The Crystalline Bio Shift

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


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Greetings Masters, I am Metatron Angelic of Light, and I greet each of you warmly, knowingly, in a vector of unconditional love!  It is 2015, Year Three of the new Earth, for indeed the New Earth is logically and factually, frequencially formulated at the finale of 2012 and began in your linear aspect of 2013. And so do we measure, and so do count in symbiotic consideration of the Crystalline transformation and aspectual activation of the 144 Crystalline Grid. For in this way dawns the present paradigm, and you, Dear Humans, are in the third year of a neoteric matrix.


And so now another precious moment brings us together, uniting thoughts within the matrix of the unified field. Combining geometric thought patterns with desire, with awareness, and so do all things come together in this way. For all thoughts, all things, all beings are crysto- electromagnetic representations of consciousness, of manifestation, of all that ever was or ever will be. I am joined in this session, by Ra-Tyberonn of the Pleiades, Tyberonn of Crystalline Service.
Dear Ones, the changes taking place on the Earth, are prompted by changes taking place in the Cosmos. Every celestial body, every planet, star and moon in your Galaxy are in harmonic symphony, in support of the Earth’s planetary ascension. We have told you before that your religions have excluded the science, and that science has omitted the spiritual. In the New Earth the two must join in full circle. And so dear humans, the following channel, is teeming with elements of that termed the spiritual, and with that termed the scientific. We ask each of you to listen very carefully, and please do not assume that the scientific portions are beyond your grasp. For what we share is also communicated in the 3rd language, and all contents of this message are coded, coded in such a manner that even those of you who may not consider yourselves as academic or scientific, will in higher mind, understand on a spiritual level, exactly what is being shared.
Your scientists are beginning to recognize that there is intelligent design in the Cosmos, and your religious leaders are beginning to acknowledge that ‘you are not alone’. There are visionary academics and writers leading the way in revealing more to you about humanity’s true origins and history. And we tell you removing the shadow is tantamount to achieving clarity and wisdom.


The Cosmos is shifting, physics are expanding. You are discovering that the Laws of Physics, which you thought were written in stone, are shifting and expanding. That expansion is multi-dimensionality. And moreover Masters, you are discovering that thought, divine thought is the creator of all that is…and that you are an integral part of that. In the New Earth, even the most die-hard mainstream scientific think-tanks are being invaded by a younger generation of more diligent, unsuppressed researchers, who are aware that there is intelligence in the Cosmos, in the changing order of physics. Not just in the realization that you are not alone, but in the knowledge that the creation around you could not be random.
There is a guiding force in physics, an aware intelligence. We have told you before that certain of what you term ‘Angels’ are the holders of the ‘Laws of Physics’, and we tell you now, that everything in the Cosmos is aware. The planets, stars, moons and even that which you term the void, is alive, conscious, aware and in support of humanity.
The Crystalline Shift
Just as you are aware that magnetic portals exist on the planet Earth, collating the Sun’s massive energies, so are there crystalline portals that collate the crystalline coherency of plasma emissions and light waves. All forces that alter the earth’s electromagnetic & crystalline fields are also changing yours. The Saturn system is generating an accelerated coherency in the Ascension of your Earth, for indeed the planetary Ascension, can truly be defined as the expansion of the earth’s dimensional matrix into higher fields of crystalline resonance. As such the Crystalline Grid is absolutely receiving the crystalline codes from the Saturn system. The current (purposed) re-activation of the Saturnian system is again playing a major role in the shifts of the planet. Specifically in the environmental alterations and energy shifts that will code the crystal grid as well as the crysto sun disc within the Crystal Vortexes of Arkansas, and Brazil.
This synergizes symbiotically with the biological shifts in the human body into an opalesque crysto-silicon base.  Silicon is the only element capable of replacing carbon, for only carbon and silicon have the valence points (& other attributes) needed to support human biology. This was indeed first surmised by Doctor Carl Sagan, and indeed he was an extraordinary visionary, a sacred scientist!


And so indeed, your physical biology is shifting, and humanity is in the process now of transitioning to a silicon base, from the current carbon based biology.
Your Edgar Cayce spoke in his prolific readings of a new human body type emerging (after 1998) in the 21st century, and he was absolutely on track, absolutely right!  (The Crystalline Shift may be considered as the sixth, if the hybrid purifications of early Atlantean genetics are considered as the fifth physical format.)


Editor Insert: From article by John Van Auken:  Quote: The Mayan-Aztec Four Suns or Ages and the 5th Age of Movement correspond fairly well with the four (body) creations followed by a major change described by Edgar Cayce as he reads the Akashic records. He lists these ages in order as: 1st in Mu, the Motherland; 2nd in Atlantis, 3rd in Eden, and 4th the change indicated in the story of Noah. In each of the first four creation periods Cayce identifies a new body-type or “root race,” as he called them. Then, the Noah period was the being of movement that would result in a new, fifth body-type or root race that is to appear during the early centuries of our present new millennium. Occurring after 1998, per Cayce.  Unquote…


And Dear Humans, that is now taking place. And it is a logical correlation of crystalline physics, that the drivers of the human biological shift will be initially coded in the massive crystalline deposits on the earth.
Long ago the ancient Mystery Schools of Atlantis contained a highly adept section of the benevolent scientist priests of the Law of One (Atla-Ra) that programmed crystals with light & sound frequencies. The Crystals emitted a hertzian vibration field that was extremely beneficial. These were used for balancing the human field, enhancing health, healing disease, and for awakening into higher dimension. Some were also able to open an inter-dimensional channel to other ‘worlds’ and especially to the Divine Self. These were very special formats of optical clear quartz, formatted with concave and convex faceting in such a manner that enabled receival & condensation of light & sound waves in spectacular utility. These were termed as Master Phi Crystals. These so-trained savants and the Mystery Schools of the Atla Ra Crystal specialist were based in what is now Arkansas and Brazil. Certain of the Crystals so entrained are yet beneath these lands
Therefore, it is also logical that the Crystal Vortexes of Arkansas, and Brazil, will serve as the epicenters of the biological shift, in facilitating the DNA changes of transitioning human biology from carbon to silicon base. And Dear Ones, quartz is silicon based, quartz crystals are silicon dioxide receivers and transmitters.
In 2012 the Crystalline Grid fully activated and has taken precedence. The magnetic grid has in a manner of speaking, diminished, designated to dimensions 1 -3, as the Crystalline Grid operates fully in dimensions 5-12. Kryon of Magnetic Service channeled in 2002 that evidence of Atlantis existed in Arkansas. Our channel receiver, James Tyberonn attended the conference of that prolific channel…and that message served as a trigger for Tyberonn of Crystalline service to begin his work in earnest. James Tyberonn was born and raised in Arkansas, and afterward lived 7 years among the crystals of Brazil. This was by design for Both Brazil and Arkansas were Atlantean….and Tyberonn was in Atlantis as a Scientist priest of the benevolent Law of One, of the Atla-Ra. His residence in Arkansas and Brazil awakened his knowledge, and the crystal codes are now within him, and indeed within many of you of the Law of One. The work that he does now, the messages we send thru the channel Tyberonn, is largely based on work we have done together in past incarnations.
Arkansas, because of its crystal deposits was logically and absolutely an Atlantean colony. There crystals were seeded, programmed and coded both above and below. There remains in the vast chasms below the surface of Arkansas, ancient structures of the Atlantean era, yet to be found. These include a network of incredible tunnels, the remnants of a vast laboratory complex and what may be termed as a hyper dimensional transport station….an ‘Earth-Gate’ to Poseidia, and a Star-Gate to the Pleiades.  The latter of these is still maintained by the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. There are also ancient housing structures beneath the vast crystals of Arkansas, some of which remain inhabited by what is termed the ‘blue-skinned’ race.


So it is   for the reasons we have explained,   that the crystal transition of the planet and of humanity will initially, will first be received in plasmic and photonic coded waves, in the crystalline regions of the earth, as projections of the Saturnian system. For those of you in the more populated northern hemisphere, the initial and primary receival, will occur in the Crystal Vortex of the ARK, the sacred ark termed as Arkansas, and for myriad reasons. Arkansas is embellished with a unique geology, containing quartz crystals, magnetite deposits, kimberlite diamond pipes (the only deposit of diamonds in the lower 48 states, and unique, truly incredible, systems of living waters, a rare living water, unique thermal waters…water containing a benevolent trace level, of radium. And in addition, the geometrical vector, the placement of the Arkansas Crystal deposits are perfectly centered, optimally situated to stellar and planetary alignments and for dissemination across the populated portions of the earth. Over two thirds of humanity live above the equator, slightly less than one third below the equator.
Accordingly Arkansas and Brazil are synergistically combined,  to receive , and be the transmission & distribution points for the Crystalline shifts taking place both for the earth, and for  humanity. And masters, the shifts are only just beginning. For the transition of humanity into a new crystalline body will occur in this way, through Arkansas, and Brazil, as the initial & primary receivers and transmitters of these codes.


These 2 power nodes receive most potently because quartz is an extraordinary crystalline receiver and transmitter. Arkansas, and Brazil, will receive, and then relay the crystal codes, to the other areas of the planet….in much the same manner as occurred on the 12-12-12. And indeed we will share with you later in this channel the secondary distributions points, and keep in mind that the two primaries (Arkansas & Minas Gerais-Brazil)  relay to the secondary and tertiary, in such a manner that all that you term as powernodes, sacred sites, vortexial portals  and grid points will indeed receive, and further disseminate the codes of shift.
We have told you that the leylines, axialtonal lines and mountain currents are upshifting into crystalline nature after the mega tandem eclipses of April 2015. This was termed by Tyberonn as the Colorado Upshift, but indeed the upshift is truly global.


Now in the final trimester of 2015, another set of mega eclipses occurs, and a timing of extreme coding takes place between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. In November occurs two initial energetic coded amplifiers, the Southern Taurid and Leonid Meteoric ‘Shooting Stars’ , both spawned of Comets, and both carrying crystalline codes of the bio shift….both initiating the downloads. These are followed in additional amplification by the Gemenids and Ursids on the December Solstice.  And we will add in brief, that your folk lore is teeming with tales of the special effects of such astronomical meteor-cometical occurrences, including the ancient to modern lore’s of  ‘Wish Upon a Star’ and Catch a Shooting Star’. These then passed forward to you in the passage of time from ancients who knew the meteoric energy.  The life force generated by these phenomena is ample, and these energies bath the planet in a wave of energy of coded life force, of crystalline consciousness units, termed as Adamantine Essence or Akash.  Accordingly these will amplify the Crystalline Strata of Arkansas and Brazil….and is indeed the reason of the timing for the Gathering we have directed to the Channel in the mega Crystalline Vortexial Portal of Sacred Arkansas.


For the living crystals will collate the coded Akash.
We tell you there are massive Crystals, beneath the lands of Arkansas, some of which are of incredible size. And these Master crystals were coded by the Atlantean Atla-Ra, the benevolent scientist priests. These Master Crystals are awakening and are now active, after some 12 -14 thousand years of planned dormancy. Accordingly, because Arkansas and Brazil are  not only the largest vectors of Quartz Crystal on your Earth,  but also because Arkansas, and Brazil each contain what may be termed as  ‘seeded, coded’ & specifically placed ‘Master Crystals’ , within a very unique geological matrix.


There is science, a pure logic in this process there is a master design taking place, and it absolutely can be understood, it makes sense! It makes sense to you, because many of you, in fact over 90 percent of you presently on the earth, were in Atlantis.  At that time, you understood the mechanics, and the amazing attributes of crystals. So you have indeed been here before, and it resonates…and it feels right, does it not?
It is precisely why many of the Northern Hemisphere will be drawn to Arkansas, and of the Southern to Brazil… to pilgrimage, to receive the codes of the shift. And it is a long awaited home coming. For being within the crystalline hertzian fields and within the resonance of these living crystals, the biological transition will quicken. For being within these crystalline coded energies and frequencies you will receive the codes directly in a manner that quickens the DNA shift. This occurs on both a collective and individual scale, for many of you drawn are carriers of these codes.  And so many of you will feel an energy that you have not felt on the planet for thousands of years. Your memories will awaken to a truly Golden Age of long long ago, as you walk in the same spaces that you once lovingly walked as golden beings of the Atla-Ra,  of the One. The family of the Law of One.

Law of One Arcturian Crystal Masters

Although the incredible crystals beneath the lands of Arkansas were dormant for over 12,000 years, we tell you that they have awakened…and within the next 23 years this energy will surge in synergy with planned coding upshifts. And Masters, after 2038 Arkansas will be globally recognized for its unusual and brilliant crystalline energy….as will Brazil in the south.  Many Master souls of the Atla-Ra and indeed Masters of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will purposefully choose to reincarnate in the Crystal Vortexes of both Arkansas and Brazil, and in fact have begun doing so now.
These are the Law of One, Arcturian Crystal Masters, and Arkansas and Brazil are drawing them in the thousands. They are specialist in Crystalline Technology and will innately understand the importance of these two regions, and will thrive within, and play leading roles in the appropriate utilization of these potent energies of the Arkansas and Brazilian Crystal Vortexes. By the 23rd century, magnificent Crystalline Temples will have been built around the Crysto-Sun Disc of Pinnacle Mountain, and the Temple Crystal locations of Mount Magi, Wilhelmina, Hot Springs and Eureka Springs.


And Dear Ones, some of these Crystal-Temples are being envisioned even now by some of you reading these words. The first will be built before 2038. And all others, all 5 will be in place and functioning in 15 generations.  And while 3 centuries may seem a long time to you, it is but a flash from your nonlinear aspect. Indeed many tens of thousands of you of the Law of One, including the channel, will specifically reincarnate in that period, 15 of your generations from now. In so doing the frequency of these two areas will dramatically shift, benevolently transform, and these will become recognized for their succinct specialized energies.

The Arkansas – Brazil Synergy & the Brazilian Crystal Vortex

Now we wish to mention the importance of the Brazilian Crystal Vortex located near Sao Tomas de Letres in Minas Gerais. Indeed it is as important to the southern hemisphere of the planet, as is Arkansas to the northern counterpart. The two representing the most powerful crystal frequencies on the earth. Both containing enormous crystal deposits, and Master Temple Crystals that once stood gloriously in Atlantis.


Now, the two vectors (Arkansas & Brazil) are in axialtonal symmetry and harmonic synergy. The reason the Arkansas Crystal Vortex is considered more influential is purely because of its placement…that is because two thirds of the earth’s land, and two thirds of humanity are in the areas above the equator, the northern hemisphere. But be aware that the two Crystal Vortexes, Arkansas and Brazil, are in correlated spin/counter-spin mode, and are necessarily counterbalances for the dissemination of the telluric portion of the crystal frequency. For these are indeed unquestionably the two most important ‘Crystalline Centres’ on the Earth, and this energy is incredibly potent, magnificently aware.


And we tell you in the centuries to come, land masses will change, sea levels will rise, and a greater portion will be in the south…. more of the earth’s population will be located in the southern hemisphere, than in the present. Such change will be gradual, not cataclysmic, but it will occur.
And at this juncture in our channel, we provide the symmetry, for we tell you again, and emphasize, that the Saturnian system, as we have told you before,  play  major roles in the crystal coding of 2015 and beyond into 2038. The codes are received from Tula, the Great Central Sun, to Arcturus, and forward via Iapetus into the Saturnian system, and in this way  be disseminated to your solar system and the earth and humanity. .

End of Part One – The 2nd Portion of This Channel is Provided Below. 






The Crystalline Bio Shift P-2

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn




Part Two of the Bio Shift


Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


We say again, the current activation of the crystalline Saturnian system is now once again assuming a major role in the crystalline shifts of the planet. Specifically in the environmental alterations and energy shifts that will code the crystal grid as well as the crysto sun disc within the Crystal Vortexes of Arkansas, and Brazil. This synergizes symbiotically with the biological shifts in the human body into an opalesque crysto-silicon base.

 Saturn is the most crystalline of all influences, of all spheres in your solar system. Saturn has always differentiated itself, and has always played a major role in the shifts of the earth and humanity within the duality phase of the earth lessoning. Saturn is therefore a great energetic and frequencial factor in the crystallization of humanity. This occurs by induction into the Crystalline Auric Field, through hertzian standing waves. And indeed, Dear Humans, your physical biology is shifting, you are transitioning to a silicon base, from the current carbon based biology.

 Now, as we mentioned briefly in part one of this message, more than 7 decades ago, your Edgar Cayce spoke of the new body type emerging in the 21st century, and indeed that is now taking place. And it is a logical correlation of crystalline physics, that the drivers of the human biological shift will be initially coded in the massive crystalline deposits on the earth. Therefore, it is quite logical that the Crystal Vortexes of Arkansas and Brazil will serve as the key, the primary epicenters of shift, in facilitating the DNA changes of shifting human biology from carbon to silicon base.


 YOU Too Are Shifting

 Masters, do not assume that the ‘Crystalline Shift’ biologically is only occurring in new births of what is termed the ‘Crystal Children’. The Human Genome Project recently released academic findings after long study. The findings stated that human DNA was changing, and that the environment of humanity was one of the factors in DNA shift. We tell you they are only just beginning to understand the mechanics of shift, and are as yet many decades from recognizing the cosmic, multidimensional & divine aspects that factually contribute to such change. But we tell you that the crystalline change is happening in many of you, not simply in  new borns, but also to humans of all ages, all races, all genders in the same biology to the new. 

 The new earth is triggering the new biology , and the new biology is bringing about change in all of you. Your bodies do in fact completely replace themselves every 7-years. There is not a single cell in your body, that lasts more than 7 years. They regenerate. You regenerate your physical vehicle. And that vehicle is influenced thru induction, thru the influences of codes, of coherent light, of all of the shifts occurring since the birth of the New Earth, 3 years ago.

 Crysto-Coded Structured Water

 The natural  living waters beneath Arkansas are structured waters. Most of you attribute the wisdom of Japan’s Dr Emoto as having been the first in modern times to reveal the living nature of water with the ability to form benevolent crystalline patterning. In truth Dr Marcel Vogel was the first in your ‘present’ time to rediscover this attribute. We tell you that waters that flow in the subterranean springs and aquifers within the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, are extremely beneficial ‘structured’ waters….’ Living’ waters that carry the crystal codes.Those of you called to be in the Crystal Vortex are encouraged to drink the waters and bath in the springs. These uniquely structured waters not only offer astonishing health benefits, but provide a quicker induction of the Codes of Bio Shift. You will in time learn of the life force and unique telluric charges within these waters, for waters that flow above and through crystalline strata  take on Akash, Adamentine Essence. Your Dr Marcel Vogel was very aware of the benefits of crystalline waters, and indeed charged waters with Phi Crystals. You may easily imagine the increased potency of natural waters that flow thru massive quartz deposits !  Your Edgar Cayce spoke of creating gem essences by structuring waters with gem stones.

 (Note from James Tyberonn–This attribute of the Crystal Vortex Waters  will be discussed in greater detail in Part 3 of this channel….as well as the meteoric influences)

Crystal Code Relay

 Now the meteoric crystalline essence and Saturnian code influence is also transmitted to the waters from the quartz crystals.  And we again emphasize Dearhearts, quartz is silicon based, and Arkansas & Brazilian quartz crystals are very powerful, very unique silicon dioxide receivers and transmitters. They are conscious, and awake, and aware of their purposes. Awakening to their role in coding the new earth and humanity.

 These codes are then are received in Arkansas for the Northern Hemisphere and in Brazil for the southern hemisphere. These are then relayed to quartz strata receiver deposits across the planet. Among the primary receiver stations are:

  • From Arkansas : USA -Herkimer New York- Asheville, North Carolina, Rio Grande Rift, Colorado, Cascades-California, Sedona-Arizona,  European Alps – Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland; Ural Mountains; Colombian Andes; Spain -Pyrenees, Bulgaria, China, Tibet, India (Himalayas) Nepal, Sri Lanka, Russia (Ural Mtns and Siberia); Scotland (Cairngorm Mtns).
  • From Brazil: Andes – Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Madagascar; Tanzania, Indonesia, Australia (NSW-Queensland & Uluru); New Zealand (Granitic Coastal Region)

The coherence within the field generated by your Mer Ka Na Chakric system, is directly influenced into more vibrant optimal states by the crystalline coherency generated from Saturn. There is a stability therein. Those who are in a more in non-coherent state are more adversely affected by the ongoing changes in the earth’s field, while those in a coherent state are less affected.

 Crysto-Electric Aura

 You are aware that human biology generates a   field similar to that of the earth. And we tell you that the human aura is shifting into a Crysto-Electric Field (C E F), with greater & different arrays of circuitry, frequency, potency and colors. Similarly the earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere are shifting. 2012 was an extreme year of shift. While a glorious event, the 2012 year of planetary expansion (Ascension) was also an intense time of great frequencial movement. As the 144 Crystalline Grid completed on the 12-12-12, telluric frequencies accelerated and drastically so. Strong correlations exist between the state of the earth’s field and the effect on the auric field of each human. We tell you again, that anything that is changing the earth’s field is also affecting yours. It is the physics of induction. As such, the human aura conversion to crysto-electric Mer-Ka-Na allows for a more fluent up-shift to manage the stress of these alterations. The new circuitry operates in coherent light, and the Mer-Ka-Na is fitted for the changes to the expanded dimensionality of the earth…and allows for a more fortified fluid human auric resonance.

 This is why we have channeled the importance of Auric Maintenance as the cornerstone of the teachings provided in the Metatronic Keys via the Channel, James Tyberonn. The use of living gems and coherent phi crystals are important tools in this process. Take time to study the energies offered by single refractive and double refractive gems in combination with lapis lazuli as taught in establishing the ‘Metatronic Energy Shield’ applicable to the crysto-electric aura. These not only fortify the crysto-electric aura, but also symbiotically assist & enable the ‘biological coherence shift’ that can now be more effectively projected from within each human cell, and indeed the human heart in the crystalline phase of the New Planet Earth , leading to 2038 and following Ascension of Humanity.

 Those who are in a more incoherent state are more affected by changes in the earth’s field while those in a coherent state are capable of managing the shift without dramatic auric circuitry disruption through mechanical equalization of the exterior increase in hertzian frequency ‘standing waves’ on your planet. All humans will in time shift from the magnetic polarity light body to the crystalline nonpolarity light body. This will occur either consciously through intentional process, or unconsciously through induction. However the conscious conversion allows for a much smoother and much easier shift, and it allows for an understanding of the mechanics and attributes of the Mer-Ka-Na and crystalline changes to the aura. (This conversion is taught in detail in the Metatronic Keys.)

We tell you that Phi Crystals as well as piezoelectric gems and the opal are extremely helpful in the Saturnian and lunar shifts molding the energy of the Ascending Earth.


Now, to continue… there are frequencial capacities and energies within crystalline structures that enable and contain other realities. When these structures are influenced by specific magnetic fields, gateways are formed, realties & dimensions can merge in certain conditions. Most of your mountainous regions and mountain ranges have specific points that carry potentials of this occurrence. Arkansas is quite unique in this aspect because of the magnetics of the area of ‘Magnet Cove’ which is within the region of the Ouachita Mountains, the thermal radium springs, and the crystal quartz and diamond fields.  There are spaces in this region, in which tremendous interdimensional energies flow. Such vectors will fluctuate, but provide paths from one dimensional world to another. These become as what may be termed ‘white holes’ and unimaginable energies flow through these that tie together all realities. The crystals act as receivers of this energy, as well as transducers. And we wish to emphasize that this unique energy and its succinct attributes has not as yet been recognized. But it indeed occurs in this area, and that is why the Atlanteans colonized Arkansas.

 Hot Springs & the Sacred Ark Tri-Helix Vortex

 Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas is an unusual energy, for it contains fields of multi-reality, and these will become more visible, gradually more tangible as you reach the hallowed year of 2038. These are mathmatical in nature and do oscillate. The channel James Tyberonn is very aware of one such field that he directly experienced decades ago atop the Talimena Ridge. That area is very unique, and differentiated, and we will explain that occurrance in the final portion of this channel.  

 As we have previously shared, the Arkansas mega-vortex is quite unusual in its movement. It generates pulsated rings vertically, and these are aligned, or perhaps better described, as frequencially attuned to the Saturnian system. Most vortexes in the northern hemisphere of your planet spin in either ovaline or circular counter-clockwise flows. The crystal vortex of Arkansas has a very unique, very specialized ‘to and fro’ vortexial motion. Moving approximately one-third of its circumference counterclockwise, and then rapidly reversing back in clockwise motion. This occurs in 3 separate arcs of 120 degrees. The forward and backward shift of this vortex is quite unique, and is purposed in generating greater upward thrust of the crysto-magno-hydro energies. The energy of Arkansas has three succinct telluric forces that contribute to its tri-helixed field. These are the magnetic, centered in Talimena Ridge, Crystalline apexed in the areas of Hot Springs & Mount Ida and the hydro- energy centered in Eureka Springs. These make up the 3 discreet arc- gyros, which are regulated and tri-helixed through the Pyramids below Toltec Mounds and coded in the Sun Disc below Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock. The unique pattern of the vortex generates the energy into incredible thrusts with both a receiving and transmitting manifold.

 We have spoken of the Arkansas geology as being extremely unique, more so than even your geologists recognize, and we have told you, that this rare combined geo field is precisely why the Atlanteans colonized and developed the area. And so to explain this further, the projections of each of the minerologies in Arkansas  are able to synergize, to amalgamate, thus forming a unified, homogeneous frequencial ‘cocktail’. It is differentiated form other crystalline deposits, because of the proximity of potent magnetite. The magnetics and crystals blend frequencies in a unique vibratory way. And this combination allows the resonate matrix to enable the extraordinary inflow of the living, dynamic hydro energies and the vibratory field of the crystalline carbon diamond pipes. It is utterly astonishing.

 It is why there are underground bases of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance in the area. The rare mineralogical collation of natural quartz crystals, diamonds and magnetic lode stone is connected to sacred geometric Pyramids to coordinate the natural projections of these energies. And these  intricately intertwine the energies in standing Hertzian waves.

 The energies  have existed in Arkansas for millennia, and were harnessed by the technically advanced Atla-Ra (of the Law of One) for over 25,000 years. Remnants of the last ‘surface’ pyramid still exist in Toltec Mounds (State Park) just east of Hot Springs. The Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance have maintained an enormous subterranean Pyramid below the Toltec Mounds since Atlantean times…as well as stations monitoring the Atlantean Master Crystals . It is among the reasons so many crafts are sensed over the Crystal Vortex. Three such bases are in the Arkansas area to maintain the Crystals. 

 The 12 Sun Disc of Atlantis

 These vector points are what may be termed as trajectory vehicles of double reality, containing great energy potential of multi-dimensionality, where dimensional realities merge. There are primary vector points across your planet, and Arkansas is one of them, and a vast number of subordinate vector points. The Atlantean Sun Discs were are placed in areas of primary vectors.

The 12 Primary points of the Atlantean Sun Disc are:


7-Northern Hemisphere:

  1. 1.        Arkansas Crystal Vortex
  2. 2.        Scotland – Roslyn Chapel Vortex
  3. 3.        Russia – Ural Mtn Vortex  at 51 Degree Latitude
  4. 4.        Russia – Lake Baikal Vortex Siberia 51 Degree
  5. 5.        Egypt -Israel – Giza to Temple Mount Vortex
  6. 6.        Sri Lanka
  7. 7.        China – Xi’An

5-Southern Hemisphere

  1. 1.        Australia – Uluru
  2. 2.        Africa – Tanzania Mt Kilimanjaro
  3. 3.        Brazil Minas Gerais Vortex
  4. 4.        Bolivia – Lake Titicaca Vortex- Island of the Sun
  5. 5.        Moorea Tahiti ( French Polynesia)

Each of the twelve sun disc have 12 satellites and thus is your planet gridded in 12 / 144 networking of the base twelve squared. There are certain of these points that coordinate all dimensions, all realities. Some coordinate what may be termed as the space time continuum, and in pure mathematics and sacred geometry are so placed in a manner that manifolds corridors of dimensional planes of the material realm into the anti-matter realm, physical to non-physical, space to non-space and time to non-time. 


End of Part Two


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The Crystalline Bio Shift Part 3

The Meteoric Influx – The Astro Crystallization


Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


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Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Archangel of Light.  We greet you in a vector of unconditional love. We extend a warm welcome to those gathered to read our words. I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and our energy is with each of you in the ‘Now’ moment in which these words are read by each of you.  For we have come prepared to offer the fullness of that which we are, that which we project and that which you are. We ask that you be fully present in your hearts and in your bodies, for in 2015 focal presence is required. In presence we ask that you ever represent yourselves fully, consciously and in wellness.


Masters we share important information in this gathering. Information specific to the present time.  We speak of incredible Saturnian waves, of astonishing meteoric energies, eclipses, the solstice and equinox that will occur in the last 4 months of 2015, Year Three of the New Earth. And as always, it is for you to discern what resonates and what does not….for you are indeed Master in the making. Again we ask you to not dismiss the science that we share in this message, for it is part of the whole, an integral aspect of the sacred. And we assure you that in higher mind, the science will be understood, and will add important essence to your working knowledge even if by time release.


We have told you in numerous communications that solar radiation and specific astronomical events, primarily cardinal crosses, solstices, equinoxes and eclipses are embedded with the edict & patterning of change. And that these were first enacted upon the earthen dimensions, in the expansion from 3d to 12d which occurred on the prophesized solstice of 2012. And at that time the paradigm shifted, and humanity entered ‘Year One’ of the New Earth in 2013.


Your Edgar Cayce accurately predicted over 80 years ago that humanity would evolve into the 5th ‘race’, a new body format after 1998. We have told you in parts one and two of this channel that humanity are shifting from carbon base to silicon base. That both the planet and humanity are returning to a magnificent crystalline template.


And  Dear Ones, this is factual, it is not fantasy, and the wise seekers among you, are intuitively and keenly aware of this veracity … for it has been embedded in the group consciousness of the Law of One for millennia, and now that time has come. It is a clarion call, a promise kept, a promise being enacted in this phase of ‘Year Three’ of the crystalline shift.


And Dear Ones, we say again, 2012 was a beginning, not an end. Your true work begins now. And through Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, we share with you the mechanics of this extraordinary process.


Accordingly we have explained in detail why this is occurring in divine coding in crystalline geometrics and frequency, and that these codes are initially & logically received in the crystalline strata of Arkansas and Brazil. Logically because Arkansas and Brazil hemispherically house the largest deposits of quartz crystal on the planet, and both contain Master Crystals of the Atlantean Law of One.


The human transitional process first occurs within the human etheric field, this via the crystalline aura and the crystalline light body, the Mer-Ka-Na. (Mer-Ka-Na development is taught in the Metatronic Keys)


In the final trimester of 2015 (September – December) there are a series of astronomical events that have great impact upon the crystallization of the planet and of humanity.  These 5 astronomical events are benevolently combined with 7 meteoric energies amalgamated into a singular energy for this period, in what may be termed as the Crystalline Quin-Pentacle:


The Pentacle Events:


  • September 13, Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon)
  • September 23, 2015- Equinox
  • September 28, Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse
  • November 11-25 – The Crystalline Influx Apex ( Lunar Phase  of New Moon to Full Moon)
  • December 21, 2015 – Solstice

In the final trimester of 2015, this penta occurrence of two tandem eclipses, the equinox and solstice & crystalline influx are embellished by 7 meteoric energies, these are of great significance in the crystallization process of the planet….forming a 12 point dodecahedral star.


The Meteoric Events:


  • October 8, 2015 Draconids
  • October 21-22, 2015 Orionids
  • November 4-5, 2015 South Taurids
  • November 12-13, 2015 North Taurids
  • November 17-18, 2015 Leonids
  • December 13-14, 2015 Geminids
  • December 21-23, 2015  Ursids

Your astrologists do not always consider the energies of meteors in their work, but these are spawned of comets, and have much more influence on your frequencial environ that is currently recognized. The life force generated by comets as well as meteoric phenomenon (meteor showers) is ample, and these energies absolutely bath the planet in waves of crystalline energy, embellished with codes of life force, of crystalline consciousness units, termed as Adamantine Essence or Akash.


The 7 Meteorics: Celestial Crystals of Energy


Comets orbit in your heavens, and carry within their centered ‘Coma’ tremendous elements & energies, conscious, sentient energies, garnered composites of velocity and plasma, energies of elements that are tempered into metamorphic crystals. As a comet travels close to the Sun, it melts and reforms in a crystalline nature, portions of the material of the comet vaporizes into pure streams of energy, succinct unique supraliminal energy.


The aesthetic life of such meteoric consciousness is unrecognized in current academia, but understood in its effects by past societies more attuned to the living cosmos. For comets and their filial are the cosmic devas of life force and provide life itself to your planets and moons. Oceans are filled by their waters and their atmospheres flow with their gaseous contributions. Organic molecules, which contain carbon atoms and silicon and are present in all life forms known to your science, are trapped in large amounts in both interstellar clouds and comets. Comets are some of the most organic-rich material in your solar system. Meteorites that have entered into your Earth’s atmosphere and lands contain a whole suite of molecules, including amino acids, which have played an important role in terrestrial biology life. These are carriers of life and life force.


We tell you that comets spawn meteors, that you term as ‘ shooting stars’, for after a comet has orbited the Star of your solar system many times, it imbues and imbeds trails of its energy essence along its celestial path. And when your planet earth intersects this trail, so does it interface the vibrational energy of its life force, so does in encounter the frequency of that termed life force units. And this vital crystalline Akash effects your planet, and humanity. Meteors are the catalyst of change, for the core nucleus of these energies is one of luminosity, one of coherent crystalline source. And so it is that the ancients associated all comets and their meteoric offspring as the forbearers of transition.


Now, what you term as meteor shower happens when the Earth passes through the path of a comet. When this happens, the particulates of the comet create streaks of unique light in the heavens as they again morph in to lumens of crystalline vapor in the Earth’s atmosphere.


We tell you specifically that in 2015, these ‘cometesque’ crystalline forces contain divinely imprinted codes of a unique transitional Akash that will trigger the bio shift of humanity…. and amplify the Crystalline Strata of Arkansas and Brazil….for the living crystals will collate the coded Akash in harmonic oscillation, in axialtonal resonance.


And so Dearhearts, there is indeed an enacting 12 piece dodecahedral patterning, one that is divinely coded.


The 12 Dodecs in Linear Sequence:


  1. 1.                September 13,  Solar Eclipse on New Moon
  2. 2.                September 23, 2015- Equinox
  3. 3.                September 28, Total Lunar Eclipse on Full Moon
  4. 4.                October 8, 2015 Draconids – Meteoric
  5. 5.                October 21-22, 2015 Orionids – Meteoric
  6. 6.                November 4-5, 2015 South Taurids – Meteoric
  7. 7.                November 11-25The Crystalline Influx Fulcrum & Apex
  8. 8.                November 12-13, 2015 North Taurids – Meteoric
  9. 9.                November 17-18, 2015 Leonids – Meteoric
  10. 10.              December 13-14, 2015 Geminids – Meteoric
  11. 11.              December 21, 2015 – Solstice
  12. 12.              December 21-23, 2015  Ursids – Meteoric


Masters, the period between the new moon of November 11th and the full moon of November 25th, represents the fulcrum of the crystalline code receival in the Crystal Vortex, with the energy sequentially increasing in the lunar phase, with apex occurring on the full moon of 25 November, 2015.


There is divine planning & intelligent design, in this timing, for it is a unique astronomical phase, with all 9 major planets in direct flow within the final trimester of 2015. It is indeed why we have directed the channel to host the gathering of the Code-Carriers & Gridwerkers of the Law of One to congregate in Arkansas in this phase of November.


Saturn & the Tri-Helix Ark Vortex


Now, allow us to restate the importance of the vortexial patterning in Arkansas. As we have told you, the Arkansas vortex is quite unusual in its movement. Most vortexes in the northern hemisphere of your planet spin in either ovaline or circular counter-clockwise flows. The crystal vortex of Arkansas has a very unique, very specialized ‘to and fro’ vortexial motion, moving approximately one-third of its circumference counterclockwise, and then rapidly reversing back in clockwise motion. This occurs in 3 separate arcs of 120 degrees. The forward and backward shift of this vortex is most unique, and is multi-purposed in generating greater upward thrust of the crysto-magno-hydro energies.


Because the energy does not, cannot circulate in a continuous fluid circular motion, it symbiotically produces a vertical aspect, an upward and downward facility. This combines brilliantly, synergistically with the sideway horizontal ‘ringer’ movement. The horizontal aspect is similar to the centrifugal agitator inside a washing machine, creating an internal pressure inside the matrix of the vortex. This not only compresses and accelerates the light-coded crystal energy being vaulted upward, it creates a series of pulsed rings. Each upward compression, and take note, produces 33 rings! ….And each downward movement now (since the 12-12-12) receives energy from the Saturnian system transmuted thru the 144 Crystalline Grid.


The energy received is from the 33 crystalline rings of Saturn. And 33 is important, for the new Crystalline Light Body, the Mer-Ka-Na is a 33 chakric system. Do you see the divine planning, the incredible synchronicity?


The fulcrum-tips of the energy movements in each semi-circular template are in multidimensional synchronicity. The momentum of the contained energies are in balanced opposition to one another. It is, in fact, this balance of opposing motion that holds the vortex intact, and forces the energy upward, jacuzzi style, into the dimensional fields for distribution.


What we wish to add, at this point is that the Arkansas vortexial portal is in direct alignment to the Saturnian energies. The Rings of Saturn. And this quickens with the forward movement of Saturn (from retro movement) in August, followed in the final months of 2015 by Uranus and Neptune. For these are essential to the crystalline influx and transition of the human crystalline bio shift.


The 2015 Saturn Ark Alignment


Humanity has always known that Saturn was different from the other planets. Its incredible rings stood out in a serendipitous beauty that differentiated it from the other planets, once humanity regained the ability to observe celestial bodies. We tell you that Saturn and her rings play an incredible role in your solar system.


The rings of Saturn are in constant flux, and provide the vibration coherency that modulates the resonance of your solar system, and indeed the Ascension process ongoing of the Earth. The rings of Saturn are composed of unique crystals that emit a harmonic vibratory resonance, a coherent frequencial song.


Saturn represents the stargate/entry point of Arcturus into your solar system physical and nonphysical realms. More complex, it is the wormhole of the Torus effect for your system. As observed by your Voyager explorer craft and indeed the more recent Cassini mission, the north pole of Saturn is composed of a remarkable double concentric hexagon, and the south pole is an elliptical swirling ovid. This mystifies your main stream astrophysicists.  It is a phenomenon of ‘base-60’ hyper dimensional torsion physics, as yet not grasped by your current science.


We tell you the hexagonal pole of Saturn emits incredible energy, far more energy than the planet absorbs from your sun (as do all planets in your solar system). The hexagonal geometric pattern is an energy signature, a wave pattern indicative of the torsion-energy level being emitted. The incredible energy is coming from another hyper-dimension of the cosmos.


The rings of Saturn contain complex-crystalline components of elements not identifiable by your probes, and what is being discovered are spoke-like  structures,  intersecting the ringular system. All part of the amazing pulses that feed your system. The entire ‘Saturnian System’ is an immense regulatory force that affects not only your solar system, but also and especially the Earth and humanity. Saturn, the rings of Saturn, and several of its moons, particularly the moon called Enselladus, emit crystalline harmonics, massive waves of gravitational energies and plasma. Again, we tell you, all of this directly affects the transition of the human auric field, the Mer-Ka-Na, and bio energy of humanity at this time. Saturn is sending pulses from the system, primarily thru the crystalline ringulars, and these are emitting major codes that are inducing the transformation to crystalline biology.


The vortexial system of Arkansas is uniquely designed for this receival, and it is unique on the planet. The vortexial system of Arkansas utilizes all of the unusual telluric energies and rare combination of side by side minerologies that allow for this complex, and that is why the Arcturians, Sirians and Pleiadeans who seeded your planet, recognized the potential, and groomed the functionality of the vortexial portal of the Crystalline Ark.


The vortexial mechanics that brilliant weaves together the tellurics of Arkansas was indeed polished and groomed to its utility by the advanced science of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance with the Law of One. It operated in an incredible mechanism during the Golden Age of Atlantis. It was deactivated after the fall, and was re-connected as the Crystals began to awaken in the Cosmic Trigger, beginning in 2008.


You will see enormous changes in the energy and people of Arkansas from the present thru 2038 and beyond. Many are called to the area in the present, for anchoring, and realignment, for these energies are very real, and will in fact quicken the process of the shift in biology. First by induction into the auric field.


Points of Power


The energy of Arkansas has three succinct telluric forces that contribute to its tri-helixed field. These are the magnetic, initiating in the rare geology of Magnetic Cove and centered in Talimena Ridge. The crystalline energies are apexed in the areas of Hot Springs and Mount Ida. The radium hydro-energy is centered in Eureka Springs. These make up the 3 discreet arc- gyros, which are regulated and tri-helixed through the Pyramids below Toltec Mounds and coded in the Sun Disc below Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock. The unique pattern of the vortex generates the energy into incredible thrusts with both a receiving and transmitting manifold.


Now, to be clear, the 3 succinct  emitting projecting  ‘springs’ of energies, the hydro, crystalline and magnetic are amalgamating, blending in a symbiotic homogenous field, dispersed equally & synergistically within the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas.  Although the vortex is intricately connected to the portal, it operates from a different grid – the (electro)-magnetic grid (icosahedron) – and operates under different mechanics. The vortex extends to 1000 feet below the earth’s surface, to about 3000 feet above it. The upper portion of the vortex brings in the hydro energies, the mid portion the crystalline, and the lower segment the magnetics. The portal itself is housed within the vortex, and rises to infinity.


Collating the points we have just described, we assure you that there is no energetic vortexial portal site on the planet quite like Arkansas.  In a very real sense, the triangulation within the oval vortexial portal of the Arkansas crystalline field is becoming a living ‘crystal bowl’. Within the bowl are similar, yet varying pitches or pure healing musical notes in the hertzian wave-range. The differing ‘keys’ are determined by the indigenous mineralogical energies. For example, the area of Magnet Cove will have a differing tonal resonance than that of Crater of Diamonds or the Radium Waters.


Among the major nodes of Arkansas are:

  • Talimena Ridge
  • Eureka Springs
  • Hot Springs
  • Mount Ida
  • Mount Magazine
  • Pinnacle Mountain
  • Toltec Mounds,
  • Crater of Diamonds
  • Cushman Cave
  • Marble Cave
  • Buffalo River Cliffs

Question from James Tyberonn: Can you speak again of the locations of the 3 Master Atlantean Crystals placed in Arkansas?


Archangel Metatron: Indeed, as we have shared in previous channels, the Law of One Atla-Ra, relocated 9 of the 12 Master Crystals, before the final cataclysm. As we explained in the earlier channels, three of these were placed thru the hyperdimensional tunnels into preexisting caverns in the Atlantean colony of Arkansas, and two were placed in Brasil in the same method.


(Reference: The Second Moon of Atlantis & The Fall of Atlantis in Tyberonn’s books: ‘Metatron Speaks’ & ‘Alchemy of Ascension’.)


  • The Master Crystals in Arkansas are:
  • 1.      The Blue Crystal of Knowledge
  • 2.      The Emerald Crystal of Healing
  • 3.      The Platinum Crystal of Multidimensionality

These, as shared previously, are in hyperdimensional environs, located respectively on the Talimena Ridge – Blue Crystal, Mount Maga – Emerald Crystal, and Magnetic Mountain in Eureka Springs – Platinum Crystal. Each are now in states of awakening, and are merging their energies within the vortexial portal. But it is important to note that while the crystalline vortex receives extraordinary energies from these Master Crystals, it is the telluric energies of Arkansas, the 3d natural mineralogical strata deposits of quartz crystals, magnetite and natural living waters that define the mechanics of the vortexial portal.  To be clear, the Atlantean Temple Crystals, the Master Crystals are not physically in the third dimensional realm of matter at the present time, rather are the in a higher field.  But in the expansive 12 dimensions of the New Earth, are accessible in the 5th dimension and above.


That being said, we assure you that each of the Master Crystals emit unimaginable clear energies and are emitting standing fields that contribute immensely both individually and collectively to the energy of the Sacred Ark. The same is occurring around the Atlantean ‘Golden Crystal of Sound’ and The ‘Crystal of Divine Regeneration’ in Brazil, in Bahia and Minas Gerais, respectively.


The Crystals do effect 3d by emitting something in the nature of a crysto-piezoelectric (hertzian-esque) vibrational field, a harmonic crystalline energy that is extremely beneficial. These were in fact used in Atlantis for balancing the human field, enhancing health, healing disease, and for awakening into higher dimension. They are also able to open an inter-dimensional channel to other ‘worlds’ and especially to the Divine Self, enhancing astral travel and multidimensional awareness by stimulating the pineal in the manner of a Phi Crystal.


Coherent Fields


In the New Earth, especially beginning in the final trimester of 2015, the Master Poseidon Temple Crystals placed in Arkansas are initiating such  powerful ‘pulsed coherent’  fields….a frequencial energy in the format of a pulsating wave. This energy is quite capable of producing living, tangible ‘life-forms’ akin to ‘spirits of place’ that can be experienced as crystalline light beings, photonic angelic beings. These are projections of the consciousness of the divine master crystals. From November forward these are more easily experienced in the sites of the Master Crystals. From 2038 forward, these will be tangible throughout the Arkansas and Brazil vortexial portals, and in the vicinity of the Master Crystals placed globally. Keep in mind the Temple Crystals were unique amalgamations, formatted in concave and convex angles, in the modality of Phi Crystals. These are super conscious.


But we wish to clarify that the 177 mile singular deposit of quartz crystal in Arkansas is also highly benevolent & exquisitely self-aware, and moving from states of relative dormancy to great and greater awakened clarity. These natural quartz crystals were formed over 200 million years ago, and have consciously worked with the Atlantean ‘Law of One’ and Atla-Ra for millennia, before entering a phase of planned dormancy.


And this is by divine plan as you move into the Crystalline Age and awareness.  Indeed these are the crystals receiving and transmitting the new codes of shift and transmuting them into 3d! There are extraordinary magnificent natural crystals, awakening beneath the areas of Hot Springs that are enormous, some of which are Atlantean groomed.


These also produce brilliant conscious emanations, especially the ‘blue’ crystals of the areas below Hot Springs, Jessieville and Mount Ida, and are tuning & aligning to the Master Crystals. A simplistic analogy of natural crystal to Master Temple Crystal would be of angel to Archangel.  Do you understand?


Law of One Crystals


The Law of One Crystals of Arkansas are differentiated by the linear (horizontal) patterning and blue flashes that they emit. These are extremely conscious crystals, some of which are available near the surface in the Jessieville and Mount Ida mines, in which they consciously offer themselves. The massive 100′ crystals are much deeper, and provide incredible emanations within a naturally protected depth and matrixial enclosure, away from mining concerns by design, you see.


In your initial awakening to the metaphysical and spiritual attributes and energy of quartz crystals, many decades ago, the term ‘LeMurian Seed Crystals’ was assigned to certain crystals of Brazil and Arkansas, crystals bearing certain ‘etchings’. We tell you in truth these are ‘Law of One’ crystals. Your Edgar Cayce told you that the Law of One Atlanteans of the Golden Age achieved the highest state of Spiritual vibration ever achieved on the Earth-Plane. We will add that this is in reference to duality earth. You see, the Golden Age of LeMuria occurred before the ‘Fall of the Firmament’, prior to Earth being a free will University of Duality.  The LeMurians were largely residents of nonpolarity, a euphoric realm….not a part of the lessoning ’cause and effect’ curriculum of the duality phase of the Omni Earth.


The Great Crystal awareness & benevolent crystal technology development and use occurred within the Golden era of the Law of One, in the wonderful phase of spiritual Atlantis, prior to the Aryan Sons of Belial. Many of the LeMurians went underground, and exist as the advanced subterranean blue beings. The crystals were developed and groomed by the Law of One Atlanteans, and guarded by the ‘Blue’ race of LeMuria after being placed in hyper dimensional lock.


Crystal Center


The crystalline energy is centered in the Hot Springs – Mount Ida portion of the state. The crystal-bearing quartz deposits occur in strata 35 miles wide and 177 miles long, extending from Little Rock to just beyond Talimena. However, the richest deposits occur in a powerful area between Hot Springs, Mount Ida and Jessieville. The mega-crystals are deep below the Hot Springs area, and these combine with the three ‘Atlantean Crystals placed in Arkansas by the Law of One. The serve as generators.


The radium bearing thermal waters that give Hot Springs its name are protectors for these crystalline generators. The 47 hot springs along the forested southwestern slope of Hot Springs Mountain gush forth nearly a million gallons of 143°F water every day. The water is slightly radioactive, with a very clear, focused energy. This water is remarkably healing, and contains higher dimensional energy codes.


Quickening the Shift – Hydro Coding


The living thermal radium waters are very potent, and indeed carries a unique frequency that has long been recognized by the ancients. Bathing in the waters not only refreshes the body, these waters now in 2015 begin , from the ‘Crystalline Influx’ of Nov 11 forward, carrying code catalysts that quicken the DNA shift, the transition into crystalline body. You see the waters of this area, are structured waters, carrying geometric patterning. And as we have told you, this was first recognized in modern times by Dr Marcel Vogel and the work was carried forward by Dr Emoto. So it is logical, is it not, that these waters will be imbued benefactors of the codes influx occurring at this time in November of Year Three.


Those of you pilgrimaging to the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas from November and beyond, would be remiss not to bath in these unique living crystalline waters.


We also suggest that those pilgrimaging to Arkansas in the November Influx Apex, take time to visit at least one of the sites of the Master Crystals. For the astonishing energy these are emitting is differentiating into even greater concentration in the advanced stages of their awakening, as we have described, in the emission of their succinct life force capacities in a manner much more capable of being sensed by the seeking visitor.


Theta Coherency


Now, this tangible energy can measurably effect the human aura and body physical within certain proximities, when the human is capable of high light quotient, of entering into coherent theta consciousness.


The living energy projections are similar to that of an elemental field, but of higher resonance. It is more accurately defined as the consciousness of crystalline color and sound. It is projected from the ‘living’ crystals, you see….an aspect emanation of the crystals themselves.


Now, Arkansas like all mega vortexial power sites, can initially require energetic adjustments. It is an energy, a unique crystalline energy that is increasing into great and greater potency. Hot Springs, like Sedona, can be unbalancing to those unable to adjust to the frequency. Likewise it can vault the ‘balanced’ seeker into higher realms, for it is an incredible interactive field. However, it is not a ‘crucible’ energy in the manner of Sedona.


Many are called, for the shift is real, it is indeed happening, and Arkansas is, in the poignant present, the epicenter of shift. You are becoming crystalline!


Closing Remembrance


And we emphasize, we share again, with words we have said before, with a message of remembrance that is of vital importance in your journey to Ascension. Completing the Earthplane is achieved not by strength alone but by perseverance. Perseverance is requite. For in the course of, life you may indeed ‘fail’ many times, before succeeding. But even the falls have purposed lessons, and these allow for the strength to rise.  Masters, never forget that the Earthplane is a purposed illusion. One that humanity collectively co-creates. The University of Earth is a credentialed course. It has great value, and like all valuable curriculums, it requires effort to complete. Devolution is part of evolution…no soul is left behind. None!


Humanity in the mirage of the physical world wears filters that separate you from your higher self. You often feel so lost, so separated, so alone. In all of your searching you will eventually find that the only thing that makes all of this bearable is loving one another. Love! And love requires strength, for it is a complex science, not an emotion. Love is the key.


In the interesting world of free will, you are capable of such beautiful dreams and such horrible nightmares. But this is the way of discovering your divinity, your true roles as responsible creators of your fascinating reality. The earthplane is an illusion, but a very real one. The emotions, the pain the lessoning feels very real because if it did not, you would not grow. But it is the beautiful moments, the love that will define and underscore your memories. It is the love that will last eternally.


In the present phase of 2015, you are in the midst of ‘crucible’ astrology. All unresolved energy is surfacing. It is surfacing in order to be cleansed. So amidst the tribulations, take solace in the fact that all in time will be resolved, and sooner rather than later, You have come far, pilgrims…and you are on the cusp of a great graduation, one you have worked many many lifetimes to complete. Despite what the naysayers may tell you, the earth and humanity are on track. New tools are available for you to responsibly create a better world. It is essential that you know this, and project positive light. For your light will brighten the world, one heart at a time.


So let us tell you that this all will have a happy ending, and let us assure you that in time you will know that there was a reason for everything. In time you will realize what an extraordinarily beautiful experience the earthplane provided you. A lesson learned, then another, and another. With filters removed, you will love, unconditionally love & cherish, every step of this extraordinary journey.  You will remember the exquisite sunrises, the symmetry of the leaves on a tree, the colors of autumn, the laughter of children.  Dear Human we honor you. We tell you that this is the way it has been done for eons of time, small moves, one step at a time on the way home. You are much closer than you realize. And we of the Angelic realm lovingly await you, and are leaving the lights on for your return.

Masters we honor you & we bid you joy and we are ever with you, each step of the way. Take a moment to feel our energy.


I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths. You are beloved.


And so it is…And it is so…




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