1st New United Earth Star Alliance


1st New United Earth Star Alliance

In the Name of Humanity


 January 26, 2017

4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on Thursday

that coincides with the Rare Astrological Event: All Planets Are Moving Direct January 2017

Blue Rays you are being called, Starseed, Angelic, New Forerunner, All Rays to participate
with the 33 Blue Ray Anchors with the Whales/ Dolphins
through Sirius Star system

A conference call with the 33 Blue Ray Anchors will be held January 26, 2017 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time 

please participate worldwide to attuned and contribute your energies and receive divine Transmissions. Other conference calls will follow were we attune in with our different Star Galactic families of radiance
“Lightbody Upgrade” Language of Light, Divine transmissions activating the DNA Divine Original Blueprint. Each gathering and Conference Call will be serving and connecting to our Star Alliance of our star, galactic inner Earth and asecende races, where many are apart of the the human DNA.


13 – 33 – 333 Number Sequences – New Earth Codes


This happened very organically and quickly when i put on facebook and received the 33 Blue Ray anchors and was not able to get out email newsletter till now.  Next month will put this information out to you first. This has occurred by the new group of Star ascended Shamballa masters, i will call them, they did not want to give their names, that appeared and have shown me visions or other realities taken place or could take place. And since the Pleaidians of Peace arrival in their ships and in person in 2013, I have known about the Divine holy Matrix and our DNA electromagnetic field generator of us coming together in a certain way that is a divine technology and divine power. And this could not occur till now. The  Earth Star United Alliance has been in the works for some time that is in the Name of Humanity to activate and unite the Starseed, Light beares, Angelics and New Forerunners for ascension and the frequency shift, you need a voice, as so does humanity as this is why you are here, This is being over lighted by Sacred Divine Feminine Counsel of Inter planetary peace and through my lineage of the Blue Ray and Angelics.

Shekina Rose 


New Earth Star United Alliance in the Name of Humanity 33 Blue Ray Anchors

Heralding the 1st New Earth Star United Alliance


through the Blue Ray anchoring of New Earth Grids and Radiance “Lightbody Upgrade” Language of Light. These Divine transmissions activating the DNA Divine Original Blueprint will take place at 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, on Thursday, January 26, 2017.

The Blue Ray anchoring of the Whales/Dolphin through the star Sirius will start this series of the New Earth Star United Alliance. You will receive upgrade transmissions for the new alliance of Light foundation and Radiance of your core essence light body activation to attune to the new grid alliance in the Divine Holy Matrix. We will make connections through your star lineages, Galactic and inter-dimensional realms. You will receive information on the ascension and as your lineage requires for this to come together.

The first conference call accepts only 33 Blue Ray Anchors online but all are invited worldwide to tune in and participate via the heart empathically through the divine holy matrix. More alliance gatherings will follow, connecting with the different star groups, races and light lineages to increase the support of the Universal flow to the Earth plane along with star connections and fellowships.


Your Divine essence is required and being called for by the Unity Earth Star Alliance in the name of Humanity. You have a sacred technology through your empathic telepathic nature that is a resonance frequency alliance. You will be the ones that reconfigure to the Divine Holy Matrix. Through Love, the light will realign each one, activating the radiance, the light bodies that will awaken other Starseeds: “The Teaching of the Star People.”

This light directed will generate a combination configuration into the Divine Holy Matrix, a divine grid of light, a system like the internet used by spirit technology that is not powered by electricity or computers but works within other dimensions out of time-space. In other ancient times, you used these networks.

You will turn on and tune into a gridwork of information where you will no longer need to be as reliant on systems that do not fully support the positive evolution of humanity and your sovereignty. This Unity Earth Star Alliance

All Rays, Wanderers, Starseeds, New Forerunners, Angelics and Light Bearers are being called and will feel the resonances in how they will play their active role. Each one of you has a specialty of divine alignment that will assist in the new grid unity alliance and ascension of humanity and is why you are here at this conjuncture.

The Starseeds, Blue Rays will be Wanderers no more, and will be called to anchor frequency through the Whales/Dolphin, star Sirius, the Pleiadian lineages for the Earth systems for peace, Arcturians’ new light grids, Ascended Masters Shamballa Inner Earth, DNA Radiance Divine Original Blueprint; 444 Angelics will overlight and hold the fields of Light in the heaven realms, celestial bodies with protection from the Guardians.

The Goddesses/Sophia/Shekinah/Shakra/Shakti-the sacred divine feminine essence-will bring balancing frequencies to Earth plane, twin flame and double helix through the Priestesses and Venus. Love will be anchored through all with the Elementals/Faerie/Tree kingdoms as witnesses and receivers.



Are You From the Blue Ray?

 For: 1st Unity Earth Star Alliance


Copyright ©  by Shekina Rose of www.shekinaspeaks.com 


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