Disclosure Day in July


Joint Cobra and Corey Goode Interview by Rob Potter Part 1: Unity For Disclosure, Disclosure Day in July, Spheres Confirmed, Catalyzing Event Needed, and more

Update – The audio file of this interview has been added below.

The following is part one of an interview with Rob Potter, Corey Goode, and COBRA. This was discussed several months ago and finally came together recently, care of those involved.

What is encouraging about the interview is the theme of unity and cooperation. One of the questions in particular asked by Potter was centered on the fans or followers of these two figures.

The tendency for groups associated with certain personalities is to not cooperate if there is any impression, on the part of their followers that their respective figureheads are not in agreement.

In the past, Goode and COBRA have had some differences of opinion as well as conflicting aspects of their testimony. But more importantly, their intention and goals are in agreement. While there may be some minor discrepancies in each of their narratives the common threads that unite them in cooperation are freedom for the people and full disclosure, amongst other things.

Both COBRA and Goode have discussed in their work the importance of individual and collective healing. For example, part of COBRA’s work has been focused on the gathering of people for global synchronized meditations, focused on peace, restoration of life and bringing about beneficial changes. Goode’s work touches on a similar theme, articulated as the Sphere Being Alliance message to humanity, of raising our vibrations and becoming the change we wish to see in the world.

In the interview, both of them state that there isn’t any valid reason for their respective followers not to work together or find common ground in this high goal of freedom and disclosure.

As they have both discussed before, the Cabal is a loose group of criminals that see the value in working together to achieve their mutual goals. But within the fabric of the overarching organization, diversity exists.

The unity we need as a community is similarly diverse. It is unrealistic to suppose everyone must agree on every point before we can move forward as a people on the bigger issues. If the Cabal can unite to achieve their ends, surely we can do the same.

And we have love, compassion, and goodness on our side, which are much better tools for cultivating cooperation than what the Cabal’s methods of fear and intimidation.

In the interview, Potter asks questions which give both Goode and COBRA an opportunity to confirm and clarify their narratives. For example, at one point, COBRA confirms that the invisible or cloaked spheres are present in the solar system. In another example, Goode confirms that the Event agenda discussed by COBRA matches many aspects of what is being negotiated in various alliance meetings at this time.

And there are many other points of comparison presented that support the notion these two insiders are revealing testimony connected to the same overarching narrative. That is to say, they both agree there is a secret space program, there is a Cabal, and there are groups, many different ones, working to restore freedom and prosperity.

As outsiders, I think we can contemplate the diversity within their works, but should do our best not to focus only on the differences. The common threads we each share is what unites us for change. One way to do this would be to focus on actually discussing what our common goals are. This was mentioned by Potter in reference to preparations for Disclosure Day on the 8th of July.

I’d say uniting the human family once again will take time and persistence, and the sooner we start the better. In the process, we’ll probably discover we have far more in common with each other than we’ve allowed ourselves to believe.



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