Full Moon Solstice Preparation for Lions Gate a Message from Mother Sekhmet

 through Elizabeth Trutwin June 11, 2016

Date: June 11, 2016

Greetings Children of the Sun! This is Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin. The Sagittarius Full Moon Cosmic Energy Wave Solstice. June 20th 2016 A moment of standing still when Earth shifts it’s spiral journey around the Sun. In the south heading to summer and in the north heading to winter. Each moment is a time to celebrate the renewal of the Light and another Spiral of Conscious Evolution in the Solar System and the Galaxy. The Fire Codes coming into Earth and your body are activating your DNA on the Cosmic Level.

As you remember your conscious connection to Earth’s Akashic records, for each Planet has it’s own Akashia, you will feel the connection between yourself and the Ascended Masters and Angels, your Guides and your Galactic Family. Remember your Earth Ancestry. Remember your role within your body and your multidimensional being. You will be gathering with your Guides to fulfill your soul mission and manifest the New Earth. As we pass through the Solstice integrating the Cosmic Force of energy we must first come to terms with the grief which has come up now. This is being experienced as lost relationships, job changes, competition with others, lack and an alteration in the way we experience life on Planet Earth. You may feel a need to adapt to a healthier lifestyle before it’s too late. Illness is a big factor now. It is necessary to quickly move through these changes by full actualizing your personal integrity. Do you walk your talk? Do you feel free to be exactly who you are without a mask or giving in to others? Clinging to your Guides and implementing their suggestions is a powerful tool for change. This is one of many tools in your tool belt to get through this time of enormous change.

I, Mother Sekhmet, Maitreya, Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron work together to support Earth Ascension. We have diplomatic immunity in this sector of space. We are able to carry out functions without repercussions. We work to support the light and remove darkness on every level. All creation is born out of Mother. It first must come through Mother. I, Mother Sekhmet, return at the end of every cycle to remove darkness. This makes it possible to birth New Earth. I join with my consort, Maitreya, whose job it is to perform the ceremonies necessary to move the energy from darkness to light. Without him I could not do my mission and without me, there would be no reason for him to do his. Archangel Michael works as an intermediary between us and humanity. He and his legions of Angels protect our work. Without Michael’s help, bringing the blue sword of truth, we could not hope to carry out our work in the face of evil forces. Archangel Metatron is the carrier of the Divine Blueprint for all life forms in and around the Planet. Metatron’s role is to help you activate your DNA so you may interact with All That Is on awakened levels where you are able to access Divine Knowledge and transcend the world you are living in.

Maitreya continues doing sacred ceremonies for each level of acceleration as the Cosmic Energies penetrate Earth for her Ascension. We are in a very intense period now and you may be feeling massive amounts of grief, clearing and shifting into the new. This is necessary to transition from the old to the New Earth. Be brave. Breath. Rest. Allow yourself the time to integrate the New You. Resist the temptation to be addicted to friends or social life, weed, wine, drugs or anything which will keep you away from getting on the train at the station before it leaves you behind. Forge ahead fearlessly into the unknown. Everyday do something that scares you, just a little bit. This is the mark of a warrior of light. This is what is needed for Earth now. You will see others fighting for equalization for all life forms now. Monsanto, the rights of non-human persons, such as dolphins and whales, lions and gorillas, the very intelligent life forms living in harmony with us on the Planet who require equal right to life. It helps to trace back the origins of all these problems. Deforestation, polluting the oceans, poaching, mining, are all related to colonialism and the raping of natural resources. The secret empire of royalty and bankers control these activities. They are also involved in the truth embargo and the secret space program. As more and more wake up, they see the need to get right down to the root cause, solving all the other issues at once.

Maitreya is assisted in his work with I, Mother Sekhmet. I travel all over the Earth preparing the energies needed to bring down those who wish to control Earth. I seldom see Maitreya, though we are in constant contact throughout the day. Part of our job is to assist those like Sananda Kumara and his consort, Lady Master Nada as well as St. Germain and the other Archangels. We work with human hybrids working for the Galactic Federation in every country and in every government on Earth. There are forces of light positioned in government, in the military, in medicine and law, in police forces and as judges. There are 40 million helping change to New Earth, all of whom are telepathically connected and assisted by Extraterrestrial technology to get their work done. The old cycle is over, the new Timeline fully anchored in and the New Earth coming on line. Our story has been told by George Lucas. Mother Sekhmet is represented as Princess Leia, Maitreya is represented by Chewbacca, Archangel Michael is represented as Luke Skywalker and Archangel Metatron is represented by Han Solo. C3PO and R2D2 represent the Extraterrestrial technology which assists them. They are fighting the dark forces and cleaning up. We are all Galactic Citizens and we are learning to live in harmony with all life forms. Plant, Animal, Mineral, Humanity and those of the Magical kingdoms. The kingdom of heaven includes all of these throughout All That Is.

We enter now, from the end of June, through July and up to 8/8/2016 a period where we are crossing the Rainbow Bridge from the duality Earth to New Earth. We are leaving free will in a dual sense and entering Oneness Consciousness. 8/8/2016 is the Activation of the Lions Gate and takes us to the changes we anticipate will be necessary and inevitable in order to make it through Changeover. Massive changes will continue to sweep Earth clean of the infections she has suffered far too long. Some of the changes will not be as they appear in the beginning. There may be much confusion as to who is in charge, who is aligned with whom and how it is all taking place. The reason for this is because the forces of light struck alliances with the enemy to lull them into thinking they were in charge. This revealed their weaknesses and will ultimately result in their demise. The forces of light will not give their hand away until the very last moment. It is true that Anonymous has emptied the accounts of 20 Central Banks. That is not all the hacktivists are working on. We have this well in hand.

I am providing a Guided Meditation with this message for you to use throughout the day when you have time between now and Lions Gate. Use it to connect with the energies of the Full Moon on June 20th and the Solstice. The way it works is the Galactic Forces beam the Cosmic Energies to Earth at a time when the Sun is reflecting light onto a Full Moon. This light is being boosted. You will notice in the Full Moon the light is whiter and more intense than any you have seen during your lifetime. The bright Sunlight reflects off the Moon like a reflection off a mirror and sends the light to Earth to rest on the Oceans and Rivers as sparkles of bright light riding the waves. It is sent to reflect off the Skyscrapers in your Cities, the cars of your highways, the leaves on the trees and the blades of grass surrounding your homes. It goes into you and into all lifeforms on Earth. The moonlight reflects Sunlight all night long. The Sun beams Sunlight to you all day. This high intense time of sending light to Earth is when the Cosmic Energy is beaming onto, into and around Earth. This is necessary to facilitate the removal of all dark consciousness still remaining at Earth. This is the final phase. We have Won! Play the youtube of the meditation everyday. Find time to sit and listen and meditate. Being responsible for your own Ascension is your Mission now. Become Ascended. It is within your reach. This meditation is designed to give you an Activation for your higher strands of DNA and an Attunement to the Cosmic Energy so it may be used by your high heart, your local mind, your light body and physical to elevate your energy to a resonate field for merging with your Guides, the Ascended Masters and Archangels, in preparation for New Earth. The Activated DNA makes it possible to connect to Higher Levels of understanding, to reverse ago your body and make a Path for full healing. Wholeness. You are Whole. You are Perfect. You are Oneness Consciousness and connected to All Life Forms in Nature and the Cosmos. Thank you for all you do to raise consciousness and end this cycle on Earth. Namaste! This is Mother Sekhmet throughs Elizabeth Trutwin June 11, 2016. © All rights Reserved. http://CosmicAscension.org


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