Reiju Reiki Attunement ~ November 14th, 2015

Hello Friends,
We invite you to join with us in the monthly Reiju Reiki Attunement. You are also welcome to invite family and friends to join with us in this experience. We look forward to sharing in the Spirit of Love and Friendship that is given to us by Our One Creator in this Reiju Reiki Attunement Experience.


For the beginner who has never been attuned in Reiki, the Reiju Reiki Attunement opens the flow of Reiki in and through the receiver and enables them to begin the practice of Reiki Healing on themselves and their family.

For the Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master of any form of Reiki, Reiju Reiki will improve the flow of Reiki Energy in and through you and your Reiki Practice. Reiju Reiki opens and unblocks energy pathways of the subtle anatomy of our whole being. We become strengthened by Love as we walk the path of Reiki with our One Creator

In the Reiju Attunement we receive Reiki from our One Creator and in sharing we also enter into the Practice of Service through Surrender, and our Reiju time becomes and offering, through the Light of Faith to join Hands, Hearts and Minds, with the Hope, to become part of the Repair and Restoration of a broken and shattered world.

Picture in your Mind’s eye a Time and Space where All of the Children of our One Creator are Gathered as One Family in the Spirit of Love. Feel the Growing Unity built through the threading together of all who are gathered across the Globe and in the Heavens as we join together in Service in our Quest for “Tikkun Olam,” the Repair of the World.

Attunement Procedure

Begin your day in a clam, relaxed manner. Think about and be thankful for the precious gift of Reiju Reiki you are to receive. Feel free to pray, meditate, and dedicate the receiving of the Reiju Reiki Attunements to be of service to family, friends and all humanity. Feel and observe the energy coming to you as you prepare for and receive Reiju. This a very personal time of preparation and you should prepare in the way that seems most natural to you.

The Reiju Attunement takes about an hour. At the appointed time sit or lay in a comfortable place and be open to receive. In the quiet of this calm place, observe and experience the Reiju Attunement Energy and the unfoldment of Love it brings into your everyday walk on the path of Life.

Attunement Times



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