Surrender all your worries to the divine, let go and let God take over. It is time beloved – you are not in charge anyway! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting your complete faith, love, hope AND TRUST in me and my divine wisdom. Trusting that I know what is for yours and your partner’s highest and best good. Often the road to enlightenment is steep and narrow and there are tests and obstacles to be overcome and released along the way, but ultimately you will celebrate the reunion of your soul within yourself. So that no matter what happens on the outside you are complete even without the other, for you have found ME the Beloved within, and that is really what this is all about. No one nor no thing can ever make you happy – only you can make you happy. Remember this beloved one.


We watch over you and support you whole heartedly through this divine passageway that is steep and narrow. You are nearly through so keep on keeping on and remember LOVE is the key. ALWAYS focus on the love that is and not on the fear that is trying to grapple you to the ground. Love will always be victorious if you will dare to be even more courageous and trust the love in your own heart to guide you into a new day, a new beginning and a new dawn. Believe in the innate love within every being and it will be so.


Be at peace beloved one, we are with you always rooting for your success and victorious jubilation. We love you, we adore you, and we surround you with our presence and the peace that passeth all understanding. May it fill you and surround you always with the knowing that YOU and God are LOVE and that is ALL there is.





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