The Forbidden Stone of Mastery

The Forbidden Stone of Mastery



There remains a mystery around the “Lapis” family of gems, which some experts consider may have been perhaps intentional & deliberate, especially because of the rather combined references of the three (or more!)  forms of Lapis referenced in the Cayce readings. Author & gem expert Ken Carey agrees and also adds that author Fay Clark, in her acclaimed book ‘Healing Stones’, claims that Edgar Cayce himself “positively suggests that the properties of Azurite were a closely guarded secret since the times of antiquity (Atlantis & Ancient Egypt) & perhaps destined to remain so, since those truly finding and recognizing their extraordinary applications still seem quite reluctant to reveal them to the general public …”


The fact that Edgar Cayce, considered the most proven & credible of modern ‘channels’, was spiritually guided to vision specifically in the vibratory field of azurite is in itself  compelling evidence of azurites utterly astonishing capacity. The extraordinary experiences Cayce had in the ‘effect’ of the intense pulse vibrations of azurite  were in fact not revealed to the public until many years after his passing….,and it is suggested that portions of the experiences were so personal and incredible, that what was eventually released were conceivably filtered  segments that perhaps left other portions understandably private.


The Metatronic readings (via geologist & gemologist James Tyberonn) state that true azurite, and especially its rare crystalline form, should only be used in a specific manner, and not worn on a constant daily basis. Rather to be used ceremonially, in a sacred quest with focal intent, in a precise knowledgeable procedure within a set understanding of its ‘mechanical’ vibrational differential effect on the human auric sheath.


In the soon to be released Metatronic channel (and book from James Tyberonn) on this topic, it is stated that over use or unprepared use of crystal azurite , can be detrimental in somewhat  the same manner of improper application of magnetic therapies, indicating that the intensity can in time (or in over extended use) implode & short circuit the auric field.


This then provides some logic & understanding of why azurite applications were cautionary & unrevealed to the undergraduate of ancient advanced mystical societies, but quite extraordinary to the savant initiate.



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