OCTOBER 13, 2015 

The definition of a pillar (column) is an upright structure of any shape used as support for a building or it could be a person who is acting as the support for a state, society, institution, etc. The spiritual visual of a pillar is a person with a column of light flowing through that person up and down. We call this the Pillar of Light. The 144,000 plus people that have chosen to bring their energy into the 5thDimension before Jesus Christ comes for our Ascension are being Pillars of Light 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what is going on in their lives, no matter what is going on around them or in the world. This is no easy task. This message is one of support for them but also a call to those that may want to join them to become Pillars of Light, too.

The First Pillar is Prayer. God is speaking to you all the time through your cells. God is within each and every cell in your body, in the air and in every breath you breathe. When you pray, you speak to God. Taking this time each day is an important foundation for you. The second part of prayer is taking the time to listen for God. Many people will watch for signs, but listening for God to speak to you is important too.

The Second Pillar is Peace. When was the last time that you woke up in the morning and the first thing you did was spread your arms and take in a big deep breath and thanked God? We have a suggestion to take it even further for a more peaceful day; do that and then also take in 3-4 more deep breaths before you get out of bed. Anytime you feel your peace being challenged during the day, breathe deep and remember you have the choice to stay peaceful or not. The other person or situation has no ability to change your emotional state, only you do. Remember to keep saying this statement daily, “I AM not moved by the things that I hear nor the things that I see.” It will help you to not be moved when your peace is being challenged.

The Third Pillar is that of Light. This Light is The Light of Jesus Christ. This Light comes from your personal knowledge, insight and connection with Him. It comes from your eyes being opened and your ears being able to hear, as Jesus said many times. The Light flows through you by knowing how to use the *keys* that He has given us to use. One of those keys is the Chakra Prayers. Jesus corrected Mary Magdalene’s chakras by casting out 7 demons that were blocking her 7 main chakras affecting her ability to deal with life and connect spiritually. Back then they were in the 2nd Dimension so they had 7 chakras, Root Chakra through the Crown Chakra. Mary had them all blocked. This doesn’t happen anymore but even one chakra being out of balance can make a huge difference in our behavior and in our ability to manifest and spiritually communicate. Jesus had explained this to me years ago and told me that the Chakra prayers He would give me would help people heal, grow and ascend. And I have seen just that. They are full of light and power.

The Angels have suggested this routine for the Chakra prayers: Saying one of the long Chakra Prayersat the beginning of our week. Then The Short Chakra Prayer & The Unified Chakra Prayer on the other five days of the week with one day off. However, the darkness has increased dramatically in the last two weeks (of October) so for those of you that have intuitively received this message, the suggestion is to say any long Chakra Prayer and The Short Chakra Prayer & The Unified Chakra Prayer plus Psalm 91plus The Whole Armor of God (Eph 6:10-20) every day; no days off! You can find the Chakra Prayers on my website here: http://www.christinalunden.com/chakra-prayers/

The Fourth Pillar is Love. When you receive the fourth pillar, love is different than anything you have ever experienced. It is not forced. It does not have conditions. It just is. You can still get hurt when it is not returned but you give it freely anyway. You love deeper. When you are a Pillar, you slowdown in all things and become more conscious. When you become more conscious of all things, you can see God’s Hand in everything around you, see His love and therefore, give you the chance to love the things around you also. Breathing deep helps here, too, as sometimes it may feel like your heart will explode. When doing this breathing, lift your chest off of your ribs, filling every nook and cranny inside of you with the beautiful breath of God. When you breathe out, don’t just exhale, do it consciously and slowly, just as lovingly as you did the breath in.

The Fifth Pillar is Power. When you have received the four pillars, the fifth pillar of power will automatically enter your energy. Power has to be last pillar added because it is the one that in the past has been the most exploited. If you are already praying daily, are peaceful, and walking in light and feeling love then there is a high probability you won’t misuse your power. Power is a good thing! Power can help you heal others. It will help give you the wisdom you need when others come to you needing help with their life problems.

These five Pillars ultimately create a support system that look like a strong Pillar of Light. It is not exactly white and not exactly gold but a mixture of both. And it is not exactly light; it is more like a thicker liquid light. If Jesus were to show this to you in a vision while you were doing your prayers as confirmation that you received it, it would be just a tad wider than your shoulders and hips flowing up and down through your body; never, ever flowing out in front or behind and never touching or joining with another person.

Would you like to be a Pillar of Light? Anyone with an open heart can do this. Yes, anyone. Just ask Jesus and start today.





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