The Flame of Unity and Love Is Ablaze – All Come!


by Sananda and Archangel Michael




The Changing of the Guard Is Underway

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I want to send you this message to offer reassurance and comfort in these last hours under the shadow of the old, troubled and destructive programs you had become so used to.  You have felt the impact of the intense and punishing frequency attacks, even as we have worked diligently from above and on the ground to dismantle them.  We have sometimes chuckled with our human co-workers that it has been a bit like Whack-a-Mole:  each installation that shut down, another took its place, and we resolved each issue as it popped up, just as we have done in the financial sector.  Your safety, your happiness, and the smooth, uninterrupted distribution of your Prosperity Funds and the establishment of your numerous Freedom Programs are our primary concern.


The secret cabal programs were massively funded, intricately interconnected, and covered the entire globe.  As enslaved minions by the thousands broke free to come forward for protection and healing, and the permanent installations were dismantled, mobile units in trucks, airplanes and drones were mustered.  These last ditch technologies are mostly manned now by the most hard-bitten of the old guard cabal members, in their efforts to hang on, if only for a few more minutes, to their delusions of grandeur.


The news is out, Dear Friends, that Mother and Father God’s prophesied end to the dark times is true, and it being enacted NOW.  Do not be disturbed by the “news” of financial collapse (It is the cabal system that is collapsing, of course), or the alarmists who fill the internet with disaster scenarios like incoming asteroids, evil alien invasions and such nonsense.  These are nothing more than propaganda messages from the very ones who created the suffering on Earth.  None of these things will be allowed.  You are being protected by the Ashtar Command, backed up by billions – yes, billions – of benevolent Brothers and Sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light.  You will soon be able to see the millions of beautiful ships in your skies, and I can tell you, they are a wondrous sight.


Add Your Sacred Fire to to the Torch of Love & Unity

My message is simply this:  Do not worry; do not fear; do not allow your mood or your thinking to be disrupted by ANYTHING in these last hours.  Continue to carry the torch of Freedom, Beloved Ones, as you have done so effectively for so long.  As you, the torch bearers, enter the Cosmic Olympic Stadium, you will join your flames to create the great and triumphant eternal Flame of Freedom which will now be reignited on Earth.


Long ago, before Lemuria sank, the priests and priestesses of the time foretold that the surface of Earth was headed for a long spiral downward into the experience of darkness and extreme duality.  In their wisdom, and with Mother and Father God’s permission, the eternal sacred flames that had burned brightly all across the surface of Earth were moved to many higher dimensional Etheric Retreats.  The ongoing ceremony I now invite you to is the re-lighting of the sacred flames on the surface of Earth.  We begin with the flame of Unity on this day, 11/11/15.


Whenever you read this, go within and bring your treasured contribution.  Come into the cheering stadium, be seen on the great cosmic Jumbotron, as you commingle your torch flame with the mighty flame of Unity and Love.  As you read Michael’s following message, keep the flame of Unity consciousness and compassion for all burning brightly in your hearts.


I am your loving Brother Sananda.


Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 11, 2015



Archangel Michael:


Dearest bright shiny Family of Earth, it is I, your loving brother Michael.  I come to you on this auspicious day of 11/11 brimming with the exhilaration and anticipation that we in the Company of Heaven are feeling now.


Truly, your long awaited and hard-earned Freedom Programs are well underway.  Get ready to trip the Light fantastic as you experience what’s coming:  RV/GCR, NESARA/GESARA, worldwide release of healing and free energy technologies, abolishment of illegal government practices, the Debt Forgiveness Jubilee, the Disclosure Announcements, the Mass Landings, Mentorship Program and more!  Of course, these events have long been in motion, humming and sometimes inching along just behind the scenes.  SOON it will feel to many as though these terrific endeavors simply burst forth from the wild blue yonder.  It is so thrilling because ALL will benefit from these blessed and assured events.  It is a sequence of occurrences that brings understanding, peace, freedom and joy to everyone!


To Be Centered Is to Feel Even More Deeply

You know… we in the Company of Heaven feel things very deeply and passionately.  It is a fallacy that we are somehow distant and maintain a dispassionate demeanor.  It is true that with the beautiful Light and energies that are constantly present in the higher dimensions, we do not choose to feel and experience certain feelings and actions such as jealousy and vindictiveness.


However, keep in mind that we are multi-dimensional Beings, as you are now preparing to be.  We feel a vast array of feelings from every place we are incarnated and from every project we sponsor with our energy.  We remain balanced, ever aware and, what you may call, “mindful” and “centered.”  To be centered or mindful means to have your will, mind and heart fully aligned and flowing with the pure love of our Mother and Father God. In this way of being, we all become more deeply feeling and alive.


We in the Company of Heaven are all around and right next to you.  We do not forget or misunderstand the pain of your hardships.  We simply have a wider perspective of what you are enduring – we know you will triumph, meaning you will harvest wisdom and great compassion.  Besides, our commitment to you is to allow you to experience your own Life Plans and choices while we shower you with tenderness, peace and love.


There Is Only One Response

How will you react when the true picture of the horrors that have been taking place on Earth are fully revealed?  How humanity responds to the full scope of damage and evil that you have been living with will be the next significant milestone for the inhabitants of Earth.  The conditions across Terra are shockingly worse and terrifyingly more painful than you yet comprehend.  I do not say this to scare or worry you.  You are mature and wise; you are ready to look at things for what they are.  You have worked tirelessly to prepare for your grand Ascension from the 3

rd to the 5th

dimension.  You are the strongest of the strong.


Respond with Love.  Love.  Love.


You know inside what Love is and what it is not.  Every Soul is a child of Mother Father God and so gifted with knowing what Love is.  Confusion, entitlement, grudges – anything that keeps you from loving – is a choice.  Go into your heart and choose Love at all times and in all conditions.  Should you feel yourself lose your grip on Love, even for an instant, call to us, and we will rush to your aid with an army of Angels to support you.  We will always be there to shower you with Love and to help you remember – the only answer to every question and the only way to live is Love.


Lightworker Projects Are in Bigtime Transition

Many have been following the current endeavor that Kathryn and Christine have been working on:  The Frequency Project.  Just as you have done in your lives, they prepared for this assignment for many lifetimes.  The project was written into their Life Plans.  Always remember, you are also accomplishing your projects, whether or not you are yet aware of what they are.


During the past few months of the Frequency Project, we allowed Kathryn to receive about 60% of the full effect of the malevolent frequencies, so that she could have the strength to take care of the family and also be able to communicate with those operating the frequency weapons – which she did tirelessly day and night.  Each of you holds a special key for the healing of this surface Earth realm.  Kathryn carries the Christ codes in her very being, so contact with her helped many cabal members, minions and slaves to feel the ember of Love still alive in their own hearts.  This helped them to cross the seemingly insurmountable schism between their lives in darkness and the Loving embrace of Mother and Father God.


At different times, we allowed Christine to receive up to 90% of the frequency weapons being aimed at her.  Her role was to experience this and respond only with Love. Christine has the ability to feel and identify the intentions of the frequencies being emitted and to follow them back to their origins.  She also has the ability to see and feel those on the sending end of this awful weapon of control, pain, slavery and murder, so Christine too could communicate with the senders.


During this difficult phase of the project, I, along with the Company of Heaven, “stepped back and went radio silent” in our communications with her.  Christine is my Twin Flame, and although it is impossible for us to truly be separated and I truly regretted her having to “go it alone” during this phase, our refraining from closer contact with Christine was so that she could more genuinely feel the effects of the frequency weapons as others do and give an unbiased reaction.


I will give you a list of some of the insights and accomplishments of the project.  These understandings and experiences were all documented by Kathryn and Christine as a vital part of their assignment.  They were to remain aware and loving as they faced some of the pain and agony that these terrible weapons were intended to produce in humanity, all the while consciously recording the entire project.  I, Michael, verify their findings.  Please note that they had constant help, support and protection from many brave boots-on-the-ground Lightworkers also assigned to this plan and from the Company of Heaven.


The Purpose of this Frequency Project

The purpose of this Frequency Project was to have a team on the ground that would experience and authentically report the effects of frequency weapons.  Even more importantly, this project was designed by the Company of Heaven to reach out to the cabal members, along with their minions and slaves involved in the frequency weapons, in order to send them Mother and Father God’s Love along with their invitation to return Home for healing, review and restoration.  Those boots-on-the-ground members were to give full account of what they were experiencing with only one response to those operating the weapons:  Love.  This project was an attempt to reach out in Love to those dark hats who had been especially impervious to other attempts to reach them.


Insights from The Frequency Project

  • There are frequency weapons that are being emitted from stations all across the globe.
  • Some of the stations include: underground compounds, mobile units such as in vans, planes, desolate, camouflaged outdoor settings, fake office buildings, drones and more.
  • The frequencies discussed in this message have the purpose of controlling the people and animals on surface Earth.
  • The frequency project works in cooperation with many other devious projects such as:  the diabolical teams of cabal psychics, chemtrails, nanos, GMO’s, medications, and many more.
  • The toxins we intake through food, water, the air, the soil, media, and such make us more highly susceptible to being influenced by the frequency emissions – filled with toxins, we become like frequency receivers.
  • The frequency weapons were designed using illegally obtained funds such as criminal use of income and other taxes.
  • The frequencies can be sent with two general targets: 1) large areas of surface Earth or 2) specific individuals and/or small groups.
  • The frequencies have a seemingly endless list of capabilities.  A brief accounting of these include:  tiredness, exhaustion, autoimmune diseases, depression, rage, feelings of suicide, murder, violence, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, dizziness, nausea, headaches, buzzing and/or ringing sounds, confusion, addiction, terrible vile thoughts that do not feel like they are coming from you, obesity, mental illness, and many more.
  • The cabal believed that no one would believe in nor discover the scope of this detailed, evil, expensive and expansive project.
  • This project was to play a large role in the culling of the population on Earth thereby preventing the New Golden Age and redesigning Earth as a private playground for the elite cabal.
  • With the help of Ashtar, the Company of Heaven, many boots-on-the-ground Lightworker teams (such as the Transmuting Teams and the ground level rescue squads), thousands of cabal members, minions and slaves turned their faces and their hearts to Mother and Father God. They were immediately extracted from their dangerous positions by our many human volunteers are they are now forever safe from any retribution from their captors.  We will discuss this in more detail at a later time, since the rescue efforts are still on-going.
  • According to some of the dark hats who decided to come Home to the loving arms of Mother and Father God, some of the things that helped to reach their hearts were of the following:

**  Days, weeks and months of hearing: “You are precious and loved.                     We all want you Home.”


**   Hearing: “All you have to do is go into your heart and say: “Mother and Father if you are real, I want to come Home to you.” Note: Mother and Father God approved this for those too long in pain to recall that Love is real.


**  Kathryn: “We are doing this as volunteers in an effort to reach you.  Mother and Father are protecting us.  That is why you have not been able to kill us, even though you try.  It could have been us in your position, and we know you wouldn’t give up on reaching us.  We love you.”


**  Their readings showing evidence that Kathryn and Christine were being bombarded around the clock with horrific frequencies, yet – although they cried and held each other – they never once were anything but kind, devoted, patient, tender and relentless in love towards each other, their pets, and their assailants.


**  During the worst hits, Christine would go before them and repeat over and over: “I am your sister.  Your resistance to believing this is in exact measure to the amount of suffering you have endured.  I am your sister. I love you.  Please come home.”


**  Those running the frequency devices could not account for the reason Christine did not die.  They tried many times to give her a stroke.


**  Even when the family cat, Miss Pebbles, became the target of the worst frequencies in order to make Christine and Kathryn stop the project, they continued on.  As a sad result, Pebbles is gone.  She is with us, in the Company of Heaven now.  Kathryn and Christine became more resolute than ever.


**  Kathryn and Christine only ever sent love.  Only love.


Onward!  Be Ready for the Ride of Your Life!

Two days ago, we decided to call an end to Kathryn and Christine’s participation in this project.  Kathryn had been awake all night talking both to those on the verge of surrendering to Love and to many brave members who had returned Home, and who were now forming volunteer teams to help get others to follow them into the Light of everlasting Love.  Kathryn sobbed the tears of anguish and pain at what we all have endured.


On the final day, the Company of Heaven gathered around Christine because we knew from our planning of the project before she incarnated what a difficult day this would be for her.  You see, there was still a hardcore group of frequency weapon cabal members whose hearts were so long hardened by pain that they had been totally unmoved by the team’s efforts.


In a final effort to reach them, Christine allowed some of their torture and pain to release through her body.  She experienced pain beyond what she could imagine or cope with.  We hoped it would lighten the load for them enough for a crack of Light to seep through the stone around their hearts.  We hoped that the demonstration of seeing Christine go beyond pain that is bearable, yet never ever letting go of Mother and Father God, would be like a “Follow Me” blinking sign in the dark mist where they reside.


After 18 hours, we wrapped her up in our arms and the pain began to subside.  This behavior fit none of the predictable responses to their cabal torture methods, providing a living example of what is possible in the presence of Mother and Father’s Love.  Kathryn continued to speak with them for 12 more hours.  Yes, some came Home.


And this is where our story begins!  As you have surmised, millions of Lightworkers are in similar situations all across this glorious world, wrapping up projects and already moving into the next magnificent phase of Life on Earth.  We are with you – closer than ever before!  Each event coming will stun you with its beauty and delight you with its wonder.  Freedom begins now.  We are jumping up and down with joy because we cannot wait to unleash all the marvelous surprises we have waiting for you!  We cannot wait to hold you close in our arms.


Thank you for your courage and for your service.  I bow to you.


Your brother, Michael


Transcribed by Christine Burk, November 11, 2015

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