Ambassadors For Peace Energy Exchange Blueprint & The Gifts of 2017!

Mercury will be stationing direct tomorrow, the 8th of January, signalling the opening of one of the most powerful Gateways of Co-creation, Creativity and Manifestation we will see this year, and Goddess Venus has just slipped into her most favourite position in the heavens, in the sign of Pisces where she loves swimming in the majestic waters of her power and beauty this position brings out in her. As a result, she delivers the sweetest nectar when she delivers on her promises to us and in her position of exaltation she delivers well.


All the Almighty Benevolent Beings of the Supreme Living Light, every dimension of expression of our Supreme Living Creators, and ALL the Alpha and Omega Gods and Goddesses are gathering en masse to witness this ALMIGHTY opening of the Golden Gates to Oneness into the Golden Age of Peace’s Golden Template held within the Crystal Libraries in Shamballa whose interdimensional portals connect to the Ancient Techology and Crystal Libraries in the Middle East, and the Bucegi Mountains in Romania.


Thus the download and upload of the New Earth Grids from Heaven and Inner Earth begin the final weave of Golden Consciousness into the Collective Planteray Grids as they currently stand with the amount of souls currently incarnated. What this also means is that now the final foundation that will ensure that the Light side of the Aquarian Age manifest on earth post 2022, be secured, and all souls who make up the old grids and old hologram of illusion make their departures too. This is nothing to fear. These souls have made that choice on a higher soul level and as they shift to a different dimension of experience, so are we. Some souls are leaving because their role of service now requires them to serve from a different dimension where their energy is better utilized in service. Some souls have also fought fearlessly and relentlessy for the Light to reclaim Mother Earth, and now need time to rest in the healing dimensions and Light Wolrds.


This is a totally new beginning and it’s time for all of us to let go and let the almighty Plan of Light manifest in accordance with the Highest and most Divine Plan of Mother Earth and all souls incarnated on Earth. The Promise of New Life is offically underway and now we must fully surrender to it’s flow without expectation, so that we don’t put a cap on what is being delivered.



This also signals the official activation of the 10th Dimensional Golden Monad Geometric Codes being absorbed into Mother Earth’s Grids and the Sacred Vortices spread across her body. (Her chakras) This is the onset of the 12 Planetary/Cosmic Star Gates opening this year, signalling the beginning of the Golden Gates to Shamballa opening to receive those whose vibration dances in perfect harmony with the collective Golden Blueprint of Aghartha, of which Shamballa is the Capital City.


See this as God/Spirit/Universe, which ever name you wish to give this Being, rewarding us for everything we have transcended over the past 9 years. If you have read this far, then see this as your confirmation that your vibration has ascended as a result of what you have transcended, and it’s time to trust like never before and give this window of creation EVERYTHING you’ve got. By this I mean, GO FOR IT WITHOUT LIMITS! Precious brothers and sisters, this is the biggest opportunity and blessing of Universal Light we will have access to this entire year! This window will ONLY open again in January 2018. How do I know this for sure? Because as of tomorrow until the 3rd of February, all planets are moving in direct motion, and will only happen again this time next year.


The Universe is showing us loud and clear that whatever we start now will bear more fruit than we can imagine in the future. Bear in mind that when a mother conceives, it takes, in general, 9 months to birth. Thus BELIEVE, have FAITH and TRUST that the seeds you plant now will deliver abundantly when they are ripe and ready. By doing this with as much positive energy as you can center yourself within daily, by January 2018 there is a very big possibility that your fruits are delivering on some great business growth and development opportunities. If not business, then some solid and lucrative opportunities in general. Or some totally fresh and new energies come to expand your creativity and energy, delivering a whole new way to transform and self-master.


We TRULY DO have soooooo much to embrace. It’s no longer a case of “so much to look forward to,” it has arrived and the Golden Gates open tomorrow!


This energy is delivering to us and our planet a new influx of Alchemy Rays of Transcendnce, as well as hyping up the current influx of Authentic Love Codes, whilst Goddess Gaia continues receiving the codes representing the eventual full return of her and our Golden Monad Rainbow Light Body. This process is already underway, and on the 18th of January, for 7 days and nights our entire planet will be receiving the complete download AND upload of codes from the Pleaides and Shamballa, representing the full Return and Emergence of our Golden Monad where Planetary Being, Human Being and Universal Beings establish the full integration of the Divine Code enabling use to understand this new Language of Love and Light we are now able to access and communicate interdimensionally through. The Activation Week is marking the completion of our current Golden and Emerald Ray Earth Guardian and Planetary Grids Project, before our next Project commencing in February.


During this week of activation, we will receive downloads and uploads of energy for our whole planet,  and I will be channelling every day’s event live via our webinar platform. Before each channelling I will take you through another process ensuring you receive your energies in the most perfect, harmonious and miraculous ways possible, and of course, in full and divine aligment with the Highest Will of your Soul. Please note this is a paid for event. If you have not been participating in this project to date, you can still catch up with the channellings already delivered and slip into the flow and join the activation week and serve as an Ambassador For Peace and Earth Guardian for the land you live upon and speading this awesome energy through your neighbourhood, community and country. This will also result in some powerful ancestral healing and clearing of your Family Grids, as well as clearing the way for your offspring and future genearions in general. Please click here for full details about this project.  I will publish all the details you need regarding the Activation Week, next week.



I trust that by now it is highly evident that this year is promising some extraordinary opporunties of growth and expansion which will also take on a whole new flavour this time next year. Thus I am very excited to begin sharing with you the many changes I have been working on over the past few months guided and inspired by Spirit in preparation for this time. My Spirit Light Team and I are presenting an 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme, as well as 3-4 month plans over and above the 12-month Golden Temple Teacher’s Accreditation Course presented by me, with Kuthumi-Agrippa and Goddess Akasha, marking the launch of my Palace of Peace Emerald Acadamy.


This newsletter will give you the opportunity to consider what option you’d like to take if going with the flow of our Golden and Emerald Ray Clan of Earth Guardian Golden Age of Peace Planetary Grid Projects appeal to you. Our Golden Age of Peace Earth Guardian Projects run for approximately 3 to 4 months at a time, enabling you to participate per project, or you can commit to our Extreme Lightwarrior Programme and commit to a full 18-month life transforming and transcendent experience. Please click here to find out more about what I offer, and click here to find out more about our Earth Guardian Clan and Planetary Grid Project currently underway.  Our next Project begins in February. This includes the beginning of the 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme. Please keep a look out for my detailed newsletter coming soon explaining the full programme. At the end of this newsletter I have added the details for my upcoming FREE events for this month.


The membership blueprint I outline here, however, doesn’t include all of my upcoming new courses which are paid for separately and published separately.


My Astro 101 Beginners and Advanced (Self) Master Class publication has already been released. Please click here if you missed it. My Advanced Class begins on Monday the 16th of January. This class is based on my channelled information, as well as channelling the planetary energies directly, receiving their upgraded and new signature sequence codes. These Codes are aligned with the dimension of the 8th Sphere which exists beyond time and space as we know it and is not bound by fate or karma; it is the realm of the Avatar. This is a once off live  webinar opportunity and includes one on one interaction. However, if you are unable to attend, no hassle, the course will be available to purchase from my website afterwards.


My Astro 101 Beginners Class begins on the 8th of February 2017. Please click here for full details.


My Relationship Revelations – “Creating a New Blueprint for Love” 8-week, weekly class begins on the 14th of Feb 2017. Please click here for full details.


The Emerald Planetary Grids Upgrade Project – “12 Golden Oracle Master Gateways into Shamballa” begins on Monday the 16th of January, and runs every Monday for 12 weeks. Click here for full details.



I have recently received my energetic activations to receive the Transmissions of Light from two magnificent groups of Beings who introduced themsleves to me as the Emerald and Sapphire Avatars of Arkadia. Arkadia is part of the massive Inner Earth World and has it’s Twin City within the Bootes Constellation, the 13th largest constellation in the night sky, and Arcturus is the brightest star in that constellation. These Avatar Beings function both off-planet and on/in-planet and are here to engage with us and help increase the rate at which we are raising our frequency and reaching self-mastery (Avatar Satus), as well as that of Mother Earth.


Because the next 4 – 6 years are so important, and because our transcendence and ascension flow is now in a much higher and calmer gear, we are ready to receive more of the advanced teachings Kuthumi-Agrippa and Goddess Akasha, Guardian of the Sacred Crystal Akashic Library of the Middle East are ready to share with you in channellings and through me when teaching the courses and classes I have put together under their guidance.


Kuthumi-Agrippa has given instruction that the new project beginning in early February 2017, is the beginning of the 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme I’m referring to in this blueprint, which is focusing on the full anchoring of the Divine Feminine/Supreme Alpha Goddess/Priestess, Shaman energy, which activates the full emergence of the Divine Masculine/Supreme Alpha Male/God/Priest/Shaman energy, with the energies being anchored by my Spirit Light Team through my husband Sean, and I, and our travelling team of Earth Guardians, in England, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden in June 2017, leading up to the full and final merger of the Sacred & Divine Masculine and Feminine, as well as the Alpha and Omega Gods and Goddesses, as we penetrate the 8th Sphere, and beyond, into the realms of no time in Peru and Bolivia in June 2018. This is when we take the Divine Mission Adventure to these powerful Stargates and Sacred Sites, with the powerful 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme energy grids completing on the 13th of August 2018, afterwhich our next big project begins, taking us to Mexico, Sedona, and Tibet during the next 18-month Programme. More on this in the next few months. Please note that I made a typo when writing the itinerary for England and Scotland. Thank you Mercury Retograde! Lol! We are travelling from 5 – 15 June 2017 with an extention to Denmark and Sweden. The itineraries for Denmark and Sweden will be available soon, as will Peru and Bolivia. Please also note that our Divine Mission Adventure to England & Scotland has provision for local residents to join us for daily events. Please check the itinerary to see where we will be and when, and register directly from there.


Within this 18-month cycle, every 3 months we will receive our Earth Guardian Upgrade Codes in accordance with Kuthumi-Agrippa’s recent announcement regarding these 3-monthly upgrades so as to be able to continue serving as a Golden Age of Peace Earth Guardian and not be affecetd by the trauma and suffering of the collective, and as we continue elevating our frequency and taking our lives and the frequencies of Mother Earth further into multi-dimensional living and thriving within the new world we’re now anchoring our energy blueprint within.


If at any stage you wish to put your membership on hold to take a breather you are free to do so, as long as it is after the completion of a 3 – 4 month cycle  “project” within the collective 18-month Project. And preferably not to take more than 2 breaks within the 18-month cycle. Working at this level ideally suits individuals who are able to manage such high energy work and integration thereof, and able to complete the full 18-month Extreme Lightwarrior Programme without breaks in between. Time for integration during this period will be accommodated.


We have a number of options available to suit most people’s needs spiritually and financially. After all we are expanding and energizing prosperity conscoiusness, trasncendence consiousness and thriving-in-the-new-world conciousness.

Click here to see which option and package calls you.

If you are resident of South Africa, please e-mail for our local membership blueprint.


As a result of the many opportunities now becoming available through my Palace of Peace Emerald Academy, Kuthumi-Agrippa advised me to create an entirely new blueprint pertaining to the structure of future energy exchange and options, as well as business opportunities for those of you wanting to teach my work as a Golden Temple Teacher under the Emerald Acadamy of Kuthumi-Agrippa’s banner. Thus, you can now choose a subscription/membership that suits your Spiritual Ascension and Pathway, and you can consider creating a business spreading these powerful teachings once you have completed the 12 month accreditation course, which comes with full certification.



I am so exited about the extraordinary developments currently underway for us and I look forward to inspiring you by sharing my energy, love, wisdom and work with you in the coming year and contributing to your journey of creating your positively abundant and prosperous new life within the Golden Age of Peace Template. Click here to take a look at all the current FREE and paid for events on my calendar. My next two free events both take place on auspicious Friday the 13th of January 2017. Look out for the newsletter with both webinar links coming to your in-box shortly. Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter to get your free invite.


And last but not least, Palace of Peace Talk Radio is back on air for our weekly slot every Tueday at 14h00 – 15h00 GMT+2/CAT/SAST. Click here for our upcoming programme schedule, not to be missed! And please share our free and paid for events with those whom you feel will resonate.


May I remind you that because Mercury stations direct tomorrow events, experiences and communication can feel rather scratchy at the moment, and unexpected things and truths reveal themsleves to us over the next few days. IMPORTANT – DON”T over react or get caught up in the drama of Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, putting things in order for this new direct motion flow!


May we all positively benefit from each other’s light and love, and remember, the ONLY thing that is REAL is LOVE! and REAL LOVE DOESN’T HURT! It’s how we react to the reflections we face that hurts.


In love, peace and gratitude,




Michelle has been a Spiritual Entrepeneur, Earth Guardian, Planetary Grid Architect and Upgrader, channel and teacher since 1996. She is a qualified astrologer, numerologist, crystalologist and 2nd Level Inca Shaman, and is currently completing her Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and Theocentric Psychology, and her Ph.D in Relationship Dynamics. For more info on Michelle, please visit 


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